Tuesday: "Walmart, Free Ice Cream, and More!"

Hey guys! Caden here again on this fine Tuesday for my 2nd ever HJC post! There is a lot of buzz circling around the hockey world with the rookie tournaments around Canada and the US. The London tournament is my personal favorite, with the Ottawa Senators, newly inked affiliate of the Evansville Icemen, falling to the Pittsburgh Penguins in a 4-3 opening game thriller with the game winner being scored in the last 18 seconds of the game! Definitely fun preseason action that you can watch and listen to online on rogerstv.ca!

Last week was my first HJC post. but introducing myself completely skipped my mind. so to make up for that, here are a few facts about me...

- Currently lives and resides in Indiana
- Grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
- Assistant Equipment Manager for the ECHL Evansville Icemen.
- Listens to Weird Al Yankovic while writing posts/making concepts (Maybe absorb the creativity?!)

 COTW vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Disney Contest entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

David P. "Walmart Vs. Target"

Good: This is definitely something I've never seen before! The branding on the Walmart jersey is spectacular, meaning if you took off the logos and showed me the jerseys, I would say 'Walmart!"  I could see this idea going a long way, and can't wait to see the rest of the series!

Bad: Even though the Walmart jersey was recognizable, these both look like fill bucket concepts, with one logo on the front of each of these. There aren't any shoulder logos or TV numbers. The white Walmart jersey suffers from "Yellow on White Syndrome". Which is especially hard to fix with this striping pattern. 

Tips: I would change the striping pattern on the Walmart jersey, to account for the problem of having yellow border white. The finishing touches for this set would be TV numbers, and shoulder patches. 

Design: 6.5/10, Execution/Presentation 7.5/10, Total 6.75/10

Alan H. "Montreal Wanderers"

Good: The logo isn't cited, which means that you (hopefully) made it yourself. It's a variation of the original logo and I actually like it better than the original. The "Stadium Seriesesque" slanted striping fits with the color scheme and logo. A classic block font works well for such an old team. Great Execution!

Bad: Though it's labeled as "Home and Clash" I would rather see a black jersey as the home jersey, with a red clash kit. That's just my personal preference about not liking white jerseys. The name and number are too high on the jersey. Move them down 10 or so pixels. Maybe less.

Tips: Move the name and number down some. With the current set that's all I would change. But a black jersey would look cool as well.

Design 8/10, Execution/Presentation 9/10, Total 8.25/10

Scott B. "New York Islanders Alternate"

Good: I'm a big fan of teal. It's really underused in the NHL, and it adds a splash of color to an otherwise bland jersey. The block font works well with the classic design of this jersey. The lighthouse logo from the fisherman era was the only good part of that jersey era, and it looks even better on the front of the jersey.

Bad: Presumably instating their Stadium Series jersey (or something close to it), which is a very modern jersey, as their alternate, we probably won't see this for a while. Though I like the teal, not having white in the stripes makes the numbers look out of place. With the execution, there is a noticeable size difference with the 15 visible stripes used on the concept. The name is a tad bit small. The TV numbers come too close to the arm stripes.

Tips: I would make the center stripe white, to match the numbers. In order to keep consistent sizing for the arm and hem striping throughout your designs, I would suggest copy-pasting it onto the other arms/hem so the sizes are the same across the board.

Design 7/10, Execution/Presentation 6/10, Total 6.75/10

TR "Kansas City Scouts"

Good: This jersey is a classic design, with a Native American logo, but I can't find a trace of the Blackhawks! (Wait, Kane...). I like the small, thin stripes between the larger ones. On both jerseys it adds to the feel and complements the logo. The absence of white on the home jersey was a good choice, as the yellow and white would blend too much. 

Bad: I'm disappointed that the collar isn't ala Fuel, as it would've fir perfectly with the sun beams in the logo. The outline on the NOB is too thin. At first I thought they were one color numbers. TV numbers are too large.

Tips: I would change the font to more of a block font like we saw in the previous concept, and if you don't want to do that, the concept would still greatly benefit from a thicker number outline. Add some triangles to the collar to finish this off! I am nominating this for COTW. Feel free to second!

Design 8.5/10 Execution/Presentation 9.5/10, Total 8.75/10

Mario A. "Florida Panthers"
Good: Wow Mario! Your concepts have come a long way from your old XFL designs! This is a clean classic concept that is a good relive from the template jerseys that the Panthers currently use. The logo + wordmark contributes to the classic feel of the jersey.

Bad: The one color numbers aren't working for me. I'm fine with a classic block font, but there are many fonts with outlines, that would've looked better. The name's pretty high on the back of the jersey.

Tips: Add a outline to the font. If the number font had an outline I would've done a 8.75/10 for Design. There is something about this concept that makes me not like it, and I'm not sure why...

Design 8/10, Execution/Presentation 7/10, Total 7.75/10

Well that's all for today. REMEMBER TO VOTE ! I can't stress enough how important voting is to this blog. Well, maybe I can, VOTING IS IMPORTANT!!! Voting is what would make this person class president, and who doesn't like free ice cream? Tune in tomorrow as we "inaugurate" new writer Christian Legault into HJC, as we get 5 brand new concepts for your reading pleasure!


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Alan John Herbert said...

Dang! I forgot to put the details about the logo before sending it, it's the Wanderers shield with the "M" and "W" modified in the center. Good eye Caden.

P.S. TR's Scouts for COTW!

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