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First off, huge shout out to Admin Ryan and his family on the birth of his second child! This however means Ryan is very busy, so concepts are on hold. That being said, we, the writers, have posts prepared for your reading pleasure.

Second off, and I feel like I should do this every so often since new people join the blog.

Obviously, my name isn't Jets96, that's just an e-pen name, and to make an easy way of IDing my concepts. So...what is my real name? I don't like to hide it, I'm not a secretive person, it's just something that's stuck over time.

My Real Name (If you've ever emailed me, you know): Sean B.

So far, every writer has given you their favourite concepts they've seen/reviewed. I've been a writer longer than most of the writers, baring of course Ryan and fellow Inaugural member DBro. Making this list would be hard, but not impossible. I've been reading HJC since March of 2011 and have seen a lot of GREAT concepts pass through.

I'm not going to number these/rank them, but rather, it's a list of  stand out concepts! This list is not exhausted by any means!

But first, don't forget the Quad City Mallards contest. Your jersey will now be played in an ECHL game with the recent CHL merger, so it's an even bigger deal now! One of the best minor league identities is looking for material, so get at it!

On to the concepts

From July 16th 2011

Winnipeg Jets Concepts (By: Liam R.)

I don't remember seeing a lot of work from Liam R. but I wish he made more, because this concept is awesome. It's execution need work (IE: Numbers, back of white jersey, yoke outline. The hem striping and colour scheme remind me of old airlines and thats what the Jets were originally based on (and Bobby Hull). The updated logo is also awesome, and the matching font looks fantastic. Someone wanna update this concept? It's a guaranteed COTW nom from me (Am I allowed to say that?)

From August 27th 2012 (My first HJC Post)

All Star Game 2013 Concept (By: Avi S.)

This was my first COTW nomination, and if there is one thing Avi is really good at, it's designing All Star jersey. I'm still in love with this concept, and for good reason. It keeps the excellent early edge colour scheme and the NHL script is beautiful. One thing I said was the only thing wrong with this concept was not putting the All Star shield on the collar (or as I said back then, collier, because of spell check being weird). This will probably better than what we get, but there's always a future game to use these beauties

From December 14th 2013

Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Gerard M.)

Now, the top and bottom are nothing new, and yeah, #19 is not something you should mention around Sens fans, but the alternate did something I though was IMPOSSIBLE! Making their pre-edge home jersey look good. It's the subtle arch on the hem and perfect colour balancing that propels this concept  from a edgification to.....wearable update! Also, the Sens font being used right!

From April 27th 2013

Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts (By: Mason II)

We've seen this Blue Jackets idea before, but with this template....it certainly works. The arms match the logo perfectly, and it manages to both the original Blue Jackets logo and current logo. This would seem like what the Jackets would have worn if they adapted the Thrashers template in 2007 rather than the one they have now. This concept also does a great job showing how simple adjustments to an otherwise mediocre template.

From April 29th 2014

Calgary Flames Concept (By: Steven G.)

The best thing to come out of Calgary's current alternate, is the sweet shoulder patch, giving Calgary their first secondary logo since the horse head. The idea of having a medallion style logo on the front of a jersey with stripes making it look like a medal would work isn't a new a idea, but rarely done right, like in this case. Keeping almost everything intact, this concept would have been a more original alternative to the current alternate, but still keep the good elements intact.

From July 27th 2012

Los Angeles Kings Concepts (By: Thallos)

I'm all for the Kings using the Gretzky era colours, but the late 90's shield logo was the best logo the Kings ever had! Thallos does a solid job making a simple concept, but not making the concept bland. The striping and numbers are standard, but the cuff script and crown shoulder patch puts this concept into plus territory.

That's just a few of my favourite concepts, obviously there are many more awesome concepts through out HJC's history, and if you have any person favourites, comment them below. If you made today's list, awesome! If not, keep concepting!

I'm Jets96, Go JETS go! Have an awesome Canadian Thanksgiving weekend! 
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