To Catch a Counterfeiter

Hello everyone and welcome to Saturday's HJC post. Today we have the finale of Matt's NHL/soccer crossover series, a Stadium Series concept featuring the Blue Jackets, some NHL rejects, and a lot of stuff from Winnipeg. 

A few days ago, several of the writers and designers here at HJC got in a Twitter discussion about the ongoing prevalence of counterfeit jerseys at hockey games and events. It's something that I think is getting worse every year. A few years ago, you didn't see hardly any fakes in Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, but when the team redesigned their jerseys, you can bet on seeing a few. Take a look:

Image Credit: lovejerseyshome.com (they sell fakes)
The logo of this jersey looks like it was put through one of those souvenir penny stamp things you see at tourist traps. The logo, name, numbers, alt. captain designation, and shoulder patch are all the wrong color. On the collar, "Nashville" is in the wrong font. The stripe at the hem is too thick. The collar itself is too high, almost resembling a dress shirt collar. The proportions for the jersey are just awkward.

Image Credit: cantonstuff.com (counterfeiters)

This monstrosity makes the wearer look like a complete idiot. The gold on these fakes is actually too bright when compared next to the real thing. The blue...sweet baby Jesus...it's not even close. The font is wrong. The six should be rounded at the top, instead of having that crook in it. The collar looks like it was taken from a boys turtleneck, and the "Nashville" font is wrong again. No counterfeiter ever gets that, or the piano keys in the inside of the collar right. It makes me wonder if that's one reason why Reebok has been doing these "hanger effects" on jerseys - it makes them harder to fake.

Image Credit: aliexpress.com (no real jerseys on this site)
Compared to the other two, this one isn't quite as bad. At least from far away, if you squint, maybe it wouldn't be obvious. Up close, though...this is terrible. I found one of these jerseys in a Goodwill in Union City, Tennessee once. The glue that held the numbers on was peeling off, and the jersey was made out of the most uncomfortable material known to man. The PredHead is set at an awkward angle, probably because it's too big. The name and number front is close, but wrong. The white stripes are too thick, and the checkerboard pattern is sloppy. The stripes cut into the pattern in odd ways, making the checkerboard pattern look incomplete. The laces are tied to cover up the place where the NHL shield would go. This jersey also doesn't have Reebok logos on the back near the collar, or on the left arm, where they should be. 

For fun, I sent an email to a counterfeit company raising my concerns and pointing out all the flaws. I actually got a response. In broken English, they told be that, although their prices seemed "too good to be true" their product was 100% real. What a load of bull crap. I honestly don't understand how some people don't see the differences. What really annoys me is when people that have season tickets on the first level wear these, as if they don't have enough money to buy a real jersey! I think the worst part about this is, if you buy from these people you are supporting dishonest activity, and doesn't support anyone involved with hockey. It's less revenue for for hockey, and more revenue for crooks. 

Do you have any counterfeit stories/pictures you'd like to share?  Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section. Now, let's get down to business!

Winnipeg Jets Concept - Nathan N.

Positives: I can see trace hints of inspiration from an old Jets WHL logo

Negatives: This is basically the 2009 All Star Game jersey recolored a bit with a Jets logo. The collar has one side that is blue on the front, but the blue does not continue to the back, which is awkward. The numbers don't look like a font that is appropriate for use on a sports jersey. The old, non-used, Reebok logo needs to be replaced, and the inside of the jersey should be white. There should be numbers on the sleeves.

Overall: I can see some inspiration, but more execution is needed. (6/10)

Winnipeg Blue Bombers Concept (CFL) - Justin S.

Positives: It's good to see something from the CFL pop up on HJC, as we usually don't see much of them. Justin places the sleeve numbers on the shoulders, which helps tie-in a more football-oriented aesthetic. The ads seem realistic.

Negatives: This jersey is heavy in Reebok template design. The overall appearance seems more like splotches of color than an actual design, as much of it is just colored in. I would like to see some CFL branding somewhere.

Overall: Too much template. (7/10)

Winnipeg Jets NHL/Soccer Cross-Over Concept - Matt Mc.

Positives: That red jersey is phenomenal. Honestly, I wouldn't mind to see a hockey jersey reminiscent of that, off-set logo and all. Of course, that might actually turn out to look terrible, but the idea does interest me. The use of sublimation on the red jersey is spot-on. The colors are balanced really well, and it does evoke some images of the old, pre-Thrashers Winnipeg Jets.

Negatives: The blue set is bland. It has stripes on the arms, a logo, and an ad. That's about it. Some sock striping may help there. I wish Matt had included the backs of the jerseys with these concepts.

Overall: Love the red, apathetic towards the blue. (8/10)

Washington Capitals NHL/Soccer Cross-Over Concept - Matt Mc.


Positives: First off, congratulations to Matt for completing his NHL/soccer series! I've thoroughly enjoyed this series, as we've seen a lot of creativity on display. It's odd, but it seems that the designs Reebok came up with seven years ago look better as soccer jerseys than hockey jerseys. Such is the case with the red Capitals jersey here. It looks like it was made for soccer from the beginning. The other jersey also has a very clever detail: The chest stripe hearkens to the teal Washington jerseys of the 90s, but also is very similar to Verizon's logo. The Weagle is a great fit here.

Negatives: The middle of the light jersey does feel a little crowded, with the Weagle, Verizon sponsorship, and chest stripe all occupying the same space. I would like to see the back.

Overall: There's something that just seems modern, light, and active about this set. It seems to fit soccer so well, it would almost make you wonder if this is what it was supposed to be all along. (8.5/10)

Colorado Avalanche Concept - Connor J.

Positives: I think a lot of people would like to see the old mountain-esque jersey designs of the pre-Edge Avs jerseys return. I'm not opposed. The current Avs set has less character an emotion than a Michael Bay movie or a sound bite from a hockey player. (anyone ever notice they say the word "obviously" at least once every other sentence?) 

Negatives: The foot logo is not a good primary. It's not a good alternate, either. It's just not good. There are some cleanliness issues with loose pixels, colors extending beyond striping/template boundaries, etc. The arm striping and yoke is done with the fill tool.

Overall: I'm not a foot guy. I'm all for a return of the pre-edge designs, though. (6/10)

New York Rangers vs. Columbus Blue Jackets Stadium Series Concept - Mario A.

Positives: With the amount of trading that has gone on between these two teams lately, it could make for an interesting game. The gray yoke on the NYR jersey is very interesting. I think that is something that the Rangers could pull off.

Negatives: Not using the Lady Liberty logo was a mistake in the Rangers SS game last year, and I feel the same about this jersey. Why is only the Rangers logo chromed? If you're going to chrome a logo, do both, not just one. There is a lot of white on the Columbus jersey, too much for a dark kit. There is also too much color on the NYR jersey. I would leave the upper arms of the NYR jersey white, so that you can use the same style number you used on the back. The biggest problem, though is that Mario didn't do these designs. Yes, he credited them properly, but I still think that if you don't do your own designs, your skills won't improve.

Overall: There are some good elements here, the trouble is, Mario didn't design those elements. (5/10)

Anchorage Lights "NHL Rejects" Concept - TR

Positives: This series could yield some very interesting results. Just take a look at this concept. The striping is outlandish, but it is memorable. It does seem to be a design that was "too out there" for the NHL. The color pattern, especially on the black jersey, really brings to mind the Northern Lights against the night sky. I think this is a design that, while not likely to be accepted in the NHL, could work for a minor league team that doesn't need to take itself too seriously. Putting an Anchorage native on the back is a nice touch.

Negatives: You're either going to love this or hate it (thought I think I might be falling in the latter category, unexpectedly). I think the Calgary Hitmen jerseys are a good reaction comparison. The Aces logo can work, but doesn't feel quite like a perfect fit.

Overall: Unforgettable. Unacceptable. A perfect reject. (8.8/10) Concept of the Week nomination from me!

Hamilton Tigers "NHL Rejects" Concept - TR

Positives: The Hamilton Tigers existed during the barberpole striping era of the NHL. Those jerseys are far too busy for today's tastes, but the striping pattern does a good job of evoking those jerseys without overloading your eyes. The old Hamilton monogram logo makes a good shoulder patch. TR makes good use of Matt's logo, even if it is similar to the Panthers. 

Negatives: The hairy numbers. It reminds me of the old Minnesota Wild uniforms that I'm glad aren't around anymore.

Overall: This is a good looking set for Hamilton, and I love a good gold jersey, but that's the problem. It doesn't feel like a reject. (8.5/10)

That's all for today's post. Feel free to leave feedback on today's concepts, especially if you may have a differing opinion from my assessments. Be sure to nominate those you feel deserve a chance in next week's COTW vote.

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Those that didn't...take this shame gif. Submitting concepts and not voting is like wearing a counterfeit jersey to a hockey game.

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 Come back this time tomorrow to find out who won Concept of the Week, August's best concept, and the winner of the DEL Competition! See you then!
To Catch a Counterfeiter Reviewed by Caz on September 13, 2014 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Just like to point out that the last two TG concepts are actually by myself Taylor Roy Concepts. Also thanks for My first ever COTW nomination!

Unknown said...

You know how I feel about the logos, but you nailed the jerseys Taylor.

Caz said...

Crap. Sorry Taylor! I saw TR and somehow wrote TG. I'll correct it.

Jlnhlfan said...

One day, in 2010, Mom got me a hockey jersey. Believe it or not, it was a counterfeit.

Connor Jarvis said...

Taylor yours was awesome. I'll second it for COTW. Nailed the hem stripes.

Connor Jarvis said...

Both of Matt M's sets are awesome as well.

DeadSlender101 said...

Can i buy that Anchorage Lights home jersey?

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