Wednesday: Hockey Players Don't Cry

So here it goes...
I'm sad to say that this will be my last HJC post. I remember getting Ryan's email at around 3am after a long night of homework, and as tired as I was there was no way I was going to fall asleep! I was forced to make a tough decision a little over a week ago when I was offered a very great opportunity at school. I became the President of a student organization that serves as a professional society for my target career path. As part of my responsibilities, I will be representing my university around the state at different conferences and meetings. Unfortunately, I wouldn't have been able to put the time into posts that the artists and readers both deserve. I was happy to surprise a writer with a sudden opening, because I remember how happy I was when I was offered this slot. I can't wait to read Christian's Wednesday post next week, so I hope you have a blast when I hand you the reigns!
COTW Sep 1-7 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
DEL ReDesign Top 5 vote (Ends Saturday at 11:00am Eastern)
COTY August vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
The beginning of the month means that it's time for another COTY contender vote! Check those concepts out, and send in your votes for the COTY August & COTW concepts by Friday. While you're at it you might as well vote for your favorite DEL Contest entry as well.
Without further ado, here's the last batch of concepts that I'll talk about:
TG - Philadelphia Flyers Fauxback Concept
Design: Without question, TG got his inspiration for this concept from the Philadelphia Quakers, who's many stripes have become a staple in Flyers fauxback uniforms. What I like that really sets this concept apart from other Flyers concepts that I have seen is that the base of the jersey is black. Black alternates caught a lot of flack when nearly every team went with the color, but the Flyers can really pull the look off well. Vintage white was another great decision on the part of TG.
Score: 8.5/10 - That number font is brilliant! It fits perfectly into the design.
Nathan N. - Calgary Flames Concept
Design: Mountains on a jersey!? Nathan's first concept of the day brings an awesome design element to go with Calgary's new alternate crest. I really like the arm striping as well. The black jersey is my favorite of the two, as I think Nathan should commit to either a white or yellow base. My one complaint with the black jersey is I don't like how the white "haze" above the mountains look. I think it would look better with a thinner outline.
Score: 6/5/10 - Choose white or yellow, and add some numbers. This concept could look amazing.
Nathan N. - Las Vegas Huskies Concept
Design: I really like the color scheme of Nathan's second concept. It is very similar to that of my brother's team, and I think they have awesome jerseys. Unfortunately, the design looks boring to me. It looks too much like a "fill in the black" paint bucket concept. I do think that a cool number font could drag this concept's visual upward.
Score: 5/10 - There's a big execution error in this concept. The white rectangle wasn't removed from around the logo, and the whites don't match. Watch out for things like this Nathan, and you'll have some great concepts on the way.
Ryan G. - Jedi Star Wars Concept
Design: Are athletes allowed to be Star Wars fans? Just kidding Ryan, I love the idea for these concepts. The blue & green definitely comes from the lightsabers of the Jedis. However, there are too many inconsistencies in the thickness of the striping on this concept.
Score: 6.5/10 - Would the alternate jersey have some purple detail as an homage to Mace Windu?
Ryan G. - Mandalore Star Wars Concept
Design: Ryan's second concept is a Mandelore concept, which definitely benefits from a much meaner looking crest. I like the shapes on the arm and sock striping, and the think green pinstripe on the hem. The green yoke also looks great on this concept.
Score: 7/10 - I'd experiment with some different number styles. I think it's getting repetitive within the series.
Matt M. - Pittsburgh Penguins Soccer Concept
Design: Matt's Penguins soccer concept is one of the more unique concepts that I have seen, because the home and away uniforms have completely different color schemes. The yellow scheme is a great representation of the 80's & 90's Penguins uniforms, while the black & gold scheme reminds me not only of the robo-penguin era as well as the 1967-68 uniforms.
Score: 8.5/10 - This concept also pulls off using the same logo on both uniforms, while using two different color schemes. Great work!
Matt M. - San Jose Sharks Soccer Concept
Design: The yellow detail that was prominent in the Sharks recently redesigned uniforms is left to nothing but the Nike swoosh on this concept. The gradient pattern that is found on the Sharks' alternate logo is perfect for a soccer concept. I'm a little disappointed, however, that the logo that inspired the pattern isn't found anywhere. I think it would look great somewhere on the shorts.
Score: 8/10 - Like I said, I wish yellow was used a little more but otherwise this is a very good concept.
Justin S. - Philadelphia Flyers Alternate Concept
Design: The Flyers have very seldom deviated away from their classic pattern, but the 2012 Winter Classic was a special occasion. This concept reminds me of the design that they wore outdoors in their second Winter Classic appearance. I don't think that Philly's fans would approve of a light orange & vintage white alternate uniform, so Justin's concept would be perfect. The Liberty Bell shoulder patches are a perfect detain, and the striping isn't too far off from Flyers uniforms of the past. The helmet, pants, and gloves are a bit too light of a shade of black, but I'll give Justin the benefit of the doubt as he was most likely showing off the black details in the jersey and socks.
Score: 9/10 - Justin's concept wins my final COTW nomination as an HJC writer! The concept itself looks awesome, and on this template it looks even better!
Well that's all! I end each post with that phrase, but this week it's different. This week it seems so final. I was always told that hockey players don't cry so I won't but its a very bittersweet moment ending my last post. It is sad to leave HJC, but I have many exciting opportunities outside the site. It was an honor to review all of your concepts. I don't want to end my last post with that's all...
Until next time HJC.
Wednesday: Hockey Players Don't Cry Reviewed by Alex O. on September 10, 2014 Rating: 5


CLIB542 said...

TG Flyers for COTW

Unknown said...

I'll second TG's Flyers concept for COTW

Connor Jarvis said...

I'll third it. It looks awesome.

Connor Jarvis

Connor Jarvis said...

Or Matt M's Pittsburgh Soccer Set. A lot of good concepts!

Connor Jarvis

Ryan said...

TG Flyers concept for COTW.

Justin's was also good.

Thank you Alex for all the time you put in for HJC!

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