Monday: The Final Countdown

So last week we counted down about half of the jerseys the Islanders used in their history (about half because there's nine styles and half of 9 is not a whole number). Let's finish it, shall we?

4: 1998-2007: "Modern Classics"

These jerseys were a terrific merger between the original jerseys and the navy used from the Fisherman Era. The Islanders looked good in these colors, and failed to keep these jerseys solely because of the Reebok Edge System. Also coming out of this was the famous 4 stripe patch honoring the four consecutive Stanley Cup Championships (Yes the Islanders were good once).

3: 2002-2007: "Orange is the new Blue"

The best alternate jerseys in Islanders history without argument. these jerseys were sharp, modern and unique. At that point the only other active NHL team to use an orange jersey was Philadelphia (Edmonton had one, but only during their WHA days), and they had since promoted black as their road jersey (home in 2004). The only complaint I have about it was that they used the same socks as the navy jerseys.

2: 2010-Present: "Retro Reborn"

These jerseys seemed like they were long overdue. The Islanders experimented with it using the current home jersey as an alternate, as the Flyers did during their cup run against Chicago. Then they brought it back full time with a matching road white jersey. the most notable difference other than the navy was the loss of the four stripe patch. Where did it go? On to the primary logo. Previous logos had 3 pieces of tape on the stick. The current one has four. You can connect the dots from there.

1: 1972-1994: "Timeless classics"

Their first jerseys, although tweaked over time, forged an identity. Blue and Orange were Long Island's colors. Their jerseys were simple, yet magnificent. They were the jerseys that won four straight cups. They were the jerseys that lasted four overtimes to knock out the Capitals in 1987 via Pat LaFontaine (who's number should be retired by the Islanders). They were the jerseys that knocked Mario Lemieux off his pedestal in 1993 (and barring Dale Hunter, may have won a fifth Stanley Cup). When a jersey has success in it's history, it usually is ranked high, as is the case here.

I finally did a countdown. Before I lose any other readers, let's get the voting reminders out and get to the concepts.

COTY-July vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Aug 4-10 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Grand Rapids Griffins Competition (ends August 31)

I'm in the COTY-July vote! Vote for me! Or Dylan! Or Ryan! Or Jake88! Or S2dio! All of us are deserving, but one will get it. Who will that be? YOU DECIDE! 
And while you have that email written, before you press send... Oh you already did? WRITE A NEW ONE! COTW is the first step in the process and Avi, TG and Christian are awaiting your votes.

Also there's an opportunity to have one of your designs come to life! Design an alternate jersey for the Grand Rapids Griffins and you can see it on the ice in AHL action. Send it before the end of the month or else there's ZERO chance it comes to life.

Now that I've yelled at the remaining readers and they probably hate me for it, I'll make up for that hate with concepts!

Arizona Coyotes Concept by Joe D:

Joe takes the jersey worn by the Picasso Coyote and brings it to reality here. It doesn't look that bad actually. My complaint's stem from the purple bordering that maroon, as it gets lost, both in the Coyote logo's jersey and the concept jersey. The thin as anything number outline doesn't help. Green pants may be in the logo, but you made the right choice in making them maroon, though pant stripes would look good. The two maroon stripes at the bottom of the jersey, though accurate to the logo, look weird alone. Accurate representation, but there's a reason this logo was scrapped. Execution note: the colored bits on the helmet should be black because those are the vents in the helmet that Reebok designed.

Final Score: 73%

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Concept by Joey F:

The Wildwing Ducks jerseys have to be the only jerseys WORSE than the Islanders Fisherman jerseys. Joey calms them down a bit. In terms of the color scheme, having white and jade together makes it feel like is missing something, maybe putting eggplant trim would help. Nice job on the ice effects on the jersey, they were well done. THAT SAID, don't ever sell me this in person. I will run. Fast. That logo needs to stay where it belongs: dead. I'll give you points for execution though, although the TV numbers are a bit large.

Final Score: 67%

Anaheim Ducks "Gray Alternate Series" Concept by Nate F:

Nate gives us a taste of the Ducks in grey/gray/however you prefer to spell it. I use an e because of the CFL's Grey Cup. Anyway, the Ducks use grey to outline their logo. They even used it in the eggplant and jade color scheme as one of the stripes. Surprisingly, grey looks good here, mainly because all baseball road jerseys are grey with wordmarks, so using this logo is a good idea, but not necessarily with the eggplant and jade. The logo has been stretched too far vertically and the shoulder and helmet logos are too big. not sold on the grey helmet though.

Final Score: 74%

Edmonton Oilers Concept by Phil B:

And so my Hockey 2 Soccer series continues with the Oilers. Since I sent all 30 in together, this may be a painfully reviewed set, as I was experimenting with this template. With all of these jerseys, I was conservative with them, especially with the catastrophies of soccer jerseys in the beginning of MLS. Perhaps too conservative as the paint bucket syndrome strikes this and the next concept. This concept is boring and you probably agree.

Final Score 61%

Florida Panthers Concept by Phil B:

Outside of the boring paint bucket jersey, two things rub me the right way here: The roundel logo I made based on the panther head alternate and the claw marks. Outside of that, I'd be beating a dead cat, err horse.

Final Score 63%

Team Canada Concept by Steven Grant:

I would love to see Canada wear these one day. I never understood why Canada insists on having black in their color scheme when red and white are perfect by themselves. But Steven makes the black go to work, using a fantastic logo too. Execution error I have spotted: The rear striping does not mirror the inside of the front view of the jersey.

Final Score: 83%

Tampa Bay Lightning Concept by TG:

This was TG's later entry into the HJC Open. I like those logos big time so well done with making those TG. The rain effect I can't deal with here. To mention another horrible jersey, Tampa's first blue alternates called and want their rain back. Also I don't like the black directly bordering the blue here, especially on the socks. If I remember correctly, this jersey was his death sentence in the Open, and to me there's no surprise why that was the case. I don't mean to be Mr. Johnny Raincloud here, but that's the case. Yes I do mean to make stupid puns.

Final Score: 80%

The winner of my Concept of the Week nomination is Steven G. and his Team Canada Concept!

I promise no countdown next Monday. After that I don't know. What replaces the countdown? Find out next time on DragonBall Z! I mean HJC!

See you next week, my poor sense of humor and all!

EDIT: The world lost a great man today, so keep the family, friends and fans of Robin Williams in your thoughts/prayers.
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Ryan said...

I'll second Steven's Canada concept for COTW.

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