Thursday: The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

Hey gang, welcome back to another concept-filled Thursday post at HJC.  Last week, I stalled our usual concept-stream by highlighting my favourite concepts of the past year, and gave my NHL picks for this season.  So far, LA and Boston are really disappointing me, but the season is still young.

For something different, I wanted to showcase a jersey that most of you probably didn't get to see, but should due to it's awesomeness.  Tons of teams are doing the "Pink in the Rink" games for fundraisers, and usually that comes with a new pink jersey to show off.  My hometown Fernie Ghostriders of the KIJHL (Jr. B) are no exception to this, and produced one of the more awesome pink jerseys I've seen in a long time:

(Tweeted from Craig Mohr, Coach/GM of Fernie Ghostriders, @craigmohr9)

There may be a little hometown bias here, but I think these jerseys look fantastic.  From the grungy looking ribbon to the ribbon design inside the pink portion, to using their classic black/silver/white colours along with pink, to even the gigantic number on the front (which I usually would despise).

Have any pink jerseys that could challenge this one? I'd love to see them!

This week we have our COTW vote as well as our COTY September vote, so make sure you take a couple of minutes and get your votes in, or else you may suffer from eternal winter.  Speaking of which...

COTY-September vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Sept 29-Oct 5 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Quad City Mallards Jersey Competition (ends October 31st)

Arendelle National Team (Disney's "Frozen") - Mike S.

Yay:  See what I did there?  Anyways, we start with Mike's idea of a national team jersey for the country of Arendelle, from the movie Frozen.  I'll shamelessly admit that I love this movie, and recognized the design right away.  While the two-toned effect would look awful on any other uniform, it works because of what it represents and the colours contrasting enough to not have a total mess.  The arm design is a real hidden gem here.

Nay:  Starting with the arms, I wish that design was used on the hem as well.  I don't really like the yellow stripes around the design, since it really takes away from the sublimated look and makes it hardly noticeable, especially on the purple side.  If the pants are purple, I think the helmet should be green, or vice versa.  Finally, I think the numbers would be better if they were yellow with a purple/green outline, opposite of the background colour. Would also help if you had TV numbers.

Overall: I want to love this design, but it needs some work.  Kudos for originality though.  7.4/10

Grand Rapids Griffins - Mike S.

Yay: Next for Mike is a Grand Rapids Griffins concept. The logo is an interesting choice considering it was a secondary logo for a uniform designed for a jersey competition the Griffins had a few years ago, similar to our own contest.  The colours work together nicely, and this is a very unique design for a uniform.  I usually complain about contrasting shoulders, but it works with the long cuff and arm stripes.

Nay:  Unfortunately, the arms are about the only thing I like about the design.  The hem isn't bad, but still looks bare and could benefit from a stripe pattern similar to the arms or socks.  The white yoke is really bugging me, as there is really no reason for the outline if the yoke is the same colour as the jersey.  The pants are really bland and badly coloured for this set, as blue pants or red pants with blue striping would look much nicer.

Overall:  I like what this concept is trying to accomplish with a modern look, but its not really my cup of tea.  7.1/10

Pittsburgh Penguins - Dylan N.

Yay:  Next up is Dylan and his Pittsburgh concept.  The tricky thing for designing Penguins concepts is that the classic design is way over done, and most other designs look too much like the Bruins.  This design definitely follows it's own footsteps with a simple striping pattern and neat logo combination, similar to what Buffalo did in 2010.  I'm not a fan of most Pens uniforms, but I'd love to see this as an alternate or WC/SS uniform.

Nay:  I like the look of the logo combination, but it's too big.  The word mark needs to be a bit smaller, and the penguin needs to be quite a bit smaller.  Otherwise the front looks extremely cramped.  I almost think that the uniform would look better without the penguin logo, as it could then resemble a pre-1950's uniform.

Overall:  Get rid of the Triangle logo, and I'm completely sold on this.  8.6/10

Quebec Bulldogs - J3

Yay:  Next we have this really interesting Quebec Bulldogs set for his NHA redesign.  The presentation is really sharp and the logo choice is very out-there yet fits perfectly.  The "Home" jersey's stripes are pretty simple yet powerful, and creates a very unique identity for them (not including the Argos of the CFL).  The "Clash" jersey is perfect as it could work against teams of multiple colours including white, yet still suits their identity.

Nay:  Add a yoke to the Home uniform (to avoid confusion with Argo fans) and that jersey is perfect.  The clash jersey is really interesting, but the placement of the chest stripe and how high the hem colour goes bugs me a bit.  Yes, it's to create a jersey that works against whites while being white, I get that.  But if the chest stripe ran through the middle of the logo, and the rest of the light blue was lowered just a tad, I think the symmetrical look would work out better.

Overall:  Despite how I'd like to change the Clash jersey, this set is beautiful as is.  8.8/10

Monsters Inc - Jarrett T.

Yay: Going back to Disney, here we have Jarrett and his Monsters Inc. set.  I'm not sure if this is meant for two separate "teams" or as one full set, but considering how different they look, I'll observe them separately.  On the blue uniform, I love the simplicity of the stripes, and the interesting colour combination of green, purple, white and blue.  On the green uniform, while I'm not a fan of those style of uniforms, it definitely fits in with modern-Reebok design.

Nay:  On both, the captain patch and TV numbers are way too small, the front logos are way too big, and the fonts are not really good choices for jerseys, even "fantasy" uniforms like this.  The green uniform can really go without the "scratch" design, it doesn't fit in with the Monsters Inc theme and it looks too random on the otherwise straight-forward uniform.

Overall: Very interesting, but put that design back where it came from or so help me (bum bum bum).  5.7/10

Los Angeles Kings - Connor J.

Yay:  Next up is Connor's LA Kings alternate, which is fairly similar to their Stadium Series uniforms from last season.  The changes are the exclusion of the black yoke, the change in the middle stripe from black to white, and no shoulder patch.  Oh, and the logo isn't "chromified", which is good, because that was probably the dumbest idea the NHL had since letting Oakland use white skates.

Nay: The changes are few, the changes for good are fewer.  The stripes look alright in their new form at least.  But the lack of a yoke really makes this jersey bare.  The TV numbers are tiny and inconsistently size, and the font used for the name doesn't work well on a hockey jersey.  It's not bad, but it's in no way exciting.

Overall:  I thought the Kings' SS jerseys were ugly as is.  So this isn't much of an improvement from an already lame uniform.  5.5/10

Grand Rapids Griffins - Antonio C.

Yay:  Last but certainly not least is another Griffins concept, this time from Antonio, whom we haven't seen in a while on the blog, besides my "year review" post from last week.  This concept takes the Griffins and gives them a classic yet totally original identity to work with, and shows off those identities on 3 different templates.  Presentation is outstanding on this concept, and the design is fantastic.  The design reminds me of the old Florida Panthers uniforms, something I wish the Panthers would bring back.

Nay:  The font for the name isn't the greatest for readability. It also kind of looks like the name and back number are darker than what it should be, on the "2D" template at least.  The logo looks a little big.  I like the stripes as is, but I wonder how it would look if the inside red and inside brown stripes were swapped.

Overall:  Personally, I would have picked this over the winning concepts for our Grand Rapids Griffins competition.  Great work!  8.6/10

It's close between 3 concepts, but I'm going with J3's Quebec Bulldogs concept for my COTW nominee.

Homework for tonight: Vote once for COTW, vote again for COTY September, watch Frozen (seriously guys, not to be all fanboy here, but I highly recommend it), and work on your Mallards entries if you haven't already finished.  I have to say there are quite a few great entries in already, which is awesome to see!

That'll do it for me today.  Thanks for reading and have a good weekend!

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Anonymous said...

lol that's my buddy's Josh McCulloch's jersey!

Unknown said...

Antonio's Griffins Concept for COTW!

Unknown said...

I'll second J3's Quebec Bulldogs concept for COTW.

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