Tuesday: All Hail The Dylans

Hey hey hey HJC People! Well it's over! Dylan W. has won the HJC Open! I may be biased but I'm super happy he won due to his awesome name. I might as well tell you now that we're going to take over the site soon so be ready to see Dylans everywhere. Maybe we won't be "taking over" the site but I'm sure you'll see a ton of good work out of us. Or maybe we will try... Don't tell Ryan though, he might say no.

In other news, I'm sure you've all noticed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenges going around lately, I even got nominated to do it today,so there's that, but a lot of NHL players have been taking part, and everyone's favorite fourth liner Paul Bissonnette posted his today and he wins the whole thing...

Now that the Open is done, that's one less thing to vote for, BUT... now we have the COTW July vote to make up for it. So that's two votes this week plus the Griffin's Competition is still going strong til the end of the month.

COTY-July vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Aug 4-10 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Grand Rapids Griffins Competition (ends August 31)

Well, I don't have any sort of fancy list or countdown for you this week, I had a pretty busy weekend involving a mud volleyball tournament so I didn't have the time to prepare my hopefully weekly feature so you'll see that next week... But until then, let's get to the important stuff... Concepts!

Los Angeles Kings Soccer Concept - Phil B.
Phil continues his soccer series with the reigning Stanley Cup Champs. Which brings up something I'd like to see that I hadn't thought of on his past soccer concepts. Soccer teams tend to put a star or some sort of indicator above their crest showing how many championships they've won, it'd be nice to see that used here. The sash is a good fit for the brand. It'd be nice to see the sash match the striping on their actual jerseys, white sash with silver trim. Same with the name and numbers. Just because it's a soccer jersey doesn't mean everything has to be so simple. Soccer jerseys look the best when they get somewhat crazy, at least in my opinion.

Rating: 7.5/10

Minnesota Wild Soccer Concept - Phil B.
Phil's Soccer Wild uniform doesn't take any cues from a Wild uniform, but rather takes a cue from its logo. I'd move the crest down a bit so it's not touching the star. I don't think there needs to be a star on the back, or at least that low on the back. It's kind of nice to see that number font make its return, but the lack of strokes is bleh. I feel like there's still something missing. This just seems more blank than it should be.

Rating: 6/10

Montreal Canadiens Soccer Concept - Phil B.
Can't go full chest stripe with the logo up in the corner. I mean, you could but it would be too close to their current jersey. Pretty straightforward and classic with this design that in all honestly, would probably be used if this were to actually happen. I don't care for the name/number font. It matches the sponsor fine but none of the design should be made to match a corporate sponsor, design the jersey after the team's brand and identity.

Rating: 7/10

And now some hockey jerseys!

NHL All Star Game Jersey - Zach W.
Zach designs this jersey according to the news/rumors that the All Star Jerseys will be black and green. I still think the idea has potential. The overall look is kind of boring with no hem stripe and thin arm striping, which is also probably a good thing given the colors. The logo is kind of neat but it's unnecessary to change the logo like that. Keep the logo the same and add the green outline or something. I think the team logo on the shoulders is too big and too close to the collar, the number is also too close and to me looks a tad too small. I don't think the font is a really good fit for an All Star jersey that's going to be black and neon green.

Rating: 6/10

Arizona Coyotes Gray Alternate Jersey Concept - Nate F.
Nate continues his gray alternate series with the Yotes. I don't know where the green came from but I'm assuming Nate's ideal rebrand for the now Arizona Coyotes includes adding green. Nothing really new here in terms of the jersey design. It's a gray version of their current jerseys with the stripes colored green and brick red. I'd like to see a green stroke on the yoke. I'd work on the presentation here as well. The jersey is on the right of the image while there is absolutely nothing on the left. I say either show off the logos you used or something in that space, or just make the image smaller and feature only the actual concept with no negative space.

Rating: 7/10

Kalamazoo Wings (ECHL) De-Edge Concept - TG
TG gives the K-Wings a simpler look that resembles the old Michigan K-Wings days when they used North Stars jerseys. I'm not so sure where the color scheme comes from. I'd rather see either their current blue/red or classic green/yellow or something around there. This comes off too bright and Easter-y for me. It's not a bad scheme I'd just rather see this team wear some other colors. The jersey is nothing special but better than any jersey the team has been wearing for the last few years.

Rating: 7.5/10

Toronto Tecumseh (NHA) Concept - Tom V.
Ton revives the Tecumseh. I really like the yoke and cuff/hem striping, for consistency purposes the yoke is missing a tan stripe.... but what catches my eye is the arm striping. Tom tries to give the illusion of a headband wrapped around the arm. There's kind of a mix between skeuomorphism and flat design that looks good. Hey new word for you guys. Normally I think that band look would be too much but the striping everywhere else is really good looking to me. And the feathers on the pants are so great. That might be my favorite part.

Rating: 8.5/10 and a COTW Nom!

Another Tuesday down! Hope you enjoyed the concepts in today's post. Don't forget to go vote and get your Griffins entries in. I'll hope to include my weekly feature next week but until then, have a great week!
Tuesday: All Hail The Dylans Reviewed by DBro Alexander on August 12, 2014 Rating: 5


Ryan said...

I second Tom's Tecumseh concept for COTW!!!! That one has Concept of the Year potential

Unknown said...

I THird tom. I'm a sucker for his concepts. It seems they always turn out amazing. No I'm not bias because he's a sens fan...

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