Monday: Leafs' Silver?

Hey there everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed their first full week hockey! Even you jersey throwing Oilers and Leafs fans. There has been quite a bit to be entertained by this past week and a half. Especially for those who play fantasy hockey. 

I only managed to get in one league this year, which is fine. Hopefully it's a lot easier for me to just keep track of the one team and guide them to a championship. Funny story about my team actually... So my buddy who started the league told me when the draft was, as least 10 times, and I kept saying I wouldn't forget. Well I did, and logged into the draft lobby an hour after the draft started. My AutoDraft managed to pick up Alexander Ovechkin, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, the Red-Hot Rick Nash, and the also Red-Hot and now injured Victor Hedman. How that happened I'll never understand. So far my "Hot Dads" are 2-0 and things are lookin' up for me....

Speaking of lookin' up.....um.... Mallards can fly and sometimes you see them when you look up... I don't know... That was a bad segue, but don't forget, the deadline for the Mallards competition is about a week and a half away so if you plan on joining and haven't sent anything in yet you still have some time.

Don't forget to send in some votes this week as well. Not only do we have our usual COTW, but a vote to determine the third entry into the COTY vote. So get on all of that!

3rd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Oct 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Quad City Mallards Jersey Competition (ends October 31st)

And now concepts!!!

Edmonton Oilers (WHA Returns) Concept - Mario A.
Well Mario promised me his wacky designs would be back and he delivered. He tries to bring more color into the team's logo but I don't think either one works particularly well, but if I had to choose I'd say the dark jersey's logo is better. The hems on these jerseys aren't bad but where Mario really loses me is the arms. The orange near the shoulders is a bit much when the cuffs are already a different color than the torso. I'd try and keep the bottom of the hem and end of the cuffs the same color on that white jersey. The old Reebok vector is still on the back of the jersey. Now beyond all the wackiness, if you haven't gotten lost, you'll notice that this is just a very very very color swapped version of their current jerseys.

Rating: 4/10

Michigan State Spartans (NCAA) Concept - Kevin B.
Kevin gives the Spartans the IceBorn treatment. Pretty much looks like a green and hemless Red Wings jersey. Which isn't bad, it's got a classic look that could last for ages. The stripeless hem though makes the jersey feel too boring and the dark socks with light jersey is kind of a no no for me. The pant's striping is interesting as well. I can't tell if the "Spartans" on the back of the jersey is just a small thing that would go over the normal branding on the jersey or just a way too small namebar. The number and Captain's C seem too small. Lack of TV numbers isn't a huge deal here as it's a college team but the actual Spartans do have them.

Rating: 5.5/10

Florida Panthers (Brights Series) Concept - Colin M.
Pretty much a return to the classic Panthers jerseys of the pre Reebok days. Slight alterations to the striping and now the hem is angled. I'd make that hem angle a little more pronounced, not too extreme though. I'd also round the yoke in the back like the old jerseys did, it just looks awkward with the point to me.

Rating: 7/10

 Toronto Maple Leafs Concept - Alan H.
I feel like making Leafs jerseys look like old Boston jerseys is a bad idea. Granted, it doesn't look bad, especially with the silver, but the Leafs have tried silver on a jersey (As trim color) and I think they're pretty much over it. I feel like thebest way to reintroduce silver to the Leafs is using a small amount as trim color on an alternate jersey...

Rating: 7.5/10

Speaking of a Leafs alternate jersey.... Alan has one for us.

Toronto Maple Leafs Alternate Jersey Concept - Alan H.
So not only does Alan bring back the silver, he introduces black onto the Leafs color palette. I think this is a little too far. I normally kinda like the TML monogram but not as the main crest. Personally I think ONLY black OR silver should be a trim color, if any, on the Leafs jerseys. Personally though, with the two color logo, their jerseys don't need any other colors. But here I'm noticing a lack of contrast between the blue and black so the jersey comes off as way too dark.

Rating: 6/10

Toronto Maple Leafs (Bright Series) Concept - Colin M.
Colin returns the Leafs to their 70's jerseys. (My favorite underneath their current alternate) The Blue jersey is closer to their old jerseys with the contrasting sleeves, but I'd make the hem stripe just one thick blue stripe like the arms. Also because the blue jersey's hem matches its arms. The blue jersey looks a lot like the Lightning's new alternate but the "less is more" approach works better here because it's paired with a simple two tone logo. Personally, if the Leafs swapped to something like this, I wouldn't be offended, even though I'm sure Leafs Nation wouldn't be too happy...

Rating: 8/10

And there you have it, another day in the books. Have any tips or critique for the concepts today? Why not throw them in the comments section? Go ahead and do that. See you all next week!
Monday: Leafs' Silver? Reviewed by DBro Alexander on October 20, 2014 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Wait, when did the Leafs try silver on the jersey?

DBro Alexander said...

@Joey - It was number trim and on the shoulder patch.


Unknown said...

Oh ok

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