Thursday: A Venti Hockey Double Double

Hey gang, happy Thursday!

Not a ton of jersey news this week, although one interesting story out of Montreal is that they're going with 4 assistant captains instead of naming a captain for the start of the season.  If the Luongo-experiment hadn't failed as bad as it did, I'd expect Montreal to do the same and name Carey Price as their captain, because he pretty much is the team's leader already.  But counting that possibility out, I would have picked Max Pacioretty as the team's captain.  He, PK Subban and Carey Price are the faces of the team, and Pacioretty is the one with the levelest head and best potential for a leadership role.  Having said that, I don't think it's a terrible idea like some fans are suggesting.

Fun fact of the day: There hasn't been a Canadian Canadiens captain since 1999, when Vincent Damphousse was traded to the San Jose Sharks.  The four co-captains now? 1 Canadian, 1 American, 1 Russian and 1 Czech, so that trend has a good chance of continuing.

But you know what trend will continue? HJC having awesome competitions.  This time, we're looking for the best Disney hockey concept.  Other than Mighty Ducks, Marvel, and Star Wars, any Disney movie, TV show or character is fair game.  Time to step out of the box and let your childish imagination run wild!

COTW Sept 8-14 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
Disney Competition entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)

At the time of writing, there are no new Disney concepts :( 
If you sent yours and it's not here, check back tomorrow!

Quebec Nordiques - Christian L.

Yay:  Our first concept comes from our new Wednesday writer, Christian!  I remember when I first started reviewing his work, they were all Nordiques concepts, and each concept looked completely different from the last.  It's really cool seeing his Nordiques designs back again, and it looks like he took all of the good parts from old concepts and put them together, in very nice templates.  I love pretty much everything about this set.

Nay: Two tiny things I'd change.  On the dark jersey, it looks like there is a light blue outline on the fleur-de-lis designs, and I don't think the outline is necessary, considering they look just fine on the white jersey without the outline.  The other change would be making the laces a different colour (dark blue preferably) on the white jersey.  I don't know how difficult that is to do with this template, but it would look much nicer.

Overall: Fantastique! 9/10

Starbucks vs Tim Hortons - David P.

Yay: I'm really enjoying this series so far, and this concept is no exception.  David clashes together two of the most mainstream coffee franchises (in Canada at least).  The Tim Hortons jersey is based on the 1967 Maple Leafs jerseys, the ones that Tim Horton himself would have worn, which is pretty cool.  I'm glad David didn't just use the Dallas Stars current uniform for the Starbucks concept, and I'm really liking the chest stripe pattern.

Nay: On both concepts, seeing the back side would be a better indicator for how the whole jersey would look.  Also missing from both sets of jerseys are TV numbers.  The Starbucks concept is about as good as it could get, but the Tim Horton's concept (as symbolic as it is) is pretty boring.  Without changing the uniform, this could be fixed by adapting their oval logo to the jersey somehow.

Overall:  Executed nicely, but slightly predictable and boring.  Still a good concept though. 7.4/10

Winnipeg Jets - Ben S.

Yay: Next up is Ben, who shows us his Winnipeg Jets alternate concept.  Anything supporting the military is a hit in my books, and this is no exception.  The Jets would look great in a grey 3rd jersey, one of the only teams who could actually pull it off.  The simplicity of the concept is great, and while I think it might be a tad on the bare side, the equipment and stripes give just enough contrast to make this work.

Nay: Going back to that last point, if there was a hem stripe, or an additional arm stripe, or a yoke added to this concept, it would probably look better.  But the only thing really bugging me is the choice of font.  There are plenty of stencil or block fonts that could have worked, and even a plain hockey font would be alright, but this " old calculator" font isn't working like it should.

Overall: It could use more colour, and a better font, but execution is great and I think this would make an excellent 3rd.  7.8/10

Toronto Legacy - Taylor R.

Yay: We'll end today with two more concepts from Taylor's NHL Rejects series, which has been fantastic so far.  This concept is for the much-forgotten Toronto Legacy, proposed in 2009. Though I thought their name and logo were pretty lame, their charitable premise and lofty plans were nothing but admirable.  This set has a really interesting stripe pattern, but looks great with these colours.  Everything here looks sharp and game-ready.

Nay: I think the thin black stripes on the arms are too busy and cluttered as is, but simply removing one stripe from each set and widening the remaining stripes accordingly would fix it.  The font for the number isn't too bad, but a little too rounded and modern for my liking, especially for a team called the "Legacy".

Overall: If the Legacy entered the league wearing these, I'd be satisfied.  8.3/10

Seattle Metros - Taylor R.

Yay: Last but not least is Taylor's other reject: the Seattle Metros.  Obviously a modernization of the Seattle Metropolitans, but I'm really liking how the old stripes and logos were transitioned to a modern jersey.  The main logo isn't a throwback to anything, but suits the theme just fine by nicely borrowing it's style from the old Metropolitans logo.  I wish more designers tried non-Seahawks colours for Seattle concepts, but this uniform looks good with these colours.

Nay:  I'm not really big on the font and coloured name bar.  The font might be passible if the colours were changed and the name bar was removed though.  The shoulder patch is really nice, but unfortunately it gets totally lost in the arm designs.  I think that would be an interesting set-up for the captains and assistants patch, obviously changing the "S" to a "C" or "A".

Overall:  I'm digging the modern twist to the really-old school Metropolitans, but it's not quite NHL-ready yet.  7.9/10

Some really solid designs today, so good work everyone! I'm giving my COTW nomination to Christian L's Quebec Nordiques concept.

So I'm sure you all know your homework for today: Vote for COTW, and create/submit your Disney concepts.  As Ryan noted yesterday, make sure you're sending those CONTEST entries to the CONTEST email. If you're not sure what that is, it's posted on the competition page.

Personally, I hope we see some concepts from some "forgotten" Disney movies.  Movies like Treasure Planet, Atlantis, Hunchback of Notre Dame, etc.  I've been extremely busy at work this week, but hopefully can find some time to get in on the action myself.

Well that's it for me today.  Thanks for reading and have a good weekend!
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Chris Hollister said...

Love the Starbucks jerseys. The Seattle Metros is mezmerizing!

Caz said...

I'll second Christian for COTW. Supplementing S2udio's game action templates with a traditional template was a good move.

Anonymous said...

It's Alternate Captain, not Assistant.

Connor Jarvis said...

I'll third Christian's Nordiques one.

Jlnhlfan said...

Stop the competition! It is the bane of my existence! >:(

Tristan Pinkham said...

That seattle logo is mine i designed it and created it myself last year i think it was please give credit

trsitan pinkham said...

nvm he gave credit my bad carry on lmfao

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