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I'll say it once, I'll say it again, TGIF.

Welcome to the HJC friday post.

Speculation is around the hockey jersey world now, as both Tampa and Pittsburgh have plans to unveil their new alternate jerseys later this month. I'm going to hold off on speculation but simply offer my predictions as to what the jerseys will be, and wait a couple weeks in antici..................................................................pation

Pittsburgh: Clean, straight forward yellow (yes yellow, not vegas gold) throwback to the mid 80's

Tampa Bay: This one is more difficult to predict! It's possible it could be a 2004 throwback, however, it's more likely this will be a modern jersey. Perhaps a black version of their current alternate with an actual logo.

Voting...ah yes voting... You have 3, count them 3 opportunities to vote this week. How often do you get that? All these votes are super special awesome important! So open your email,  type in HJC's email, and put

COTW- your vote
COTY- your vote

Then go the DEL contest page and comment top 5.

COTW Sep 1-7 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
DEL ReDesign Top 5 vote (Ends Saturday at 11:00am Eastern)
COTY August vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Moving right on to the concepts!!!


Toronto Argonauts Concept (By: Justin S.)

Though I was very young when this logo was being used by the Argos, but it is the most famous in recent years, but it's one I haven't seen on any CFL crossovers, not even mine from a couple years ago. The jersey is very simple, but it is supposed to be a direct crossover of the Argos jerseys from the time. A hem stripe of some sort of lower jersey details would be suffice, but the one thing with football crossovers, is sometimes, getting the details of the actual jerseys works. Nice touch with the advertisements. (7.75/10)

Toronto Maple Leafs Crossover Concepts (By: Matt Mc.)

Here's the crossover I've been waiting for from Matt, my hometown Leafs (okay, 20 minutes northeast of my hometown). The home is classic Leafs, lots of blue and white, and the 27 stripes....hang on...27...oh this would have been perfect to work in the 13 stripes for each championship, it's the Leafs, not the Yankees (such a minor detail I know, but it would have been some perfect symbolism). Still a solid jersey. The away on the other hand is much more modern, with the chest stripe down the middle, based on the current alternate/67 striping.  Anyways, both are awesome, and using the right advertiser on the front..not that it would matter anyways. (9/10)

Vancouver Canucks Crossover Concepts (By: Matt Mc.)

Now matt goes a little more wild, two opposite jerseys, a flying V and Millionaires inspired kit. I've said before the flying V looks better in green and blue, and it transitions even better to soccer. It does however cut into the add, and the logo would perhaps look more natural if it were centred in the jersey (do soccer teams do that?). The Millionaire jersey I'm not a huge fan of, I've never been a fan of the Millionaires look though, it's all preference, but it is very well executed. Another solid concept.  Come back tomorrow for the series end! (8.75/10)

Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers Concepts (By: Caden P.)

This was Caden's entry to the DEL design (which btw you should totally vote in), and this would be a different design for the DEL, but still looks pretty good, baring a couple execution errors. The striping is nice, and the black cuffs add accent the logo has to the striping. The lack of hem stripe isn't bad, though, most European teams have ads, and that would be one place to put ads, and a small hem outline around the bottom. The yoke stripe is too thin though, and while the design element is solid, the stripe itself is too thin to be noticed. The numbers on the back are pixelated, as ar the name and tv numbers, though the whole deign itself is solid. (7.5/10)

Eisbaren Berlin Concepts (By: Christian L.)

Our 2nd DEL entry for the day comes from new Wednesday writer and HJC regular Christian L. I've seen several of Christian's international concepts, and he tends to go for non-matching sets, and this one, is non-matching but totally matches at the same time. The black jersey is very simple, but reminds me of the Jets (solid move btw) and the modern, almost sci-fi script above the logo makes for a great jersey. The white jersey is the same, and the gradient design gives the polar vibes. Again, the modern design is good, and it's nice to see the L.A. Kings esque script on the hem. Solid Concept!!! (9/10)

2015 Stadium Series Concept (By: Mario A.)

First off, if you are going to take a design from an artist, at least try to make something different. Seriously, the design doesn't look half bad, but at least change something in the striping. It's not that Mario changed hasn't nothing, but the changes still stick to the Stadium Series template Stephen submitted several times over the course of a couple weeks. This isn't so much a criticism of Mario, but anyone who just puts a team's logo on a Stadium Series template, it doesn't look good or original. I get the point of the games is to have some guidelines, but there jerseys look practically the same. The Colorado jersey is the better of the two, I actually like it a bit, but the Ottawa jersey doesn't fit. Between the logo and amount of gold, it's combining two eras that don't match. I'd go for a more black and red jersey or black and white with red to accent, but no gold. (6.25/10)

Vancouver Canucks Concept (By: Nathan N.)

Okay, rule of thumb for any new artists, using a template from the Hockey Uniform Database isn't the best idea, though the concept is a good idea, using a new template would make this very favourable. Getting rid of the big V with a separate Millionaires V fixes the problem. The idea is pretty good though, the square arm stripe actually looks good when it doesn't come down all the way, and the Vs are visible, but not in your face. The execution is what really brings down this concept, not just with the use of the HUD's template (check out the templates page to find all sorts of blank templates to work your magic on). The logo is very pixelated, and numbers right on the sleeves would never work in the NHL, though the idea is a unique one, the gloves would cover them up. Still, keep at it, Nathan, I can see you have the vision to be a top ranked concept artist! (5/10)

Arsenal FC Concept (By: Patrik G.)

Here's a concept artist who has been rising recently, Patrik transitions one of England's most successful football clubs, into a hockey team. The jersey itself does have a soccer vibe to it, though the vest like side panels remind me more of Aston Villa. The nike logo on the reebok template doesn't do anything, if you're going to use the Nike logo, use the Nike template. The font on the back is really cool though, a little fuzzy but it may be that way on purpose. Remember to ID your concepts though. (7/10)

That's the post ladies and gentlemen. Remember to vote, can't say that enough, it's so easy to do, even Dan Cloutier can do it. Seriously, it ends tonight! Come back tomorrow to receive your GIF for the choices you make tonight/a post from Caz.

Have a great weekend! 
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Mario Ardais said...

Patrick's Arsenal concept for COTW.

Unknown said...

who won the griffins contest?

Connor Jarvis said...

Christian L.'s for COTW though if he wins the DEL Contest he automatically goes to COTW so Matt M's Canucks Soccer set.

Anonymous said...

The Griffins said on their twitter that they would announce it within the next week.

ALSO: tip from the Lightning's Facebook page: the jersey looks like it will be black, including what looks like a full sleeve yoke with a white outline, plus a blue collar. Will have "Tampa Bay" wordmark on the helmet.

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