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The concepts are back, I'm back for another Friday post, let's not waste time on formalities


The Swift Current Broncos of WHL fame have gone back to their original logo, added a shoulder patch and updated their jerseys.

Photo from: scbroncos.com 

My thoughts..... Eh. The jerseys look solid and I'm sure there are people who have been wanting this logo set to come back, but I really liked the previous logo set. This to me is a case of vintage for vintage sake, going back to something that worked in the 80's because it was the 80's and we should see something new. The updated clover memorial is solid, but the new shoulder patch is mediocre at best. I would have for sure changed the jerseys, dump the unpopular buffaslug and ditch black outside of an alternate and use the template of the old jersey and use the better of the two logos. Having a throwback jersey for certain games (like the Pens are doing) is a great idea, but going to an old look full time without changing much....I'm just not sure. 

I want to hear your thoughts on this. Should minor hockey teams who want to use a more popular historical look update the look and stick to what works? Have a fauxback look? Or keep moving forward? 

Voting! Do it! 

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On to the Concepts!!


Stadium Series 2015 Concept (By: Christian L.)

Awkward how that Habs jersey now has the Jets...3rd string goalie...who's in the AHL....WHY DON'T THE JETS TRADE FOR AN ACTUAL NHLer!! Anyways, we know where the next Stadium Series game is, but two rivals that have a more historical context should face , and Christian puts his love of the Sens aside to make two awesome looking Bruins and Habs concepts. The Habs jersey is exactly what I'd picture them doing in the Stadium Series, going blue for once. It looks awesome, thought I would have made white the dominant colour on the jersey, like on the pants, since A) it looks better IMO, and B) I'm not distracted by the Russian flag designs. The Bruins jerry has no problems, and I love the vintage cues that come off as modern. (8.5/10)

Brooklyn Americans Concepts (By: CPM)

Brooklyn is getting a team back (sort of), but the Americans are the forgotten 7th team that lead to the Original 6..guess they are the Original 7th. Theses jerseys are...bright, with patriotism, red white and blue and stars/stripes litter the whole look. Theses jersey look like the 90's hit the 70's, big and bright colours and angled, odd designs and it works, like really works. The biggest thing an Americans concept should do is look different from the Rangers (hard to do) and this does this very well. Solid execution, looking forward to more! (9/10)

Blenheim Blades Concepts (By: Alan H.)

I'd never heard of this team before, and after doing some digging, their current jerseys leave more to be desired. Our resident ultra modern designer gives a look more unique identity to a team with such a common name. The logo, despite it being inspired by the Bruins is actually quite unique. The are 3 blades on one logo, try topping that and still having it look good. The striping needs work on the arms, as the piping bumps up at the cuffs. Due to the angled arms this makes sense, but making it more subtle would help greatly. The yellow jersey could use more white in the piping and name bar, a thicker stripe and an outline on the name would fix that. (8/10)

Toronto Maple Leafs Concepts (By: Dylan N.)

Ha, McGowan. Anyways, Da Leafs! The striping looks like the 30's, the logo is the 50's, another 20 year difference that look great together. A well executed concept, though I don't agree with some of the design choices, mostly the yoke. I would have done something similar to the Winter Classic jersey, with just one stripe and a solid yoke behind it. Other than that, this would be a solid faxback in the future (2018)? (8.75/10)

Mace Windu Star Wars Concept (By: Ryan G.)

We've seen this concept before from Ryan, but updates it for the unique Jedi, Mace Windu. For those who don't know Star Wars....look up what makes Mace Windu different, but the purple is certainly fitting. That being said, the jersey is WAY too dark. The purple and black really blend into each other and the blue is barely visible. The design is decent, but it needs to be visible before I can say it's great. Add some white or make the jersey itself white and have black outlines. (5.5/10)

Stormtropper Star Wars Concept (By: Ryan G.)

This design I can actually see. This concept really does look like that the Troopers would wear if they were a hockey team. The belt and black visor are a solid touch, and add some hidden touches from the original uniforms. The hockey pattern looks good very simple, though one thing bothers me. The Empire logo would look so much better as the primary logo than the helmet. (7.5/10)

Wookie Star Wars Concept (By: Ryan G.)

I personally didn't find the Wookies that annoying in the movies, even if the do bend...a lot. The jersey is the most hockey of the 3 concepts today, though not without flaws. The striping on the hem and arms, while not a bad pattern, should be the same thickness, and the thinner of the two looks better, as it doesn't block the numbers. I haven't seen Chewie lately, but his fur is more brown and black than brown and maroon. (6.5/10)

That's the post folks. Don't forget to vote!

Go Jets Go! Have an awesome weekend! 
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Unknown said...

Dylan for COTW

Mario Ardais said...

Dylan N.'s Leafs concept for COTW.

Connor Jarvis said...

Cpm's Brooklyn for COTW. Also I really like Ryan G's Stormtrooper Jersey.

Unknown said...

Christian's Stadium Series for COTW.

I feel like a lot of would hate this, but if you're going for a Stadium Series game between the two franchises, what would you expect. Amazing set!

A lot of good concepts today worthy of a COTW vote.

Unknown said...

I'll third Dylan's Maple Leafs set for COTW

Timmy Q. said...

I'll second Christian's Stadium Series for COTW

T.G. Blankenship said...

I love this move by the Broncos. I never liked the newer logo set or uniforms. To me, this look is pure eastern conference WHL and should be the foundation for any style changes Swift Current goes through. Clean up the logo? Sure. Change the style of jersey? Sure. But keep these colors and overall feel.

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