Wednesday: Jumbo edition

Welcome to another loaded HJC post! Last Saturday we got to see predictions from Caz. I enjoyed reading them so I though I'd make some predictions of my own, but instead for scoring. I'll do a top 10. Today I'll start with 10-5.

# 10, Tyler Seguin

Photo credit: www.tsn.ca

Last year, Tyler Seguin had his breakout year, getting 84 points in 80 games. Playing alongside another all star helps his case. With Dallas now a strong contender, adding Spezza and Hemsky we could see this team dominating games. My prediction: 87 Points.

# 9, John Tavares

Photo credit: The Hockey News

Many people think Tavares plays alone in NY. That's not the case, he has great chemistry with line mate Kyle Okposo. Last year, Tavare's season came to an end due to an injury. This year I expect 88 points from him, if he stays healthy.

# 8, Corey Perry
Photo credit :www.dirtydangle.com

Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry might just be the best duo in the league. There is no surprise Perry can score. I expect another solid season from him. Prediction: 89 Pts.

# 7, Jamie Benn
Photo credit: The Hockey News

Speaking of top duo's, Jamie Benn and Tyler sequin clicked really well last year. Benn also has one of the top shot's in the league. I have Seguin in the top of the goal list, and I expect this guy dishing the puck to him. 89 points and a hell of a season is what I'm guessing. 

#6, Alex Ovechkin

Photo credit:bleacherreport.com

Ovechkin is the face of the franchise, but last year received much criticism for his poor defensive play. That being said, he is still one of the best offensive players in the league and probably one of my favourite to watch. Playing with a gifted playmaker Backstrom also helps his cause. I think he will have another great season in the goal column. Prediction: 90 pts.

Stay tuned next week to find out my predictions for the top 5 scorers in the NHL!

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Disney Competition Top 5 vote
Edmonton Oilers concept by Connor J.

Positives: Connor brings us an orange alternate jersey. I like the idea of the oilers wearing an orange jersey. The striping pattern works well with the logo. Keep up the good work and your concepts will improve!

Negatives: The hem stripe is high. There are small inconsistencies in the thickness of the stripes. I don't think the duck's font looks good on an Oilers design. The reebok word mark should be blue and not black. The stitching should stop at the hem stripe.

Overall: On the right track, but needs a few tweaks before its ready to hit the ice. (6.5/10)

Anaheim Ducks concept by Nathan N.

Positives: Bringing back the old ducks logo is a great idea for an alternate jersey! I think people miss the jade and this concept does a good job of utilizing that colour.

Negatives: This is essentially a template concept, using the ducks current jersey. I think you could've been creative and create a new jersey. This jersey lacks Tv numbers. The old reebok vector should be replaced with the new logo. I think making the numbers green with a purple outline would benefit the colour balance. You forgot to colour the inside of the collar.

Overall: I like where this is going, but Nathan needs to rework this. (5/10)

Buffalo Sabres concept by Taylor R:

Positives: Taylor has really stepped up his game, presentation wise and concept wise. Buffalo jersey work well with almost no white. This jersey does well in colour balance. Striping pattern is pretty simple but it still works.

Negatives: Let's talk about the logos. Should these come back? My opinion is no. What do you guy's think? I've mentioned this to Taylor before, but stitching needs to end at the hem striping. Helmet logos would add attention to detail.

Overall: I like the jersey design, but not sold on the logo choice. (7.5/10)

Carolina Hurricanes concept by Taylor R.

Positives: The hurricanes lost the flag warning pattern when they updated the home and away jerseys, so it only makes sense to have it on an alternate. Logo choice is great, this logo makes the perfect alternate logo.

Negatives: I tend to like black alternates more for carolina but this one does a great job using red. Execution wise, the shoulder patches are rotated wrong. I'll let you guys look at that. Lastly the same things I mentioned on the concept before about stitching and helmet logos apply to this one to.

Overall: My mind isn't blown, but still a good jersey. (7/10)

Calgary Flames concept by Taylor R.

Positives: Our third concept from Taylor offers us a Flames alternate. This one looks cool! I love how the hem stripe really ties in well with the logo. Colour balance is great, even thought some people might not like black I think it looks good here.

Negatives: Wow that hem stripe is pixelated! I'd tone down the angle of the arm stripe by a lot. Its wayyyy to angular, touching the TV number. I think the flaming C would make a better shoulder patch.

Overall: Fix the issues i mentioned, and were gettin' pretty serious here. (8/10)

Grand Rapids Griffins concept by Matt MCELROY

Positives: This was Matt's entry to the competition HJC held s few weeks ago. I know Matt worked hard on this, you can tell by the detailed logo. Which looks awesome by the way.  The jersey is a clash jersey, which I think looks cool, but could encounter problems against a team that wears red. This was ONE of my favourite designs, and I know Matt was upset when the winners were announced but sometimes there's nothing you can do.

Negatives: On the shoulder patch, the word Griffins is upside down. Sniffirg is what i'm reading.

Overall: Matt always produces great logos and designs with great execution, this one was no exception. Just maybe not what the Griffins were looking for. (9/10)

Anaheim Ducks concept by CPM.

Positives: Helllo! I think right of the bat, this is a concept that you say, wow. Execution is amazing. The detail with the shadowing in the collar is amazing. The designs is great, and looks really modern, love the colours used. I think we saw something similar to this when Colin won the Ducks contest, but why change something thats great.

Negatives: The numbers and NOB are really small. On the white jersey i'd change the black outline to orange.

Overall: Great execution, great design. Fix the numbers and send this to Anaheim, now! (9.5/10)
COTW nom.!

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Unknown said...

With my Sabres concept, the only reason that the stripe goes through the hem is because on a jersey it would still be there.

With my Calgary concept, where do I start. Not even be of my favourite yet one of my mouth St thought worthy concepts. It's supposed to signify the mountainous region. I did these alternate jerseys forever ago and just wanted to have them submitted for thoughts.

With my Carolina concept, the shoulder patches are rotated fine, I'm pretty sure.

Thank you Christian and my COTW nomination goes to Matt's Griffins concept

Tyler Gross said...

Taylor R's Sabres for COTW

Ryan said...

How can I not nominate poor Matt for his Griffins concept? I can't.

Matt's Griffins for COTW.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Connor Jarvis said...

Taylor R's Hurricanes for COTW. I cannot find that pattern anywhere. I tried to find it for my Hurricanes concept a couple weeks ago but I couldn't find it. Where did you find it Taylor?

Unknown said...

I created it. it's a somewhat simple pattern with a square inside another.

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