Sunday: We Need Another Semi-Finalist

The winner of the COTY-September vote was Christian's Quebec Nordiques concept!

Full Results
Christian L. - 5
Matt M. - 2
TG (NYR) - 2
TG (PHI) -1

Christian's concept moves into the 3rd Quarter Vote. The silver banner for that vote is on the side of the page. Click it to see the entrants and email in your vote before the end of Friday. This is a VERY important vote so lets have a good turnout.

For anyone who isn't aware, the Quarterly Votes each determine the four semi-finalists for the Concept of the Year. 1st Quarter winner faces the 3rd Quarter winner and the 2nd Quarter winner faces the 4th Quarter winner. Don't worry about that now though because the semi-final votes don't take place until January.


The winner of the delayed COTW vote for September 29 - October 5 was CPM!

Full Results
CPM - 8
Taylor R. - 2

CPM's Scouts concept was the only one properly nominated and seconded that week. I suppose it's fitting that he won then.

The COTW nominees for the October 13-19 vote have been listed in the black banner on the side of the page. You can click on that banner or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab to see the nominated concepts. Get those votes in by Friday!


On November 22nd, HJC will have been in existence (in its current format) for exactly 5 years! And like all good hockey brands, we will be celebrating the anniversary with a patch on our jerseys. Well, we don't have jerseys, but we do have a page header and that's where the 5th anniversary logo will be placed during the month of November.

The problem is that I'm not much of a logo designer. Take a look at my failed anniversary logo attempt.
This is where I need you guys! Anyone who is interested can create a 5th anniversary logo for HJC and send it in (concepts@HockeyJerseyConcepts.com). Whichever logo I like best will be used on the page header during November as the official 5th anniversary logo of HJC!


As the Quad City Mallards Jersey Competition continues, I wanted to share these unused concepts presented to the Mallards by Studio 1344 during their "revamping" of the team's brand. All images were shared via Studio 1344's Facebook page back in March.
I personally like the two concepts on the bottom, with the green one being superb! I do like the black jersey that the Mallards use currently though.


There are about 8 events during the year on HJC that are the MOST important to vote for. The 3rd Quarter Vote is one of them. We are working towards getting a voting system right on the blog page, but that is still at least 6 months away. For now, open up your email and send us your votes. Anyone with an email address can vote.

3rd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Oct 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Quad City Mallards Jersey Competition (ends October 31st)
Sunday: We Need Another Semi-Finalist Reviewed by Ryan on October 19, 2014 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I actually like the 5 year logo.

Anonymous said...

That green set is fresh. Could do without the phantom yoke but whatever. I got a good design coming in soon.

Mario Ardais said...

I like the logo you made Ryan. But if you want us to make logos, I'll see what I can do.

Unknown said...

oh look I lost again

Ryan said...

I voted for you Matt. At least you were defeated by a worthy concept rather than a team and their possible cost cutting measures.

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