Thursday: Foot in Mouth Disease

Hello and welcome to another glorious Thursday post!

So I'm going to start with a slight apology. I, along with a few other writers I think, have previously reviewed Washington vs Chicago Winter Classic concepts, and most of those concepts had the same negative criticism:

"The Capitals weren't around in the 1940's, so this old looking concept isn't realistic for them".

Well then... seems we were wrong.

I'm sure most of you have seen the new Capitals uniforms for the upcoming Winter Classic, and have made your own opinions on it.  Personally, as excited as I am to see a 1940's look (as well as a subtle reference to a Washington hockey team of that era), I'm not really liking the look of the jersey.  There's nothing terribly wrong with them, and I respect those that like this uniform, but I'm just not a fan.  The dark blue "W" doesn't really stand out much against the red jersey, and the stripe patterns on the shoulders and hem look kinda mismatched, and while I like the star designs, they should have kept the colours consistent and made the middle star blue on the front of the jersey. My favourite part of this uniform is the fact that it probably confirms a black and white Chicago uniform.  All nagging aside, this is still a great jersey I can respect, but just not one I would want to buy. My score: 7.7/10

There, that's my rant for today.

There are a bunch of votes going on this week, including TWO COTW votes.  As noted yesterday, Christian L is involved in all of those votes.  Being the noob writer here at HJC, I'm worried that winning all of those votes will go straight to his head.  So for his sake, don't vote for him.

I'm kidding of course, vote for whoever you think is best! As long as you vote, we're all happy.

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St. Louis Blues Concept - Colin M.

Yay: We start today with the next installment of Colin's "Brights Series".  Compared to the previous jerseys we've seen so far, this is by far the most subtle, using a design that somewhat resembles the 1970's Blues, but looking more updated, fresh, and modern.  The result is fantastic, and I'd definitely love to see these as some sort of alternate.

Nay: Caden made this point a few days ago, and I agree: there needs to be an outline on the jersey, or a slightly coloured background. Otherwise the white on the jersey is hard to distinguish from the white on the background.  I think I'd colour the "Blues" text yellow on the blue jersey, to better match the back and make it stand out more.

Overall: Love it! 8.6/10

Buffalo Sabres Logo and Concept - Dylan N.

Yay: Next we have a concept, logo, and history lesson from Dylan.  First, we see the early 1980's Sabres logo in it's true form, according to Dylan.  Any logo I've seen in this style is much cleaner than how this looks, especially with the legs, but it's very interesting nonetheless.  Dylan then takes this logo and applies it on a new alternate for the Sabres, which is immediately awesome because a) it's not their current alternate and b) it's definitely a traditional jersey but with it's own spin on it, so it's not just a throwback.  The jersey looks great and I'd be more than happy to see this as the Sabres new 3rd.

Nay:  This concept would get a 10 if it had "Hasek" on the back instead of "Hodgson".  Oh well.  The only other negative I have is that there should be a different logo on the shoulders, or even no shoulder patches at all. But the Sabres had their main logo as shoulder patches before anyways, so I can't dock too many points off.

Overall: Perfect fauxback. I think Hasek would come out of retirement to wear these jerseys.  And honestly, it couldn't hurt the Sabres that much, right?  9.5/10

Chicago Blackhawks Concept - Taylor R.

Yay: Next up is a hat-trick from Taylor, showing off his NHL Alternates set.  This set has been great so far, so lets see what he comes up with today.  This Blackhawks concept is obviously a reference to previous black jerseys Chicago has worn.  The ridiculously-striped one has been relegated to just the yoke, which is totally fine by me. The other stripes are a little more flashy than previous uniforms, so this uniform as a whole is totally new and unique, yet not drifting far from the comfort of jerseys past.

Nay: Get rid of the red outline on the numbers, or add a thin white outline outside of it.  Colour the collar white, or even red, but don't keep it black. Put a logo or something on the helmet, and do something entirely different with the pants.  Everything looks good besides the pants.  Even just taking the stripe pattern from the jersey and throwing it on the pants would look much better.

Overall:  Pretty decent, but needs a few adjustments. 8/10

Dallas Stars Concept - Taylor R.

Yay: Round two belongs to the Dallas Stars. Dallas doesn't have much luck with black jerseys, but since their main dark uniform switched to green, they have room to try again.  This is a very simplified version of their current home uniform, without hem stripes, which is alright by modern standards.  This would probably be their nicest black jersey in team history if these were actually used.

Nay: Problem is, those other black jerseys suck. This is much better, but the bar was set very low.  The stripes are just recoloured from the home set, and it looks way too plain without hem stripes.  This set would be practice-jersey worthy if the yokes didn't look as nice as they do. The extremely-tiny outlines on the numbers could be thicker.

Overall: Dallas should just stick to green.  This is alright, but not a 3rd jersey I'd be excited to see. 7.3/10

Los Angeles Kings Concept - Taylor R.

Yay: The last of today's trifecta is for the Los Angeles Kings. Taylor takes the Kings' most colourful uniforms and puts them in the style of their current monotone set, with interesting results. The logo transitioned nicely, and the basic striping pattern is close to the stripes on the 1970's Kings uniforms, with an added outline.  Definitely a believable throwback.

Nay:  White and yellow.  Any instance of white on this uniform is hard on the eyes because of the bright yellow around it.  The stripes aren't too bad, because they have purple beside them, but the numbers and name are a little hard to look at. Changing them to purple could work, but a thicker purple outline around them would be an easier fix.

Overall: For the reasons stated, I would have gone with a purple jersey with yellow as a secondary colour. But this is still a cool mix of eras. 7.6/10

Florida Panthers Concept -  Nathan N.

Yay:  Finally, we end today with a Florida Panthers concept from Nathan.  The arms suggest that this is a simplified version of their current road uniforms, with added hem stripes and a nice "scratch" design on the back.  The hem looks great, although if the current "vertical" arm stripes were kept, they would look even better.  The scratch on the back is a very interesting touch.

Nay:  A lot of complaints on Nathan's concepts involve unoriginality, and keeping too close to existing concepts.  I agree for the most part, but here I would have like to see the arms match their current set, to go with the added hem and create a "fuller" jersey.  The logo looks too big in the front.  The scratch design could be cleaned up a bit, and should either end right at the bottom or lose the blue outline in the red area so it "blends" with the hem stripes. Also, no ID or TV numbers.

Overall:  I like what you're going for, but you still have a ways to go yet.  Keep up the creativity! 5.6/10

Nearly all of the concepts today were remarkable in one way or another, and a few concepts gave me real troubles when it came time to find things to negatively critique about them. So a collective "good job" to everyone featured on today's post!

As far as my COTW nomination goes, I'm going to go with Dylan N's Buffalo Sabres concept.

So what do you think about the Caps' new uniforms? Are the Blackhawks going to go with black and white uniforms now? What was your favourite concept from today? Was Hull's skate really in the crease? So many questions to fill our comment section with, so go!

BUT before you do that, don't forget to vote, vote, and vote again!

Thanks for reading, and have a good weekend!

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Unknown said...

I'll second Dylan's Buffalo concept for COTW

Unknown said...

3rd Dylan's Buffalo concept

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