Monday: I Give Up

 Today, I have finally given up... on not doing a countdown. Everyone here has done a countdown except for me. Today that changes. Mainly because I haven't heard much news regarding new jerseys or I have nothing to rant about (the latter may be a good thing). Yes I'm going full bias here as I countdown the best jerseys in history. Well, at least Islanders history. Blue and orange are colors that complement each other with excellence, mainly because at the basic level, they are on exact opposite sides of the color wheel. That's why yellow and purple work well together (hint hint LA Kings) and why red and green work well together (Christmas in August? Oh and hi Minnesota!). They work so well, yet of the six major sports in North America (MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, MLS, CFL) only 6 teams use that color scheme: Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, Houston Astros, New York Mets, New York Knicks and New York Islanders. ZERO MLS teams use it, ZERO CFL teams use it. In addition, only one team in the CHL uses it: the Kamloops Blazers in "the Dub". So here we go: Islanders jerseys ranked. Home and away jerseys count the same in this list.

9: 1995-97: The "Fishsticks Jersey"

There were only two good things to come from this: Ziggy Palffy and the Lighthouse logo. That's about it. The Islanders had such history in their previous jerseys, why the changed them is beyond me. In a video documenting the opening of the 1995-95 season, they explain how they wanted to become Long Island's team, as opposed to getting the attention of New York City media. Lamest excuse ever for a team to win 4 cups in a row. If the Isles were an expansion team in '95, I'd understand. I own a navy jersey from this era and even though it was associated with losing, scandal and fish sticks, somehow the Isles are undefeated when I wear that jersey to games. Still a stinker and belongs at the bottom of the heap.

8: 2012-14 Alternate: The "Black Plague"

Yes this pic is golden, as it represents the motto of the 2013 playoff-bound Islanders, but I guess the Islanders did not listen to complaints about the front-scripted Thrashers jersey, as these behemoths showed up a year after Atlanta go rid of their atrocities. I was ok with the thought of a black jersey, oddly enough. But black with grey on the shoulders? And they couldn't go out of the way to get matching helmets, even though the helmet color is the most popular helmet color at all levels of hockey? Put a logo on the front, replace the grey and I'd likely be all over it. But that didn't happen and they were thankfully put to pasture after this season.

7: 1996-98: The "Wave"

The pain of the Fisherman jersey was slightly alleviated when they brought back the original logo but in navy. That and the lighthouse logo together were spectacular. the cartoonish waves were not. These jerseys were probably best remembered in one of the most heated line brawls between the Islanders and the Rangers. Outside of the fact that Dan Cloutier is a clown, this video goes to show that the wavy stripes were still not attractive.

6: 2008-2010: Edge 1.0

Was there any way  to keep the look the Isles had before the Edge system was implemented within the new design? Reebok made the previous jerseys for the Islanders and there was no way to keep that design? Sure there was, but Reebok brought these out anyway. And they were similar, but with orange sleeves and a phantom yoke. I liked them, but there are five jerseys I like MUCH more.

5: 2014: Stadium Series

When the Islanders were announced as a home team for an outdoor game at Yankee Stadium, I was ecstatic. When I found out that this game revealed that the Rangers don't pay property tax, I was upset. When I foud out I would NOT be going, I was even more upset. When I saw these jerseys, I was upset again. Why give every logo the chrome treatment except the Islanders logo, and just strip it and give it a chrome outline? I like the white shoulders, I miss the Island in the logo, and I feel the orange is underrepresented. I DESPISE the nameplate on the back and the extra tall numbers. I think they were nice and I'd love to have them as our alternates this season or next, but I think Reebok dropped the ball here. Again.

The Top Four jerseys in Islanders history will continue next week so stay tuned!

Ok let's get started with this concept thing. But first your reminders for the day!

COTW July 28-Aug 3 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
HJC Open Final entries (due Wednesday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Grand Rapids Griffins Competition (ends August 31st)
Quebec Bulldogs (NHA) Concept by Alan H:

Definitely an interesting concept and one I like... for the clash jersey. Put that font from the home jersey to the clash jersey and I'll line up to buy it. As for the home jersey, Complete the striping around the hem. I'm not sold on the Fleur-de-lis on the side panels. I love it on the arms as I do the stripes, but that forces the number up too high. As for the logo on that jersey, the lines that make the face should use the darker blue so that it doesn't get lost in the jersey. However execution is flawlessClose call but not quite there yet.

Final Score: 78%

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept by Avi S:

I knew there was a reason I voted for this jersey for the HJC Open. That cannon alone is a terrific primary logo, especially if the roundel logo it comes from is relegated to the shoulders. Plus it keeps to an extent the full sleeve yoke pattern Columbus currently uses. The red cuffs are done well. I just wish the socks could better match the jersey. Again my CCM/Reebok gripe is here.

Final Score: 87%

St. Louis Eagles Concept by Christian L:

Holy stripes Batman! The St. Louis Eagles were a short lived NHL franchise and Christian brings them back with matching jersey, a great start. I like the effect of the numbers in the jersey, however, the double stripes on the arm crowd the jersey, especiaally considering the large logo. Sock stripes are not matching between the two sets, considering the matching sweaters. Maybe one set of stripes on the pants would be a good idea.

Final Score: 77%

Washington Capitals Concept by Cobi S:

Cobi decides to use S2dio's revolutionary template and give the Caps a nice looking jersey, full arm yoke and a simple two stripe pattern at the hem and socks. I don't get the red helmet or why the stick attached to it is broken. Name and numbers are slightly large. But the key here is we have the poster boy for LOGO OUTLINES! The logo more often then not will get lost in a jersey that is the same main color as the logo. Even on the shoulder (and the script is an awful shoulder logo, so if it's not the primary it needs to be scrapped immediately. Don't mind that mini-rant. I just hate script logos in hockey.) the logo is more legible if it has an outline. Would not mind a yoke outline here too.

Final Score: 62%

St. Louis Blues Vintage Alternate Concept by Jack D:

First things first on the execution: replace that Reebok vector logo with the wordmark and you are up to date on the edge system, which is the template used here. Otherwise flawless. Now for color balance, the striping is terrific on the sleeves and hem, the logo looks good too. The yoke is a mess however. You cannot tell that there is a yellow stripe below the white stripe. There needs to be separation of blue between any yellow and white, just like the sleeve stripes. Yes it is an accurate replica of a previous blues jersey, but we want to see new ideas here. You did a great job in replicating the jersey, but you can do so much more.

Final Score: 43%

Edmonton Oilers Concept by Mario A:

This has got to be the tamest concept I have ever seen from Mario, so that automatically gets him points.I like the idea behind the road jersey so long as there is a blue stripe at the top of the hem to match the sleeves. The current road jersey should have color below the striping.One strong point the home jersey has is the same color between the cuffs hem and yoke, one thing I'd like to see with the road jersey here. Name is a bit high but the main problem here is the loose pixels along the logo of the orange jersey. Outline that logo and the problem goes away. Otherwise one of the best I've seen from Mario.

Final Score 68%

Anaheim Ducks Concept by ????

Just kidding, its by Ryan C. But the point is still there. ID your concepts. If someone likes your design and there's no ID, you get ZERO credit for the design. These jerseys with the colored side panels remind me of the Erie Otters (OHL) and their jerseys. It can look good if done right and with the right colors. The eggplant and jade are not those colors. The name and number on the back look like the type font "Impact" which I use to ID my concepts, ironically enough. That said, that font does not look good on a jersey, especially if they are this large. Logo is also too big. Numbers should NEVER be on the shoulders. They do not look good. Didn't look good with the Cleveland Barons, didn't look good with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Also the black equipment does not look good with eggplant and jade, especially since the Ducks have used eggplant colored equipment. Striping on the socks should be lower or else the pants would cover the stripes. Generally I like socks that match the striping on the arms, so some white would be nice. Keep working at it and soon enough you'll be up tthere amongst the names of Ryan H, S2dio, DBro and Dylan W, to name a few.

Final Score: 44%

Montreal Canadiens Concept by Scott B:

This reminds me of Mets and Expos legend Gary Carter. This would be an awesome jersey to see as a one off jersey, since the Habs have such classic jerseys, but the Expos jerseys in the 1980s were terrific. The double blue scheme with the red trim looks really good. I don't like scripts as primary logos, but if you're recognizing the Expos, they have a script on the front of their jerseys, so this is OK. The only thing I would change is removing the colored nameplate. Well done otherwise.

Final Score: 86% (Carter won the World Series with the Mets in '86 so this is appropriate. No I'm not a Mets fan.)

The winner of my Concept of the Week nomination is  Avi S and his Columbus Blue Jackets Concept!

We finish the countdown next week! Until then, keep sending your concepts in, send in your entries to the GRAND RAPIDS GRIFFINS COMPETITION, and comment below if you have any concerns, questions complaints or nominations. If you want, you can count down the days until I finish the countdown.

Please don't.

I'll be 21 Thursday so happy early birthday to me. Bottoms up! See you guys when I'm legal!
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Unknown said...

Hi Phil. I'm sorry, but I have to point out that you spelled my name wrong. That's all I need to say.

Anonymous said...

My apologies Coby with a Y not an I. I'll remember that for next time.

Unknown said...

You missed a team, who was actually featured in a concept. The Edmonton Oilers also wear blue and orange.

DBro Alexander said...

I actually don't care for the Cannon logo on Avi's Jacket's concept. It's just a cannon. Nothing about it says Columbus or Blue Jackets to me. Should have kept it in a roundel at least. If it was an alternate jersey I wouldn't mind so much but to have it front and center on the home and away just doesn't do it for me though. Everything else about the concept is top notch.

Unknown said...

I think Avi was going for the civil war feeling to those jersey and I think he nailed it. I personally love the canon logo

winnipegjets96 said...

I can't say I can agree with your jersey list. The bottom is obviously the worst but I'd put the 2nd wave jersey above the bland and boring Islanders pre-edge home and road. But the criticisms were right on

Anonymous said...

DBro, it screams Civil War to me, because that is what coined the term Blue Jacket.

Unknown said...

IIRC, Avi posted something similar (maybe the same?) over on the sports logos forum and he explained his reasoning behind the design. Anyways, I'm going to second that COTW nomination for his CBJ design!

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