Friday: In the Dark

Happy Halloween Readers!

Are you dressing up this year to party/handout candy/get candy?

If so, why not share in the comments?

The Bruins dressed up as the characters from Frozen, which is awesome!

Need a last minute costume idea? Why not just throw a hockey jersey on, a paper bag and call it a Leafs/ fan in April?

The jersey world is not immune to dressing up, particularly in the minor leagues.

In the ECHL, the Toledo Walleye and Evansville Icemen are playing dress up..on November 22nd for Super Hero night. The Walleye will be Adam West Batman, and the Icemen will be Ugly Tablecloth  The Riddler.

Photo from toledowalleye.com

How does it look...fantastic. Obviously no team could do this full time, but once a year, like Star Wars jerseys in minor league baseball, there's a certain charm to teams wearing outrageous jerseys that emulate pop culture icons.

Halloween is the 2nd most important thing going on tonight, however. It's the end of the entry phase for the Quad City Mallards contest! Remember, your jersey may be ACTUALLY WORN in an ECHL game, just like those Batman jerseys. Get your entry in before midnight TONIGHT!

Also important, COTW voting ends TONIGHT! Remember to get your vote in!

Finally, get in your HJC 5th anniversary logo concepts. There's only one entry so far, and it will be featured all November now, unless you enter, then yours might be.

COTW Oct 20-26 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Quad City Mallards Jersey Competition (ends Friday October 31st)
HJC 5 Year Anniversary Logo (due this week)

On to the Concepts!


New York Islanders Concept (By: David P.)

The Islanders are playing quite well (yes Phil & Caz, you did tell me so) but their new home needs some touch ups before it's ready for hockey. This embarrassing oversight in jumbotron symmetry inspired David's concept. It's a very simple concept, not much of a change, but still pretty funny. The logo is very pixelated though. Seeing the back of the jersey and having the numbers be off centred would complete the concept. It's not a concept meant to be taken seriously, so I won't rate it based on the normal scale, but on the joke concept scale.... (8/10)

Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Alan H.)

As I've mentioned before, while I have a nostalgic love for this pattern, the original jerseys were far from good looking, even decent looking. Alan tries to combine the inaugural reborn Sens with their first alternate and what we get is an interesting mix that works in some ways, though the flaws of the original are still visible. The logo swap was a huge upgrade, as is the switch to black as a primary colour. Having the swoosh be less steep and less consuming of the hem works makes for a better chest stripe rather than an ugly hem stripe. The numbers on the back are the only problem with this concept. They aren't invisible, but the 4 or whatever number would be there would be hard to see. The way around that is to make that space the colour of the jersey. (8.5/10)

Stadium Series Concept (By: Ben S.)

Oh this would be such a fun outdoor game. The Sharks and Canucks battling it out 1994 style. I'm of the opinion that the Stadium Series jerseys should stick to one template, but not look the same (different stripping patterns, logos, thickness, gear etc.) The Canucks jersey alone is incredible. This would be a fantastic was of reintroducing the skate on the plate identity. Nice pants design. The Sharks jersey is also good, though I would have used the old shark rather than the new shark, since the numbers go much better with that logo. (9/10) COTW Nom. from Me!!!

Arizona Coyotes Concepts (By: CPM)

Oh full bodied desert artsy coyote, how I've missed you (Though, I was 7 when this logo was dropped and just born when it was introduced). Anyways, the Yotes appear to be playing with the idea of ditching their boring jersey for something brighter and with that pattern. I love the shear amount of pattern on both jerseys, and the angled yoke, beautiful touch on the back. The white jersey I'd say is the better of the two, especially since the maroon jersey doesn't use any white, and white/sand can work together well, even in small amounts. The collar may be a bit too much though. Also, the font, while unique, reminds me of the late 90's Leafs rather than the Yotes font which with a small outline would be better set. (8.75/10)

Modo SHL Concept (By: Zack W.)

On Jets96's up and coming artists, Zach is certainly starting make a name for himself, and is improving every post.  This concept looks awesome, though it is not without flaws. First the good, the striping! It's a unique pattern and since MODO is one of those classic team that should have a classic alternate. The stars on the helmet and socks look sick too. The problems will be fixed with practice . The name on the back and numbers are blurred and as I mentioned, using another program will fix that (Word tends to blur the lines) The stars on the shoulder stripe would look better if they were more sublimated. The logo on the front is too large. (7.25/10)

That's the post folks! Remember to vote, get your entries in and have an awesome halloween.
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Anonymous said...

AJH Sens concept for COTW


Wow! I want to say thanks to winnipegjets96 for my first ever COTW Nomination, it means a lot!

Unknown said...

I'll second Ben S. for COTW. Really love this.

Kurt said...

I've never been a fan of that old Coyotes logo, but with the new color scheme it's actually decently palatable.

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