Wednesday: The Bright Ideas

Hello everyone! Hockey has been quite entertaining lately. The Ottawa Senators are really doing well and take on Toronto tonight! That should be fun. I might be yelling at my television set tonight. You know what else is fun? Designing a jersey for the Quad City mallards! (wow the writers are bad at transitioning to this topic). Those are due before Halloween. You also have 2 votes to send in. A very important vote to determine one of the semi-finalist and your weekly COTW vote. So get those in and everyone is happy. I'm included in the 3rd quarter vote, but i'm a little disappointed with myself. I sent that concept and the next day reworked the logo and made it better (some of you may have seen it on twitter). Moral of this, is to take time with your concepts.

3rd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Oct 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Quad City Mallards Jersey Competition (ends October 31st)

Ryan has also asked you to create a 5th anniversary logo for the header of the web site. Send those in, and it might get featured!

We have some really interesting concepts today. I think some have potential to be loved or hated. Let's get on with it. 

Colorado Avalanche Alternate - Zach w.

Positives: Colorado has a great logo, but Zach tries to improve it. The mountain looks more like an "A" which is cool.  I like having no black in the concept, as this colour scheme works better without it.
Negatives: There's no puck in the logo, it looks awkward with no puck. The stripes and yoke are alright but don't impress me. TV number and helmet logos would perfect your execution.
Overall: It's not a bad jersey, but it doesn't excite me. I think you played it a little to safe. (6.5/10)

Chicago Cougars - Mario A

Positives: Mario takes us back to the NHA days. Mario has vastly improved, no longer sending us crazy concepts. I think a traditional jersey is the way to go for this team.
Negatives: This looks a lot like the Boston Bruins current jerseys. Get a little creative! The number need an outline, and the NOB needs to go down a few pixels. The crest on the dark jersey needs a thicker white outline. The old reebok vector should be replaced with the new word mark.
Overall: Lacks creativity (6/10)

Birmingham Bulls - Mario A

Positives: The yoke on the light jersey looks cool. Reminds me of the Rangers.
Negatives: This logo shows its date. It's not a good logo. Theres just too much going on. The blue/red sleeve could work, but it doesn't go well with the hem stripe. The logo on the dark jersey needs a white outline. The nob needs to come down. The old vector should be replaced.
Overall: I'm having trouble tying all the elements of these jerseys. (5/10)

Tampa Bay Lightning Alternate - Dylan N

Positives: No one likes the new Tampa alternate, so Dylan fixes it and the end result is great. When the teaser shots got released, I was hoping a lightning bolt would run down the sleeve. This is what dylan does, and it looks really sharp. He also adds blue under the bolt, which gives some colour to the uniform. Great execution and detail, this jersey is pretty sport on. The grey piping works really well separating the blue from the black...
Negatives: I think the grey piping should be on the back of the jersey also, it would look more clean and separate the colours better.
Overall: If dylan fixed the issue I mentioned, this is a 10, but for the time being, (9.5/10)

Colorado Avalanche - CPM

Positives: We end today's post with 2 from Colin. Colorado has one of the worst jerseys in the NHL, so Colin fixes them. I love the mountainy feeling we get with the hem. The logos really pop out nicely. Execution and design are pretty bang on.
Negatives: Colin decides to do like the Jets away jersey and add arm stripes along with the sleeve/yoke. I don't mind it, but some people might thinks it looks cluttered.
Overall: Although it might not be hard to top the current Colorado jerseys, this is still a great concept. (9/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets - CPM

Positives: NOW THIS IS WHAT I CALL A BRIGHT JERSEY! (I though caps would give it some emotion.) Ok, I know a lot of people don't like this logo, but it looks great here. What makes me really like this concept is the colours, they work well and pop! The stars under the arms add some great detail. The neon green pipping on the dark jersey has to be the best thing ever! (yup thats odd to say about pipping) The dark jersey looks so good even though its "way out there". Colin proves you can have wacky jerseys but still hit the spot. 
Negatives: The numbers could use another outline, maybe neon green on the dark jersey and light blue on the light jersey. The Shoulder patches look a little big. I would use a light blue outline instead of a neon green outline for the logo on the light jersey (just seems to be too much neon on a jersey that barely has any). 
Overall: Although this might never be worn in a game, the point of this concept was to be flashy, and I though Colin nailed that. (9.5/10)

Tough call for my nomination, one was beautiful but had a detail that was bothering me, and the other brought a lot of creativity but had some minor things that bugged me. My final COTW nomination will go to Dylan and his Bolts jersey just because its more believable to see in a real game.
Well, that's the post, the last few concepts all deserved nominations, so feel free to do so yourself. 
Have a great week everyone, and make sure to vote!

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Timmy Q. said...

I'll second Dylan's Lightning concept

Unknown said...

I'll third Dylan's Bolts jersey for COTW

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