Thursday: 2628000

Hey gang, welcome to another exciting Thursday post of HJC!

What's with that gigantic number on the title of our post? That is the amount of minutes in 5 years.  Why is that significant? Well, HJC is having its 5th Anniversary, which is extremely impressive.  Has anyone told you that they'll be "just 5 more minutes"? Imagine they said "just 2628000 minutes" instead.  That is a really, really long time.

But back to the topic at hand: HJC is looking for a "5 Year Anniversary" logo/patch, like most hockey teams would have on their jerseys for their own anniversaries.  Take a few minutes (or as many as you need) and come up with your version of the anniversary patch, submit it this week, and Ryan will pick the winning design and use it on the blog's header for the entire month of November.  That's a lot of face-time for someone's design, so you definitely don't want to miss out on this competition.

Finished your Mallards entry yet? If not, better hurry, the month is almost over!  There are some fantastic concepts (and some poor but hilariously awesome ones) submitted, and I can't wait to see who they pick!  The Mallards definitely have one of the coolest identities in minor-pro hockey, so I'm glad to see so many different takes to their look.

Last but not least, there is a very significant vote going on this week to determine the 3rd COTY semi-finalist.  The winning concept will be featured in the COTY final votes at the end of the year, so it's crucial that we all put in our two cents and vote for our favourites!

3rd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Oct 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Quad City Mallards Jersey Competition (ends October 31st)
HJC 5th Anniversary Logo (due this week)

Concepts time!

Chicago Blackhawks - Zach W.

Yay: We start with a pair of Blackhawks concepts for the Winter Classic.  This one from Zach uses the "C" logo we're not used to seeing in the front, which right away wins points for originality.  The colours look great, and the stripes are a very nice design.  Definitely suites the old-timey look this game will need.

Nay:  The logo looks a little too big.  The stripes are a nice pattern, but the outside red stripes could to be moved out a pixel or two, and the middle stripe could be thinned out a bit.  The TV numbers have no room on the arms, and look very weak going over the stripes as they do now.

Overall: I like the overall look, but little things make this concept a miss for me.  7.6/10

Chicago Blackhawks - Tyler G.

Yay:  Our other 'Hawks concept today has a very classic look to it, being that it's pretty similar to the current uniforms, besides the off-white, logo, and lack of black cuffs.  Some people don't like "vintage white", but I love it. This uniform looks like it could have been used in 1940, and could be used today or 10 years from now.  Everything is sharply executed on this concept, and looks great.

Nay:  The problem is, I feel like the changes aren't enough from being a rip-off of their current uniforms.  I'd feel no need to buy this when their regular uniform is nearly the same thing.  Usually these types of jerseys have a modern twist of an old jersey, but this is exactly the opposite.  That's not a bad thing, but I'm just not excited about this design as I normally get with classic uniforms.  Also, what is with that green band on the inside collar?

Overall: It's hard to sell this as a unique concept, but I can't deny that it looks fantastic and would be a good option for the Winter Classic.  8.4/10

Cleveland Crusaders - Mario A.

Yay: Next is a pair of WHA concepts from Mario, the first being for the Cleveland Crusaders. Cheevers and the Crusaders (great name for a band) had a really classic look, despite using purple as their main colour.  This concept has a little more going on, but still fits the traditional look for them.  Honestly, this is probably my favourite concept by Mario so far.

Nay: The back-right arm stripe on the purple jersey is mis-coloured, it should be black, not purple.  The font isn't bad, but for this team I'd stick with a simpler block font.  The jerseys match up well, but I feel like the purple jersey has too much white.  I don't know how to perfectly fix that, and it's alright as is, but I think more black and less white would look great.

Overall: Definitely seeing some improvement in Mario's work, keep it up! 7.5/10

Cincinnati Stingers - Mario A.

Yay: Part 2 of Mario's WHA duo today belongs to the Cincinnati Stingers.  I always thought they had a cool look to them, and there are plenty of ways to revitalize their look.  Mario takes a very simple yet modern approach, with some really interesting styles on the side and the arms.

Nay: The bottom back stripe on both jerseys (the white stripe closest to the hem on the black jersey, and vice versa) looks like it just kind of starts from the side and only covers the back.  It looks OK in this form, but if one saw a side view of this jersey, that abrupt change would look very bad unless there was some sort of transition.  Not liking the contrasting shoulders, and the incomplete yellow arm stripe.

Overall:  Interesting, but I'm not really liking it as much as the previous concept.  6.8/10

Anaheim Ducks - Brady S.

Yay:  Next up is Brady with his soccer style Anaheim uniforms.  Lets be real here, the black and orange uniforms look great and aren't a huge stretch for a soccer uniform.  Their black jersey transitions well into this set and is executed very well.  But lets talk about the elephant in the room, or should I say...duck.  Despite most people putting it on their "worst jerseys ever" list, I think the colours and design look rad, and would make an awesome fan jersey.

Nay: On both sets, the number seems really close to the name, and could use some breathing room.  Moving it down a bit could fix that.  It's really hard to critique a soccer uniform for me, and I think the black kit looks very nice.  The green kit is fun and all, but unless you drew a Mighty Duck kicking a soccer ball instead of holding a hockey stick, the logo use takes away from the whole soccer thing.

Overall:  Not the greatest soccer set I've seen, but half of it is realistic, and the other half is really fun to look at.  Good work.  8/10

San Jose Sharks - Pajo94

Yay:  Come on man, Quidditch? The nerd in me can't even handle this concept.  I'm not as familiar with the standard Quidditch attire, but this looks about right, and the styles and colours are just so perfect with this outfit.  The logo works so well with the sort of classic look I'd associate Quidditch uniforms with.

Nay:  I'm not sure what the T-shirt combo is for.  I assume it's a practice uniform or for a different position.  Either way, it's kind of bland in comparison to the whole set.  And in general, I think the set needs more white.  Not much, but maybe somewhere in the stripes.

Overall:  Totally fanboy-ing over this.  I don't even know if this looks good for a Quidditch design, but I want it.  8.7/10

It could be the fact I'm a huge nerd for this kind of thing, but since it's also really well designed, I'll give Pajo94's San Jose concept my COTW nomination.

For the rest of you muggles, make sure to get your votes in for the votes going on this week, and finish up your Mallards and HJC 5th Anniversary logos.

That's it for me, thanks for reading and have a good weekend!
Thursday: 2628000 Reviewed by Unknown on October 23, 2014 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I'd love t o second Pajo94 SJ concept, I belive the shirt and shorts is what they wear under the robe

Tyler Gross said...

"Also, what is with that green band on the inside collar?" Authentic jerseys sometimes have them: http://shop.nhl.com/Chicago_Blackhawks_Jerseys_Authentic/Mens_Chicago_Blackhawks_Reebok_White_EDGE_Authentic_Custom_Road_Jersey

Ryan said...


Those authentics were made in Indonesia. They are NOT really anywhere near the same as an on-ice product. Those authentics have the nickname "Indo-Edge" jerseys.

Richard Mazella said...

Matt would be correct

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