Wednesday: Only One Remains

As many of you might have seen, the St. Louis Blues unveiled their new home & away uniforms yesterday. This means that only Avalanche continues to use the Reebok Edge's signature vertical piping on their uniforms. This is a big stop in the right direction as far as hockey jerseys, and I'd like to see Colorado follow suit.
I'll dive right in and remind everyone that the COTW votes must be placed by the normal time on Friday, but the Grand Rapid Griffins contest entries are due by Sunday! Get to work, or your concept may never get off paper and onto the ice.
Finally, have you ever wanted to become one of the writers for HJC? Well, a very rare opening has come up so this is your chance! Phil seems to have gotten a pretty cool job opportunity and I wish him the best, so get writing. If you've applied before and weren't selected, don't be discouraged! I wasn't picked on my first application, so you never know what might happen this time around.
COTW Aug 18-24 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
HJC Writer applications (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Grand Rapids Griffins Competition (ends August 31st)
Here are the concepts for today!
Alan H. - Renfrew Creamery Kings Concept
Design: HJC has been taken over by NHA concepts every since the competition that we hosted, and I have really enjoyed mixing things up beyond NHL concepts in the everyday batches. Alan gives the Creamery Kings a complete face lift with a new logo and all. The crest is sharp and the jerseys look tough. For whatever reason on this specific concept, I really like the red yoke on the black jersey. I fell that a lot of the times yokes are left off black uniforms, or simply outlined. (i.e. Anaheim Ducks)
Score: 7.5/10 - Even the gloves match the striping pattern!
Christian L. - Minnesota Fighting Saints Logo Concept
Design: There isn't a whole lot in Chtistian's concept that is different from the old Fighting Saints logo. This version is mostly a cleaned up version of the original, as the clothes hanger halo is replaced by a real halo. In addition, the untied skates of the old logo are tied in Christian's concept. Being a skating instructor, I agree with this call as it is hard to skate with untied skates... Trust me I've seen beginners try.
Score: 8/10 - Overall, this is a very good logo. I like that nothing has drastically changed, but the cleaned up look gives the team a more fierce identity.
Zach W. - Gatineau Olympiques Concept
Design: Zach's Olympiques concept uses the same color scheme of the defending Stanley Cup champions, which makes quite a bit of sense given that Gatineau has pretty much ripped off the Kings uniforms. Unfortunately, I think that there are way too many different striping patterns in this concept. My favorite is the one on the socks, but nothing seems to go together.
Score: 5/10 - Like they say, less is more.
Ricky M. - Carolina Hurricanes Concept
Design: Ricky's take on the Hurricanes uniforms is one that we have seen many times before on HJC. I think that Carolina's uniforms would look great with the warning flag as a primary crest. The wordmark under the crest on the red jersey also looks very good. The side paneling is very catchy, but I haven't even mentioned my favorite part... The warning flags are back in the striping!
Score: 7/10 - Wow, that flag logo looks great on a white uniform!
Dallas O. - Arizona Coyotes Concept
Design: Dallas gets the creativity award today, as he has incorporated an "A" into the existing Coyotes crest for their move to Arizona. The jersey itself is one of the more unique jerseys, and would fit perfectly into the Coyotes uniforms of the past. As for the logo, I wish there was a way that the "A" wasn't so dominant, as it distracts from the fact that there is a coyote behind it.
Score: 6/10 - This crazy looking concept is brought down by the numbers and crest being a little bit too big. If Dallas shrunk those by 20-30%, this concept could be spot on!
TG - Kansas City Scouts Concept
Design: Speaking of unique concepts, TG has created a jersey that looks like something that the Orlando Solar Bears could wear. However, Florida is probably going to want that team given that TG has moved the Panthers to Kansas City to revive the Cheifs. I really liked the old Cheifs' logo, but per the trend in professional sports, TG gives the organization a new logo as part of their rebranding. Whether it was intentional or not, I see a little bit of the Panthers' alternate jersey in the striping, but that isn't nearly as cool as the fact that the sun's rays from the crest are included in the striping. To top all of this off, the custom number font fits the team's identity perfectly.
Score: 9.5/10 - My only issue with this concept is that I think that too much space is wasted. I think that the space at the bottom of the image could have been allocated better. Nonetheless, this is my COTW nomination for the week! The concept above the dead space was more than enough to earn my vote.
Wednesday: Only One Remains Reviewed by Alex O. on August 27, 2014 Rating: 5


Kevin W. said...

Nashville still has the same template as the Blues did.

Ryan said...

@Kevin: It may look that way upon initial glance, but if you layer the two jerseys on top of each other they are two separate templates that essentially look the same.

Will S said...

You've got it backwards the Kings ripped off the Hull Olympiques colours.


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