Friday: Double the 13th IV: Revenge of the Thrashers


Washington, Washington, Washington! As if they didn't have enough speculation surrounding them prior to their recent unveiling, they now have this jersey to deal with.

Image from nhluniforms.com

What do I think. I like certain parts a lot, not so much others, but overall, better than I expected. The design itself is classic fauxback, made up vintage logo, unnatural amounts of striping, lace, but no vintage white. The unique inverse wave yoke shape is would fit into the era, and the logo, if you could call it that, has some noticeable symbolism (look at the middle spike of the W). It's not perfect though, the middle star on the W would look better in blue to match the arms and the striping itself could use some blue, minimal at that, to balance colours. It does narrow down what Chicago will wear.

Rating: 7.75/10

For those who don't like it, here are some alternatives:

Red 80's jersey- BORING!
90's jersey- love it, but what would the Hawks wear?

That's how I see it at least, I'm sure Ryan will have his thoughts on the HJC design blog soon. Comment what you think.

Voting is double this week for COTW, so make sure you do that. And when you vote on HJC, all you dreams will come true...at some point....probably.

COTW Sept 8-14 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
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On to the concepts!


San Jose Sharks Concept (By: Taylor R.)

Despite San Jose having a solid alternate, updating it to be more colourful is something I'm totally in favour of. The striping is classic Sharks, but what's new is the addition of orange, not just to the current Sharks, but the Sharks in general. With that increase in orange though, the responsibility of using that sharks fin patch, which would be a 10/10 shoulder patch. Swap the shield logo to the pants and put the fin on the shoulder yoke and that'll solve that. Also, some sort of helmet logo would perfect the gear. (8.75/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept (By: Nathan N.)

With a new alternate for the Pens gives everyone's interpretation of what they would want Pittsburgh to wear, and my guess is this is Nathan's, a crossover between the 80's and mid 90's (which the Pens did experiment with during the design process). The design itself is decent, very basic but would totally work for the Pens. The execution needs work though, but Nathan is certainly improving. The logo is too large, there are no tv numbers or shoulder patch. The tag on the inside of the jersey is CHL tag, not an NHL tag. The numbers on the back would look better black and having one letter in Crosby be a different font, is unique, but it doesn't really work here. Finally, the Reebok vector logo on the back should be updated to either the CCM logo OR the Reebok script (either are fine). Still, getting better. (5.5/10)

Montreal Maroons Concept (By: Taylor R.)

The odds of the Habs honouring the Maroons is low, but not impossible (unlike a Wanderers tribute). Of course the jersey needs to be monochromatic, and have lots of striping, and this jersey is classic Maroons. The chest stripe would be unique to the Maroons, but fits into the era and to the jersey. Having the chest stripe not around the entire jersey is the best design Taylor could have gone with it. No real complaints, but helmet logos. (9/10)

Atlanta Thrashers Concepts (By: CPM)

Guess who's back? Back again? The Thrashers, as you can tell by CPM's latest bright series concept. For sure the biggest problem the Thrashers had was the absurd amount of colours on their logo and jersey. CPM makes a solid choice of going with darkened red, orange, burnt orange and white over double blue. The logo doesn't look as good without the navy, and that's the only problem with the jersey is the lack of navy. Replace the brunt orange with navy and you're set. Looking forward to more from this series. (8.25/10)

Calgary Flames Concepts (By: Michael G.)

The Flames and yellow: sometimes good, sometimes bad.  The red jersey uses the yellow and accent the red and it looks really good. The yellow is dark enough that it doesn't blend into the white. The white jersey on the other hand has the yellow accenting the yellow, and red is demoted. The colours aren't balanced properly, and just swapping the red and yellow would fix that problem. Rule of thumb, the main colour on the dark jersey should be the secondary colour on the white jersey. The striping is pretty cool and if this isn't meant to be a set, it's solid concept, but if it is, then the white jersey needs some work. (7/10)

Carolina Hurricanes Concepts (By: Michael G.)

Poor Jordan Staal....anyways, the Canes would look pretty good in full-time black, and using the flag over the toilet bowl logo is something I'm in favour of. The striping certainly is unique, I think it's based on the Lethbridge Hurricanes's logo, but it does have a fierce wind theme to it. The execute is pretty good though there are some flaws. The stitching should stop and the hem curve, and the shoulder patches are much too large, even for the Iceborn template. (7.75/10)

2015 All Star Game Concepts (By: Tristan M.)

Although the rumours are swirling about this season's all star game using neon green, metallic silver and black, the classic red vs. blue theme would be preferred by most. Having all colours game, however is the new idea, and using a less....2011 template. The jerseys are identical, aside from the colours but the jerseys are so clean and trendy that jersey sales would spike instantly. Nitpicking the details, the font isn't the greatest, thought a thin font would work best, maybe less early 2000's Sharks (current hurricanes numbers?). (9.25/10)

That's the post everyone! Remember to comment, vote, watch hockey, vote and come back tomorrow for and all new post and vote. 
Friday: Double the 13th IV: Revenge of the Thrashers Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on September 26, 2014 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I love the new capitals threads. They look sharp yet classic.

Unknown said...

Second CPM's concept for COTW

Would have preferred the Caps going 90's with their current colors.

Connor Jarvis said...

CPM's Thrashers seconded for COTW. I still think they should have gone more 80's, but thats good still. Also, I think the combination of eras would be awesome. (Caps in the 80s, Hawks in the 40s.)

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