Sunday: Yup, it's Sunday...All Day

The winner of the 2014 HJC Open is Dylan W!

Dylan W. d. Justin C. 8-5

Dylan, I will send you an email soon so I can ship your mini championship banner to you.


The winner of the Concept of the Week vote for July 28 - August 3 was me, Ryan H!

Full Results
Ryan H. - 4
Christian L. - 2

My concept now moves into the COTY-July vote. That begins immediately. The entrants are listed on the side of the page in the red banner. You can see the concepts by clicking on that banner or by going to the COTY 2014 tab.

The new Concept of the Week nominees have been listed on the side of the page. You can find them listed in the black banner. Click on that same black banner to see the nominated concepts or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab.

Voting for both the COTY-July and COTW Aug 4-10 votes ends on Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern. Don't wait though, email your vote in now!


The Grand Rapids Griffins Competition continues on until August 31st. Click the banner at the top of the page for all of the details.

There are a few concept artists that I'm hoping will submit something for this competition. I'm looking forward to seeing what they can come up with. I myself am also working on an entry.

Keep in mind that this is a competition run by the Grand Rapids Griffins. HJC is merely providing an arena for the team to hold its competition. This means they won't be as lenient as I can be regarding rules.


Every week us HJC writers make an effort to increase voting. Sometimes turnout is good and other times it's a little weak.

The easiest solution is to change the way we vote by placing a simple poll on the side of the page. Using any of the free polls provided on the internet again seems easy, but those are easily compromised. Compromised as in one simply clears their cookies, or clears their browsing history, or goes as far as to change their IP address.

The solution to this would be to pay for a pro PollDaddy account, or something similar. A pro PollDaddy account is $30 a month or $200 a year. Money that HJC just doesn't have.

Where is this all going? Unless HJC can find a way to raise some money, the way we do the COTW in 2015 is going to have to change. I have a new baby due in October and that means a bit less time for HJC. I have some ideas, but if the HJC readers have any ideas I would love to hear them. We need something that's simple for me to admin and easy for you guys to vote for.


COTY-July vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Aug 4-10 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Grand Rapids Griffins Competition (ends August 31)
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Anonymous said...

I say get rid of the COTW completely.

Unknown said...

I would be fine with advertisements, Like, maybe every time HJC is mentioned in a post, you could say "Hockey Jersey Concepts, Presented by (ADVERTISER)," Maybe have an ad banner on the left of the page. I know it would be tacky. But with enough ads I'm sure 200/300 dollars a year could be raised.

Anonymous said...

NO! COTW is what leads in to COTY, which in my opinion is one of the cool things about HJC opposed to other concept blogs.

Unknown said...

6 votes. Yikes there more writers than that! ( I decide not to vote this week because I was in it)
Keep the COTY it's what makes this blog unique. Although it doesn't seem to be on my side lately. Was it cause I misspelled kovalchuk?. Anyways.. Like Caden said, advertisements. Like in the movie social network, you don't start off with ads but only use them when the website is cool.. Well I think it's the time. It wouldn't bother me personally to see an ad at the top or bottom of the page and it could raise money. How much.. I'm not sure but it's an idea.

Unknown said...

What about using google plus accounts to comment the votes like in the HJC open?

Caz said...

Commenting might work. I personally don't understand why people get their panties in a twist over emailing a vote in. People waste so much time on the internet. Why is it such a bother to spend 20 seconds maximum to email a vote? I don't even write anything in mine. I just make the subject "Voting" and the only thing in the body text is "COTW: XXXXX; COTY: XXXXX." It takes me less than 10 seconds.

Anyway, voting like we have during the HJC Open might result in increased voting. I wouldn't mind selling ad space on HJC, either. I think we could get $300+ in revenue selling ads to online stores like Icejerseys and Fanatics.

Ryan said...

I tend to side with Caz's thinking on the topic of voting and ad space.

I'm also still very open to hearing other ideas on how I can save time with the COTW admin stuff.

Anonymous said...

The only problem with commenting is that the writers' votes become public.

The ad space may work (and I wouldn't mind it much, pending placement) but that depends on revenue brought in versus cost of the Poll Daddy account. Maybe search for cheaper online poll venues.

CLIB542 said...

I had thought before, and Ryan had shot it down because of time, and since Ryan will have less of it soon, it still may not work, but if anyone who submitted a concept had their email put on a mailing list, an email could be sent out each week with the cotw nominations and people would just need to reply back. The initial setup might take a bit but I do think it would work.

Richard Mazella said...

TBH, I'm with anonymous "#1" on this one. Unless we break it down to new, intermediate, and expert levels. Each of them gets their own CotY (because the potential of the newcomers should be encouraged and would recognize their ability). Then we can have a Memorial Cup-like format and have a game to play the third concept to become the king CotY.

As for ads, I'd even take out an add seeing as I've taken out ads for the Buffalo Macedonian Festival book(if so, I hope I can get a contributor's discount).

Caz said...

As far as saving time, Ryan, you could assign voting to one of the writers, and they could keep count of the vote, and just send you the results. We could even switch out with one artist taking over voting count for a month.

I don't like the idea of separate levels of voting. If you do that, I think there would be less motivation for artists to get better to compete against the more veteran artists. Personally, if I had gotten a COTY award, even at a beginner level, I would have been much more likely to become complacent. That's just me, though. Not to mention that would be a lot more complicated to keep track of.

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