Tuesday: My Last Tuesday Post

Hey Hey Hey everyone. Glad you're here... As you may know this will be my last regularly scheduled Tuesday post on the site... But it's ok, because I'm now moving to Mondays! That's right, I'll get to start your week off instead of just hanging out on a Tuesday, like, whatever... But good luck to Phil on his new job! Hope to see your concepts and comments still grace the pages of HJC.

In other news, the Grand Rapids Griffins competition's entry phase has come to an end and now we'll all eagerly await the results. We had 114 entries, which is insane! Unfortunately I couldn't come up with anything in time so I'm really hoping we get to see a familiar name announced as the winner. I don't envy the team with their decision though, because if this was a fan vote I would be so lost... quite a few really good entries.

One good thing about the Griffin's competition leaving the pages of HJC is that we can continue our normal competitions, with this week being a DEL redesign. So get on that people!

COTW Aug 25-31 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
DEL ReDesign entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

So let's get into the concepts today, shall we?

Toronto Tecumsehs Concept - Alan H.
Alan revives the Tecumsehs with what looks like a mixture between the University of North Dakota and the Minnesota North Stars. I must say, I'm not a fan of using another team's logo. It doesn't really give the Tecumsehs their own identity. I didn't even realize this was a Toronto concepts at first, I assumed it was for UND. The jerseys themselves are decent. The black jersey is the best of the two. There's too much going on with the green jersey, at the very least get rid of the yoke stripes.

I don't think there's enough contrast between the jerseys. Since this is a Home/Clash set I don't think the striping has to match like I normally do, but I'd rather see the black jersey as the home, and a white (or maybe even yellow) jersey for the clash. They'll be wearing the clash when the other team's jerseys are close in colors so the contrast between the teams is gone, no point in having two dark jerseys that won't offer that contrast against darker jerseys when it's needed.

Rating: 6//10

Philadelphia Flyers Alternate Jersey Concept - Dylan C.
Yeaaaaah! Another Dylan! We're taking over HJC, look out. Flyers are getting a new third and it would appear that they're bringing back their fauxback Winter Classic jersey. Dylan suggests this classic looking black jersey. I like the Flyers in black so hopefully that's actually the way they go, but it's not looking likely. The chest number should go, I don't care for them, but if it has to stay, definitely make it smaller.The logo doesn't look centered on the chest stripe so move it up more, or move the stripe down a little bit. Not a big fan of the font or the white namebar.

Rating: 6/10

Columbus Blue Jackets Soccer Crossover Concept - Matt Mc.
Matt's Soccer series has been very good so far, I look forward to seeing new kits from him everyday. This set is very loose with the Blue Jacket's branding. I'd rather see the primary logo on the dark uniform. I think it would look better with the chevron. The red also looks a bit too dark. I think you could ditch the two white stripes and just give the red chevron a white stroke. As for the kit based on the alternate jersey, it's got a very modern look for a fauxback. I think it looks good but it might look better in the regular red/white/blue. Overall a rare miss for Mr. McElboy.

Rating: 7/10

Buffalo Sabres Alternate Jersey Concept - Andy R.
Nice and simple for the Sabres, which is what most people seems to think is their best look. This fauxback utilizes the vintage white with the blue/yellow Sabres' scheme which I think looks good. I'm not so sure about the phantom yoke, but I like the numbers up there. The Sabres have never had a chest striped jersey so this is good, it's very close to jerseys of their past but different enough for me. I think the hem stripe is too much though, very rarely will a chest stripe AND hem stripe look good together.

Also, definitely ID your work better, If you want to watermark it and make it barely visible that's fine but it's a little too hard to see, why wouldn't you want people to see your name on your work?

Rating: 7.5/10

Ottawa Senators Tendy Mask Concept - Christian L.
The subtle plaid pattern looks good here. I think as a "generic" look it would fit the Canucks' branding better but goalie masks don't always have to follow those rules, it's all about the goalie and his personality. Christian updated the original Senator head and filled out the eyes more, I don't really think that was a good move, he looks like he's wearing eye liner now. The maple leaf on the chin and the O on the back are great.

Rating: 8.5/10

Columbus Blue Jackets Alternate
TG wants the Jackets in a red jersey with a huge star. I was going to say that the only team who should have a primary star logo is Dallas but then it hit me..... this is the Blue Jacket's logo...The 3D star...The flag stripes....genius. The only change I would add besides making the jersey blue or white (I don't think anyone can justify a red jersey for the BLUE Jackets) would be to add Ohio flag design on the chest next to the star, I think it could be added and still look good.

Rating: 8.5/10

Chicago Blackhawks Soccer Crossover Concept - Matt Mc.
Matt...you're a doll... you are an absolute peach and I love you... You're like the son I don't care to have but I'm going to start getting a little picky with this set right here. The Blackhawks are my team and I want them to look immaculate wherever they may pop up around here. Matt has two uniform fetishes that I know of, roundels, which shows up on the black/white kit here, and lately he's been making two-tone jerseys in the style of the red/white kit here.

Now the red/white looks good. It takes its look from the Hawks red jersey with the hem stripes turning into chest stripes. I dig it. There is one too many black stripes on the chest though. I also want sock stripes on the uniform.

As for the retro black kit, it's a good look but I'd prefer other looks for a Blackhawks soccer throwback, as if there was a thing, and it'd be what they wore in the 09 Winter Classic. But Something I'm noticing that I like is the stripes under the Office Max sponsor are there on both uniforms despite being different designs... That's what us in the business call "neat"

Also, one last nitpick, where did you get "Office Max" for a sponsor? I thought you were taking the stadium sponsors... so why not United Airlines? Or if you didn't want that why not Wirtz Beverage, the owner Rocky's company? I'm being nit picky, but you mess with the hawks you mess with me Matty Boy....

Rating: 8.5/10 - Still really great looking set despite my pickiness.

Well that's it folks, I'm no longer the Tuesday writer for HJC... Next week...it's on to Monday!
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