Wednesday: Get your computers ready!

Hi everybody! *Hi Dr. Nick!* The Mallards competition starts today! Click the banner for more info!
Last week I started my season point predictions. This week I will finish them. Let's get right into it with number 5

#5, Matt Duchene
Photo credit: Reebok.com

You can't hate this guy. He's one of the best skaters in the league. I think he will have a great season on a good team. Luckily i snatched this guy up in all my hockey pools. Prediction: 91 pts.

#4, Claude Giroux

Photo credit: Bleacherreport.com

I might be bias since I love Claude, but he's an all around great player. And he's got great hair.  Prediction: 91 pts.

#3,  Ryan Getzlaf

Photo credit: Thehockeynews.com

Last year I got Getzlaf in the 6th round of a 5 man hockey pool. Yep. This year he's going in the first round, for good reason. He's a beast. Prediction: 93 pts.

#2, Steven Stamkos
Photo credit: cbc.ca

If his guy can score a field goal with a puck, i think he can score. Maybe the hideous lightning 3rd jersey will motivate him. Last years injury ruined his season this year i expect  95 pts.

#1, Sidney Cosby
Photo credit: studentlife.ca

Although he is no Tom Selleck or Ned Flanders, Crosby gets points. A lot of points. He's not my favourite player but I don't think anyone will contest this one.  106 pts.

Well? Agree with my picks? If not comment below! I already drafted in my hockey pools and I like my teams!


This week you only have one vote... so what are you waiting for?
COTW Sept 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Like I mentioned earlier, the Mallards Comp. has started! Get to work and fire up your computers! 


Wallaceburg Lakers concept by Alan J.H

Positives: Alan creates a really great brand. The wavy stripes are strong with the name Lakers. The colour scheme is nice and well balanced. The round yoke fits well also. Execution is solid. Font choice is nice. 

Negatives: I'm just not feeling the logo. The waves look disproportionate. I know this is minor league hockey but there's no reason to be lazy on the logo.

Overall: Spend more time re-working the logo and you have a winner. (8/10)

Disney Comp. entry by Christian L.

Yeah I was a little disappointed to see I receives this in my wednesday folder. I wanted someone else's opinion, so tell me what you guys think in the comments. I know some people must've liked it since i received many votes, but still!

Minnesota Wild concept by Michael G

Positives: Michael continues his NHL redesign. I think Minnesota could pull of a chest stripe full time. The colours are well balanced on the home sweater. I like the red yoke especially. You did a great job making the numbers pop out of the chest stripe which can be difficult sometimes.

Negatives: I think the checkered pattern should be left on Nashville's alternate. It doesn't fit the branding well. I wish there was Red on the away uniform, especially since the wheat colour is hard to see on white.

Overall: The home jersey is decent (minus the checker pattern) but the away needs work. (7.5/10)

Canadiens de Montréal concept par Michael G:

Positives: This concept tries to bring back a retro vibe. The blue uniform is quite nice. The logo pops as well as the numbers. The chest stripe looks good. The arm stripes over the TV numbers is interesting! It works for this concept.

Negatives: Again having trouble with the light jersey, as the logo doesn't look good in those colours. I think the shoulder patch gives more of a nordique's feel even though it represents the team well. 

Overall: Il y a beaucoup de potentiel dans le chandail bleu! Just kiding, i'm saying the blue jersey has potential. Maybe for an alternate? (8/10)

Boston Bruins concept by Nathan N.

Positives: Finally! Nathan gets creative and creates a unique striping design for the bruins! The yoke and cuffs tie the whole uniform together. Love the colour scheme as well, its classic!

Negatives: Although i don't hate the logo, i think it needs a beige outline. For the arm striping I'd make it more straight. The font is not a hockey font. You can find those fonts one the template page. It's also hard to see since you made it yellow. TV numbers, Always add TV numbers!

Overall: Guessing from the shoulder patch, this would make a good base for a winter classic jersey. Just work the execution! (7/10)

Herbie love the bug concept by Zach W

Positives: This was Zach's entry in the disney competition. I remember seeing this movie, but a looong time ago. It's actually a pretty cool design. The vertical chest stripe along with the number on the chest looks good ! I like the white pants. The arm and sock striping are classic.

Negatives: I thinks the gloves could be all red, since you have a lot of white in the equipment. Also adding Tv numbers would be nice. The pant logo should be cut in half, right now its not it the right spot.

Overall: Really cool, creative design! (8/10)

That's it. I'm done! Did you like a concept featured today? You did? Then nominate it for COTW!
Get to work on your mallard's entry. Keep this blog running by voting! And Have a great week everyone!

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Jlnhlfan said...

Michael's Montreal concept for COTW!

Anonymous said...

Christian, I really like the Beast jersey, it's great except I'm not sure about the brown and brown striping.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the 8/10! That's my highest so far!

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