Monday: D-U-N Done.

We're leaving together, but still it's farewell, and maybe I'll come back, to write who can tell? I know there is no one to blame, for leaving now (leaving now), will things ever be the same again?


That's the last time you'll see me singing here. Good riddance. But anyway, I thought for my final post, I show you guys my collecion of jerseys with a list of said jerseys.

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim eggplant, Atlanta Thrashers original road, Bridgeport Sound Tigers self-constucted jersey (Isles edge 1.0 design, BST patches), Calgary Flames Horse Head, Chicago Blackhawks red road (tan logo outline), Dallas Stars white star, Drexel GAME USED blue and Roller home and away, Hartford Whalers last white, Los Angeles Kings Edge 2.0 black, New York Islanders navy Fisherman, Wave, navy and white pre-edge, navy and white Edge 1.0, royal blue edge 2.0, New York Rangers 1994-era road, Ottawa Senators white pre-edge, Philadelphia Flyers pre-edge Orange, San Jose Sharks pre-edge teal, St. Louis Blues pre-edge Blue and BLACK Starter jersey, Team USA white (1992-94), Vancouver Canucks Flying Skate black.

I think that's all of them. That done with, I think its time for the news

With the Griffins Competition now over, we want you to start redesigning the Deutsche Eishockey Liga. Click on the above banner for information about it. I'll spill some info and say that I got a Red Bull Munchen concept coming for this.

You know the deal with COTW. They worked hard and produced greatness. show them some love and appreciation and vote!


COTW Aug 25-31 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
DEL ReDesign entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

OK one last time, HERE WE GO!

Carolina Hurricanes Concept by Andy R:

DISCLAIMER: Although tough to see, Andy did ID his concept in the lower right-hand corner of the jersey.

This is a Hurricanes jersey I would love to see. It's a nice adaptation of the classic Whalers look, and it actually looks good here. I do have a few problems though. Firstly, as much as I love that logo, there is ZERO reason to keep Pucky the Whale on the shoulders. Second, I'd add some red to the collar inset, plus swap the white and black on the collar itself. Third the logos are pixelated, which can be solved by filling the color of the jersey around the logo at original size, then downsizing it to fit the jersey. Fourth, the TV numbers look slanted, but I can't entirely tell if that's intentional or not because, fifth, Where's the back of the jersey? This concept is only half done! But it's headed in the right direction for sure. Keep up the work and you'll get nominated for COTW in no time.

Final Score: 68%

St. Louis Blues Concept by Leo D:

Leo sends in what I take as his guess as to what the new St. Louis Blues jerseys would look like. Now that they have been revealed, we can compare and contrast the two. First an execution note (no pun intended, or was it?), the numbers on the back should not have that much spacing between them. OK let's move on from that. The home jersey looks virtually identical, plus nave below the sock striping in order to better match the sweater, a good call IMO and one thing the blues should have done. I LOVE that pant striping, making what is currently a dull looking pair of pants much brighter. The road jersey is where I have problems. If I have a legacy here at HJC, it's about complaining about white on yellow striping. Here it isn't that bad, but what is more irritating is the awkwardness of the navy blue, being only included in the logo, number outline and yoke striping. Work the navy blue into the striping and then we'll talk.

Final Score: 77%

Team USA Concept by Mario A:

If this doesn't scream America, I don't know what will. That said, I think it also screams overboard. I'll start with the better of the set, the road jersey. First off, get rid of the box around the name on both of them. It serves no purpose. That font sticks out, big time and not in a good way, though it matches the logo well. The logo is a bit big for my liking though. The stars on the yoke are cool but in relation to the back they don't make the most sense. Now for the home jersey. I like that logo, but make it smaller. It overlaps onto the mesh portion of the jersey. Those logos on the sleeves need to go, as they would be sideways when worn. The USA hockey script is extremely pointless, especially considering the opportunity you had to continues the striping on the back around front. I do like your creativity, but maybe if you settle it down a bit then you'll find more success here.

Final Score: 43%

Carolina Hurricanes Soccer Concept by Matt M:

Because of course my last post includes soccer related things. Anyways, these are good looking jerseys that I would want on the pitch any day. That logo looks really good here, especially considering the early logos of MLS, though the hockey stick does make it a little awkward. Oh well, its a hockey team. No big deal. Probably my biggest stumbling block on my soccer series was the giant RBC logo, so taking PNC's logo, the current arena sponsor, and putting it here looks much nicer. The red and white jersey is a nice allusion to their current home jerseys, while the clash kit is a nice take on the alternate. I love that chest stripe so much. I would just put stripes on the socks though. Otherwise a better take than my series. well done.

Final Score: 84%

Calgary Flames Soccer Concept by Matt M:

The primary kit here should be enough to say that this series was inspired by my series. Either way, the primary kit is BEAUTIFUL. I love the white flame on the shirt, as well as the white shorts. SPECTACULAR! However the clash kit could use some work. The logo should be the original version, as opposed to the recolored, black-less version on their now, because it makes the black look awkward, especially the shorts. What may be a good idea is to make the shorts red, but keep the socks white and add a yellow and black stripe at the top. Just my two cents worth.

Final Score: 81%

Dallas Stars Concept by Ricky M:

I love the idea, except for one thing: this is a common concept. Adapting the new look Stars to the old pre-edge design. It's been done before. Although this is done well, we need new ideas here. I do like the look of things here though, especially the alternate. The state of Texas alternate logo needs to be on the front of a jersey sooner rather than later. I'll give you points for the execution, but not for the idea of this.

Final Score: 63%

Amur Khabarovsk (KHL) Concept by TG:

Fittingly, we end my run with a concept from the men in blue and orange. Wait, no Islander concepts today? @#$%! Alright I guess this will have to do. Either way, Islanders or not, blue and orange are such a great color combination, primarily because they are opposite each other on the color wheel, the same way purple and yellow work together and red and green work together. The funny part is that the normal team colors involve black and not blue, so this is a nice move for this team, and I'm not biased about that. The striping is quite, um, bold. Very thick striping here. There are two glaring execution errors here though, and one of them maybe intentional, but it forces the other. If you look on the front of the jersey, the front striping continues past the end of the front of the jersey. Which could be OK if the striping on the back were reversed, but as it stands, either the stripes overflow or the back stripes don't match up properly. Considering the arm striping being the way it is, I'd say that the rear view stripes need to be flipped. Otherwise an interesting concept.

Final Score: 79%

The winner of my final Concept of the Week nomination as a writer is Matt M. and his Carolina Hurricanes Concept!

Well it was fun while it lasted. Cheers to Ryan and the rest of the staff here at HJC for this unique opportunity. As I go take advantage of this employment opportunity, I want to let you know that although you won't see me writing here anymore, you will still see some of my art here. I'll continue to send in concepts like the rest of you. This has been fun and I wish nothing but the best for HJC, especially for the next writer.

If you want to keep in touch with me, you can follow me @PhilBeckons or @DD60Studios on the Twitter, and I will be posting some of my concepts to @ddragon60studios on Instagram. Otherwise I'll always be here reading along with you.

See you guys next week! Same Bat Time, same Bat Channel, different Bat Writer. DBro next week, and next Tuesday we'll see the first post from the new writer. But until then,

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Unknown said...

Great collection Phil. I like the variety, the white senators one and the flaming horse one are on my wish list.

Unknown said...

My Cross over series pre-dated yours by a month or two I had it on CCSL forums for a while tinkering

Unknown said...

"Can I nominate Matt's Carolina Soccer concept for COTW ?" "Yes you can." Ok I nominate Matt's Carolina Soccer concept for COTW.

Mario Ardais said...

i'm not a crying man, but this last post was definitely an emotional one for me. good luck with that employment opportunity Phil. you'll be missed as the Monday writer.

Unknown said...

I'll third Matt M's Carolina Hurricanes soccer set for COTW

Anonymous said...

Fair enough Matt. My only reference was here. Although I did post mine on BNG's page a few months ago. But the idea is there and popular, let's say.

Mario, don't make me cry. Don't you da... oh @#$%@#$%. But worry not Mario, I'll still be here in the comments section and stuff.

Unknown said...

What's the difference between edge 1.0 and 2.0?

Mario Ardais said...

Phil, i know i'll be seeing your work. it's just that it won't be the same without your posts and parody songs. XD

Anonymous said...

The Edge 1.0 is the first jersey design of a team since the Edge system was implemented. 2.0 is the second design. The Islanders 1.0 was navy with a phantom yoke, orange sleeves on both home and road. The 2.0 is what you see today. Similarly the new Blues jerseys will be their 2.0s and the previous ones with the piping would be the 1.0s. Not every team has/needs a 2.0 set, depending on how bad Reebok screwed up.

Also Mario, I think we can agree that my parody songs pale in comparison to Weird Al Yankovic, so I'll stop anyway.

Ryan said...

Unfortunately Phil is incorrect.

Edge 1.0 sweaters were used primarily during September-December 2007. They had all of the great moisture wicking material that Reebok was so happy to promote to help keep the sweaters lighter. Well all of that moisture had to wick somewhere and it wicked right into the players' gloves, pants, and other equipment. It would pool in their equipment.

So Reebok restructured the sweaters with much less moisture wick material. They were made of the same materials that pre-Edge jerseys were. These were the Edge 2.0 jerseys. They were phased in from January-June 2008. A few teams never made the switch, but most did.

Anonymous said...

My bad. I was just referencing designs. But you get my point anyway. Wrong terminology.

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