Tuesday, A Bright, Crimson, Electric Return!

How's it going HJC Readers? Caden here to "conceptify" your Tuesday! We are now into the full swing of professional hockey, including the ECHL. Speaking of ECHL (Worse segway than yesterday), if you want to have one of your concepts worn on ECHL ice this season, (which is a very real possibility) just enter the Mallards Competition for that chance! I can't stress enough how awesome it is to have one (or more) of your designs worn on pro hockey ice. This is the second of such contests in a couple months on HJC, and who knows when we will get another chance?!?

3rd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Oct 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Quad City Mallards Jersey Competition (ends October 31st)

ALSO, a very important vote is taking place this week, Jake, Ryan and Christian are facing off for the coveted 3rd spot in the Concept of the Year vote taking place in January, so your vote for this might be the 1 vote needed to send the future COTY winner to the semis. Do you know what else a Concept has to win in order to win COTY? COTW! That vote is happening too, so kill 2 birds with one stone and vote for both things on the same email.

*** Edit by Ryan ***
During the month of November, HJC will be celebrating its 5th anniversary. We will celebrate with a new 5th anniversary logo created by YOU! It will be used on the page banner for all of November. So get something together this week and send it in. Whatever design I like best will be used!

Hartford Whalers- CPM 

CPM, Assistant GM for my fantasy hockey team continues his "NHL Brights" series today with 2 new installments. I'm a big fan of the way blue is used here. There isn't too much of it, but there isn't too little either. The font balances well with the striping. My only complaint about the jersey is that the logo looks pretty big, but that might be the excessively thick outline. 


Los Angeles Kings- CPM

Purple is definitely brighter than black! The "burger king" logo looks amazing front and center, and the more classic design lends itself better to the classic colors. Although this jersey would look good in black, I'm glad you used the colors you used. I wish you would've done something to tie back to the 90's, like a gradient or something.


Alabama Crimson Tide- Kevin B

This jersey looks too much like a Red Wings jersey. The pants and socks are pretty much identical, and the jersey comes close. I'm happy you added the thin stripes to differentiate them from Detroit, but I wish you would've done more to give them their own identity. the TV numbers and captaincy patch are too small and too high up.


Baltimore Blades- Mario A

The WHA has been gone for a while, but if they ever came back, Mario imagines them looking something like this, Not digging the Blackhawks style striping, the orange is pretty close to red and the striping patterns are pretty similar. There are 3 different shades of black in this concept, reducing that number to one would make this concept more crisp and professional looking.


Tampa Bay Lightning- SG-94

This is pretty much the new alternate that the "Bolts" use, but a few crucial changes were made. The BOLTS wordmark was replaced with "TBL" which looks 100X more professional than Bolts. The lightning bolts down the arms make this jersey look way less boring than just the straight stripes. I just wish there was some added blue. 


Calgary Cowboys- Mario A

I've always though that the Flames need to do a Cowboys one-off tribute jersey, but why not just bring the whole team back? The classic logo is fine, but if you are going to use that, then I would use a wayyyyy more classic template. Another logo choice could have been to use the "hat logo" like was used on the jerseys back in the WHA days. the same thing I said about the black in your last concept is happening here.

D- (Your skills are good. Just use your creativity towards designs that match better with the logo, and wok on your execution. You'll have Bs and As in no time!)

My COTW Nomination for this post goes to CPM's Hartford Whalers concept!

So, I encourage you all to comment, nominate, and vote! You could be the one to nominate the future COTY winner! How awesome would that be? Have a good week everyone!

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Unknown said...

CPM's Whalers set for COTW

Unknown said...

CPM's Whalers for COTW!

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