Thursday: Pool Talk

Hey gang, welcome to another awesome Thursday post here at HJC!

A few little tidbits to throw your way before we get to concepts:

1) The Mallards competition is nearly finished! If you haven't submitted your entry, you have less than 2 days to do so.  We almost have 80 entries, which is insane! Keep 'em coming!

2) Ryan is looking for a 5 Year Anniversary logo/patch to showcase on the blog next month.  He wanted one last week, and got one entry, so he's accepting entries this week as well.  Make a design for the best hockey jersey blog out there, and have said blog showcase that design for a whole month? Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

3) Congratulations to Jake88 for winning the COTY 3rd Quarter Vote.  He now has 2 designs in the COTY semi-finals, giving him really good odds to win it all. Also congrats to Dylan N. for winning last week's COTW vote.

4) Unrelated to the blog, but I wanted to share the details of a small "hockey pool" I'm in with a few friends.  We do things a little differently. At the start of the year we pick 3 teams, and whoever owns the team that gets closest to the Stanley Cup (or wins it) wins the pool.  Fairly simple eh?  The teams were picked in a draft style, so you might not get all the teams you want.  So here is how the draft went:

Me: Boston, Pittsburgh, Anaheim

Friend 1: Montreal, Philadelphia, Nashville

Friend 2: New York Islanders, Los Angeles, Vancouver

Who here likes my chances?  Right now, I think I did pretty good with my picks, but there's a long season ahead of us, so who knows what will happen.

Anyway, concept time!

COTW Oct 20-26 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Quad City Mallards Jersey Competition (ends Friday October 31st)
HJC 5 Year Anniversary Logo (due this week)

Montreal Canadiens - Connor J.

Yay:  First up is Connor's Montreal concept.  Any Habs concept that isn't their current style is automatically interesting, and a primarily blue jersey is very intriguing.  The jersey stays pretty simple, but the full length arms are something different for Montreal, possibly for the better. 

Nay:  This concept is rough around the edges, literally. Where the stripes meet the end of the jersey, the edges just look really choppy. The TV numbers on the back look slightly bigger than on the front, especially the 7.  The hem stripes could be moved down just a little bit. Finally, I think having a blue outline on the logo, and then a thin white or red outline outside of that would look a little nicer, being very nitpicky there though.

Overall: Lots of things I like, but quite a few little issues.  Executed a bit better and this would be golden.  7.3/10

 Seattle Metropolitans - CPM

Yay:  Colin continues his "Brights Series" with the Metropolitans.  Personally, a Seattle NHL team with any other identity would be a crime.  This set looks really crisp and clean, and while it's design isn't far off from the original, simplifying the S and using pure white gives this jersey a timeless appeal that could work in any era.

Nay:  I feel like the laces on the white jersey should be a different colour, not just white.  I know there isn't much to work with, but with how simple the logo is and plain most of the jersey is, some good shoulder patches would get this concept really close to 10/10.

Overall: Love it!  9.1/10

 Hershey vs Mars - David P.

Yay:  Next up we have two classic candy brands fighting it out.  Hershey retains it's classic appeal with these monotone traditional jerseys. which fit the identity perfectly.  In contrast, Mars uses a modern approach which also suits it's product identity. Mars' striping pattern, used by Anaheim, has the right amount of flashiness without going overboard. 

Nay: All of these jerseys do their job perfectly, besides the black Mars jersey.  Get rid of the yoke (or colour it in with another colour), and find a way to recolour the logo or get rid of the circle outline.  The Mars logo looks really rough and pixelated.

Overall: While the degree of difficulty isn't too high with this concept, the jersey styles match the brands perfectly.  7.8/10

2015 ASG Arizona and Tampa - Jason P.

Yay: Next up is the 4th and final part of Jason's All-Star Game series.  This concept shows the Arizona Coyotes in ASG blue, and the Tampa Bay Lightning in ASG red.  If I understand correctly, Jason sees the ASG players wearing these jerseys with their respective logos, instead of the NHL shield which is a pretty cool idea.  The Coyotes look fantastic in these colours.  The presentation and detail on this concept, although cluttered, is very impressive.

Nay:  The logos look too big on all of the jerseys.  Comparing the same jersey with different colours and logos is kinda interesting, but I think revisiting this series with stripe patterns that reflect each team would be a great idea, like making the stripe patterns for the Coyotes resemble their 90's striping in a way.

Overall:  The concept itself is simple to execute, but the basic idea and detail/presentation are pretty cool. 8/10

Minnesota Wild - Zach P.

Yay:  Finally, we have Zach's Minnesota Wild alternate.  Considering that their home looks like an alternate and this looks similar in design to their road jerseys, I could see this becoming a home uniform for them.  Traditional, not too "Christmas-like", and still looks good with the vintage white.  I'd easily take this over their current red jersey.

Nay: I don't really get the "M" logo. It doesn't look like something they've used before, or would use, yet its thrown all over the place here.  Personally, I'd use their wordmark logo seen on their current alternate, or the shoulder patch from their old road uniforms.  I'd also get rid of the green gap between the number and outline, and add some TV numbers.

Overall: In general, I like it, but it needs a bit more work.  7/10

My COTW nominee is going to be CPM's Seattle Metropolitans concept!

If you are bored with nothing to do after this post, refer to the list above and make those Mallards/5 Year Anniversary concepts.  Finished? Then make sure you vote for this week's COTW.  Done that? ...well that's all I have this time, so relax, watch some hockey, and work on some concepts!

That's it for me today.  Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween!
Thursday: Pool Talk Reviewed by Unknown on October 30, 2014 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

I get the M logo, its an edit of the North Stars logo, since the N had a tab on the top left corner. Does it make it better? Not in my opinion.

Unknown said...

You definitely picked the best set in the pool

Unknown said...

The m is the old northwards logo altered

Ryan said...

I think the M logo on Zach's concept is great! Well done, but I personally would have liked for it to be green.

Unknown said...

Thanks Ryan!

Unknown said...

Ohhhhhhh how did I not see that?? Brilliant idea! Kind of agree with Phil, and would rather see one of their other logos used. But still, really cool!

Jason Palmer said...

Thanks for the great review, William. I agree my template is pretty cluttered, it'll look different in future submissions.
I think the yotes look pretty sweet in blue too. Maybe they'll look like this when they move to Quebec City....

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