Wednesday: Coming in hot!

Hello HJC! I'm your new Wednesday writer Christian L. As you can probably tell by the title Im a Senators fan. Hopefully that won't cause arguments between me and Ryan. I wanted to find the old HJC artist cards to introduce myself, but thought they were a little outdated, so I took the liberty to create a new one, with a more hockey card feel to them.

So that gives you a little more information about myself. Here are todays voting reminders:

                       COTW Sept 8-14 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
Disney Competition entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)

Here are the contest entries for the competition so far:

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Be sure to send your entries into the proper email address!
The one specifically for HJC competitions.

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Connor J:
 Zach W.
 Adam R:
 Ben F:


On to our regular concepts!

Augseberger Panthers concept by: Coby S.

Positives: We start todays post with an entry to the DEL competition. I really like the striping pattern, simple but effective. The colours come out really well, and are nicely balanced. The font choice works well here. Its also nice having equipment, as most of the entries to this competition did not.

Negatives: Im not sold on the logo. Also, the logo on the black jersey needs a small thin white outline to make it pop more. The Tv numbers are a tad to high. 

Overall: simple concept that works. (8/10)

Colorado Avalanche concept by: Scott B

Positives: Scott brings us a wild idea for an avalanche third. I'm not sure how I feel about combining these two franchises, but for now ill agree. I like that you kept the jersey blue. The striping is simple and effective. The logo looks good here, with the mountain as the ears.

Negatives: I get the feet at the bottom are supposed to replace the fleur de lys, but it doesn't look good here. I'd leave them to the shoulder. I think a grey outline would be better for the last outline of the number.

Overall: The unused Nordiques logo looks good, but some issues need to be resolved. (7/10)

New Orleans Brass concept by: Taylor R.

Positives: Taylor continues his great series with this concept. New Orleans and hockey… maybe don't mix so well so it makes a good reject. I really love the colours, they really tie in well with the city and are really unique. The striping pattern reminds me of a bit of the St-Louis Blues.

Negatives: On an execution note, stitching should end at the striping pattern (on the white jersey). The NOB is hard to read on the white jersey. My only other complaint would be the logos. This is essentially a ECHL concept by borrowing the logos. Unless you're saying they will be promoted to an NHL team.

Overall: Great branding, but one that shouldn't be entitled to the NHL. (8/10)

Buffalo Sabres concept by: Zach W.

Positives: I might be the only human being that doesn't hate the sabres alternate, but I don't love it either. So an alternative wouldn't hurt. I like the detail, specifically with the equipment.

Negatives: I can't say I'm a fan of the design. The logo isn't much better than the original. I'd much rather see a yellow alternate for the sabres. Execution is good, but you need to add TV numbers. Striping should also go over the stitching.

Overall: Zach's execution is coming along, but still not perfect. (6/10)

Las Vegas Aces concept by Taylor R.

Positives: Our second concept from Taylor today makes for a much more believable concept. I love the colour scheme. The striping is amazing. The font ties the design together. Overall a great jersey design.

Negatives: The logos are decent but don't excite me. I'd like to see some equipment. My biggest issue is, Taylor forgot to color in one of the yoke trim on the dark jersey.

Overall: If it wasn't for that big execution mistake, this would be perfect. (8.25/10)

Thats the post folks! Don't fogey to vote and nominate a concept you think deserves it. You have the power to determine who wins! When Ryan announces the winner of COTY, you could say: oh ya… I nominated and voted for that concept.

So tell me how I did for my first post and lets start discussions in the comment section! Have a nice day everyone!
Wednesday: Coming in hot! Reviewed by Unknown on September 17, 2014 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

COTW nom for Taylor R.'s Brass concept

Unknown said...

:( thought my Sabres concept was my best one yet, even made the logo myself (kinda). Thanks for the tips though!

Unknown said...

Zach it was a great concept, if you fix your execution errors your concepts will go up in scores!

Unknown said...

Great post Christian! I've admired your work every since I joined the community last June, and I wanna get some tips from you. Is there any way we could talk outside of the blog?

Unknown said...

Thanks coby, Yeah, add me on Facebook, twitter whatever pleases you! If not my email is christiantlegault@gmail.com

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