Tuesday: Look Who the Cat Dragged In!

Hello Hockey Jersey Concepts readers! My name is Caden Patafie, and you may or may not have seen my concepts here in the past. Though it will be hard to follow in the footsteps of Phil or Alex, I will do the best I can to make every Tuesday entertaining for you! Big thanks to Ryan for giving me the opportunity to review your concepts once a week. HJC was what introduced me to the world of concepts almost a year ago, so i'm super happy to get to be a part of it now, and maybe introduce a future HJC writer to concepts!

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"Captains Log, September 9th 2014, My first HJC post." Here we go!

Connor Jarvis: Chicago Blackhawks Alternate

Good: Chicago needs to bring back the black. Whether it's something like this or simply their Stadium Series jersey, I've always thought they looked good in black. There are very few colored jerseys in the NHL that have white yokes. Thanks for the creativity.

Bad: The hem stripes go extremely high up the waist. There is just as much white as black on the jersey, which would make it hard to tell the teams apart. The red striping doesn't go all the way to the edge, and something is overlapping the striping and stitching on the right above the hem stripe. The purple background is distracting.

Tips: Fixing the execution/presentation will send this concept miles. I personally would change the font, but I'm sure we have some HJC readers that like it.  In my opinion it doesn't belong on a hockey jersey.

Design: 6.50/10, Execution: 5/10, Total: 6/10

Danny Duke: Portland Rosebuds

Good: This is a very well executed and very well presented concept. As I said for Connor's concept, that can take you miles! The chest stripes look sweet, especially with that logo. The font on this jersey, belongs on a hockey jersey. This a a clean, simple concept that could work for almost any team... 

Bad: ...which is exactly what hurts this concept. Though it is a very good looking, well presented jersey, It isn't very creative. Also, as Ryan and other writers have said, please don't use 00 and a random name for the NOB. It just looks lazy. Even putting your personal name and number would look better.

Tips: Change the NOB, and well... the NOB. There isn't much I would do to fix this, It's great as it is.

Design 7.75/10, Execution 10/10, Total 8.25/10

Matt McElroy: Ottawa Senators 

Main Good: Thank you for using the heritage design for these, as the main Ottawa jerseys wouldn't
transfer. The sublimated laurel leafs and sock striping are great touches and without them the design wouldn't be nearly as good. 

Clash Good: I'm always a big fan of barberpole, having lived in Ottawa and being a big fan of the 67s. The design transfers well onto the socks as well. The Canadian Tire advertisement matches well with both jerseys. 

Main Bad: Not feeling the logo. The "O" logo from the actual heritage jersey would match way better. I can't find anything else I don't like. Great job as always Matt!

Clash Bad: The logo is the big thing. I would also do a thing with the pants, whether a stripe or a logo.

Tips: Change the logo to this, and brighten the pants with either a stripe or a logo. Execution is perfect as always 

Design 8/10, Execution 10/10, Total 8.50/10

Matt McElroy: Philadelphia Flyers

 Main Good: The design of the actual Flyers jerseys can be seen here. I REALLY, REALLY hope that the team wouldn't use an off color namebar. I'm going to assume, since you are a competent designer and not stupid, that you didn't! :P. The sublimated bar striping is a good addition to the design.

Clash Good: The striping gives the design a Philadelphia Quakers look, which transfers well onto the soccer template. The stripes on the socks look sweet with the jersey. There is a lot of black on the jersey, but thats what makes it "clash" with the main set.

Main Bad: I would've done the one bar striping like on the actual Flyers jerseys. I can't SEE anything bad, but if there were to be an off colored namebar...

Clash Bad: The logo seems a smidge large. I would make it the same size as the logo on the main set. 

Tips: Put backs on the jerseys. There are so many unanswered questions. 

Design 7.5/10, Execution/Presentation 10/10, Total 8/10

Nathan Nykilchyk: Washington Captials.

Good: I've never seen any of Nathan's concepts on HJC, so forgive me if I'm wrong, but "Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!" This concept isn't something you see in the NHL today, so you have creativity down-pat.

Bad: The ginormous stars on the cuffs and shoulders aren't great. The side paneling, even though it's something that the Caps currently use, isn't a good choice for most jerseys. There isn't a # or name on the jersey. 

Tips: This concept really needs to go back to the drawing board. Without redoing the concept, I would take the stars off the arms, and add a NOB and NOB to the jersey. ALSO, It is very, very important to put your name or ID somewhere on the concept, that way no one can steal it and say it was theirs.

Design 5.5/10, Execution/Presentation 5.5/10, Total 5.5/10

Ryan G: Star Wars Series

(Disclaimer, I know NOTHING about Star Wars, So I will review this as it was for a fictional hockey team. Sorry...)

Good: The striping is simple, and the tie down collar fits with that theme. Kudos for using (Insert Star Wars Language Here) for the NOB and captains patch. ALSO, if you notice the Reebok workmark, that's the coolest thing ever. The logo (which I assume is a logo for something in starwars) looks good on a helmet and pants...

Bad: ...but not on the jersey. There isn't any white in the logo, which is very much needed, and red on black with no white never works. The number is low, and the name is a tad big.

Tips: Add white to the logo. If you do that you can add white to the pants and jersey striping and have a much better concept. Phantom yokes look like crap 99.9% percent of the time, so just take it off.

Design 4/10, Execution/Presentation 7/10, Total 4.75/10 

 Ryan G: Star Wars Series

Good: One place piping looks good. The colors are balanced well on the jersey. Since the font is black, in most situations it only makes sense to have more orange than black in the striping. The language thing is again cool.

Bad: Since there is so much orange on the jersey, I would make the equipment black. Ala Flyers. You did pretty well with this one. I don't have many complaints. Something just isn't doing it for me.

Tips: Change the gear to mostly black. I would also move the NOB and NOB up, but pick a shorter name so it doesn't interfere with the piping.

Design 6.75/10, Execution/Presentation 7/10, Total 6.75/10

TG: Nashville Predators Alternate 

Good: (Insert British accent) As always Mr. TG, Your execution is superb. (END OF ACCENT)
The swooping striping looks spectacular. The colors are balanced well. There is still a lot of gold, but it is a mainly blue jersey, which the Preds need.

Bad: Not digging the font. I wouldn't use the Preds regular font. Oh gosh no!, but this doesn't seem to work for me either. The NP logo should stay on the pants.

Tips: Change the logo to the "Pred Head", and change the font to smething between 'that' and what the Predators use on their main set and you have yourself a 10/10!

Design 9/10, Execution/PREDSentation 10/10, Total 9.25/10 COTW NOMINATION FROM ME!

Thanks for letting me come into your computers on this 9th of September, and every Tuesday! But remember, I'm not the only new writer! Remember to say farewell to Alex Offenbach as he will write his last ever HJC post tomorrow, as new writer Christian Legualt moves in to take his place.  Keep sending in concepts, remember to vote, and go in the comments and nominate a concept for COTW!

Thanks for reading! 


Tuesday: Look Who the Cat Dragged In! Reviewed by Unknown on September 09, 2014 Rating: 5


Ryan G said...

The Star Wars 'language' is Aurebesh.

Anonymous said...

If that black Star Wars jersey is executed better, and I mean a lot better, I'd nominate it. I know a bit about Star Wars, not much, but enough to know that the black jersey would be for the Sith/Empire/Dark Side. Lord Vader, your jersey is almost ready.

Alex O. said...

Thanks for the kind words Caden! You did a great job on your first post.

Ryan G said...

Thanks Phil, the black jersey represent the Empire, hence the lack of white on the Jersey.

Simon Lester Bailey said...

That portland logo is the England RFU logo, shouldn't it require accrediting?

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