Tuesday: 2 Double Scoops and 2 Singles

Hey guys! Caden here again on a Tuesday! This is my one month anniversary on HJC! Wow it's been fast! The next big contest for HJC is here! Starting tomorrow we will be accepting entries for the Quad City Mallards Comp. This is basically a CeHL version of the Grand Rapids Griffins Contest that had had over 100 entries! The contest doesn't end till the 31st, so take time to perfect your entries. I've slightly revamped the format for my posts, merging the "Bad" and "Tips" section of my reviews, and giving a score for the jersey in school style (A+ to F, with the letter taking precedent over the +/-. EXAMPLE: B- is slightly higher than C+).

COTW Sept 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Quad City Mallards Comp starts Tomorrow at 12:00am Eastern! 

Las Vegas Rams: Jamie R.

Good: I like the logo. It's a simple classic logo that could easily work in hockey. The poker chip shoulder patch is creative and screams Las Vegas. The simple striping works...

Bad: ...but, I would rather see something a bit more modern for LV. Sin city needs something flashy. I hate to say it, but maybe a full time chrome crest and Stadium Series style striping. The Numbers need an outline, and there are a lot of loose white pixels around the logo. Speaking of the logo, I don't think Bluefield College would be very happy about the NHL using it. 


Detroit Redwings: Michael G.

Good: Detroit will always need a classic design. They don't look good in anything else. I like the actual striping, not just bars, and the addition of a shoulder patch is long awaited, full redesign or not. The regular block font transfers, and does a good job with it at that.

Bad: The yoke stripes aren't sitting well with me. I think the jersey would benefit without them. Execution notes, the TV numbers are too small, and there is a loose white pixel below the right armpit of the front of the red jersey.


Florida Panthers: Michael G.

Good: I like the classic fauxback look. The consistency of the red between both jerseys is appealing. The gold numbers are cool. Except for the new Pens 3rd, I don't believe there are many gold numbers in the NHL. The roundel logo fits with the theme.

Bad: I wish the arm stripes were lower and had less of a slant, so the matched up with the hems. I think that would make the jerseys look more clean cut and professional. I would make the numbers gold on the away jersey, with a blue outline. Would the blue look better a bit darker?


Savonlinnan Pallkerho (Mestis Finnish Teir 2 league): Taylor R.

Good: I did some research on Mestis, It's a 10 team tier 2 professional league in Finland. On that note these are some pretty awesome jerseys! I love the simple yet elegant striping. The font ties everything together. The square yokes are especially pleasing. 

Bad: The one thing I don't like is the lack of pant/helmet logos. That would perfectly bring it all into sync. 

A+ and a COTW nomination!

Turun Toverit (Mestis): Taylor R.

Good: I'm liking the mismatching jerseys, but it almost has a Montreal Habs feel to it. That's not necessarily a bad thing. The Canadians have some great jerseys! I like the fact that you added pants stripes...

Bad: ...but one pair of pants is plenty. I would've gone with red pants for both jerseys, and spent the "budget money" if I were that team, on white helmets for the road jersey instead of a second set of 75$ a pair (or more in some cases) pants.


Arizona Coyotes: Nathan N.

Good: The 'Yotes, with their name change, need a rebrand, I like the added black. The current jerseys are lacking black and hem stripes, so thanks for making that up.

Bad: The colors are balanced awfully on the home jersey. Not trying to discourage but it's not very good. I would switch the maroon and vintage white stripes, and add a maroon outline to the numbers. A shoulder patch on both jerseys would help as well. Put your name or ID on your concept so no one can steal it and say it was their's.

C- (Keep working at it! You will improve in no time!)

So, let's go through the basics. Vote, And send in your Mallards Comp entries (BUT NOT UNTIL TOMMOROW!), Make concepts and send them in.

If you can guess why my post is titled why it is, I'll give you a twitter shoutout. @cpatafie. I'll give you a hint, It has to do with the concept artists, not the concepts...


Tuesday: 2 Double Scoops and 2 Singles Reviewed by Unknown on September 30, 2014 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Boston has gold numbers.

Unknown said...

Could you explain? That has nothing to do with anything about this post.

Unknown said...

Your title post signifies the number of times the concept artist were featured. MIchael and Taylor were featured twice, they are the double scoop. The other two artists are the single scoop.

Unknown said...

Wow Christian! Sweet guessing!

Connor Jarvis said...

Taylor R's Turun Jersey for COTW.

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