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Let's cut right to the chase, this week, let's count down the top 5 word marks in the NHL. It's often taken for granted, but ever NHL team has their word mark featured some where on their uniforms, maybe under the collar, or more likely on the helmet, but it's rare a team never uses theres, so designers must work to make the word mark recognizable and look good enough to be featured on all merchandise, not just hats and t-shirts!

This includes past word marks too!

5. Nashville Predators current

Image from Sportslogos.net

When the Preds redid their whole image in 2011, they got everything right, and they managed to make an already decent script, into something much more refined and matches their look completely. The font fits the prehistoric theme, and putting the yellow shadow around the letters really does make the letters look like they have claws (especially in the P and R). It's unfortunate Nashville hasn't used this on their helmet, and doesn't make an appearance on the actual uniform aside from the Nashville curved around the back of the collar, but it makes its way onto plenty of t-shirts and other apparel. 

4. New York Rangers (1977-1987)

Image from sportslogos.net

When the Rangers dumped their less than stellar redesign in 1977, they had to make a statement. They need to modernize, but keep the look they'd had since the beginning, baring one year in the 40's. In comes this script. This script is one of the staples of 80's hockey! It proudly displays the city where the Rangers call home and says "Yeah, iz is from New York, what's it to ya?"It also made the Blueshirts look more intimidating on the road. Going from silly round numbers and basic striping, they now had bold, angled and italicized script that said "Oh Philly, ya think you're so tough? Here's a Don Maloney knuckle sandwich right to the kisser?" It's a shame they don't use this anymore, but it has its place in Big Apple hockey history as an era of lots of playoff hockey. 

3. Buffalo Sabres current

Image from sportslogos.net

Only three good things came out of the Sabres yellow jersey: 1. The new font, 2. The Sabres underneath the Captain's C and 3. the Sabres finally updated their script. It's funny because, despite the team being called the Sabres, only this script features a sword on it (the goat head script had something like a sword blade but it was just a pointed grey line). The curved font looks much better than the italicized predecessor, and it's very bold, actually standing out on the gear it is featured on. The sword isn't just shoehorned in, it actually adds to the logo and I'm sure this will help sell Sabres gear, even if the Hot Yellow Mess won't!

2. St. Louis Blues Musical Font.

Image from sportslogos.net

The mid to late 90's for the Blues were anything but quite. The jerseys were outrageous; the Blues were planning to release what I'm sure would have been the most talked about jersey of the century, and the team was finally embracing the musical theme the nickname was originally centred around. The Trumpet shoulder patch was an excellent touch, but the Blues complete the nosedive into awesome with this word mark. The creativity behind this script is seen all over, the Treble Cleff B and musical bar, along with unique font would have made a team that needed to stand out from the rest of the NHL to be noticed, got that attention. It really makes you wonder why the Blues haven't updated this look for a throwback?

Honourable Mentions
Hartford Whalers
Current Ottawa Senators
San Jose JAWS VI font
Anaheim Mighty Ducks movie credits
Toronto Maple Leafs current

1. Winnipeg Jets Current
image from sportslogos.net

Okay, so this may have been predictable, but before you say "Oh Jets, you always put the Jets on these lists", yes, that may be true, however, this font caught me from the beginning of the Jets identity. It may look slightly familiar to some WHA fans, and that's because it's a modernization of the original Jets script from 1972. The font is like the Sabres font, bold and pops off the Jets pants, and unlike a lot of people, I like the maple leaf, since it adds red to the script that isn't normally there. It doesn't make many appearances on gear, since the logo is quite simple and recognizable, but what I have seen it on, it looks incredible. Now if only the team could translate the logo into on ice success (because that's how winning works).

Comment about this top 5 where you lovely people usually do, in the comments.

In other news....sad news...the Denver Cutthroats of the Central Hockey League, have ceased operations,. Goodbye Fishies! You'll be missed. Then I found out the Arizona Sundogs AND St. Charles Chill (owners of Brett Hull night) were also suspending operations. Could this spell the end for the CHL...probably not, there are still 7 teams, but it makes one wonder if the ECHL will simply absorb the league, like it has done with its more historic and popular franchises (Colorado Eagles, Columbus Cottonmouths, Fort Wayne Komets, Evansville Icemen).

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On to Today's Concepts. We've got 6 today, so no point in talking about it any longer:


Toronto Maple Leafs Concept (By: Caz W.)

Here's an idea I like, using the empty space in the bottom of a logo. Alex O. and I used this in our Milwaukee Whitetails contest entry back a few months ago, and the design works well here. Though the logo is interrupting the striping, it doesn't feel abrupt, Caz put the maple leaf shape in first, and then the script. The striping is classic Leafs, taking inspiration from the '67 jerseys, and both the modern elements and classic Leafs blend nicely. The yoke stirling isn't bad, but I'm not sure why it's there? The only issue I have with this concept is the size of the numbers and captain's C. The captains C is too small and almost pushed up into the yoke and the numbers are too big and push up into the name. Moving the numbers down or shrinking them will fix that, and the captain's C could work on the shoulders (maybe inside a Leaf?). (8.25/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept (By: Ben S.)

Ben has risen up the HJC charts over the past few months, and I'm glad his execution is at the level it is today! I've gone from hating to loving the Blue Jackets alternate, but changing the colour scheme would work in the concept's favour. The concept keeps most of the original jerseys style, just changing the colours, shoulder patch and small changes to the stirling. I like the addition of the shoulder patch and the increased amount of great, though I would add a grey outline to the you. Not much else, increase the size of the back numbers, but a solid all around concept! (8/10)

Halifax Mooseheads Concepts (By: TG)

Halifax will be my home in a week, and the Mooseheads are HUGE in Halifax (along with Crosby and Mackinnon), and when the first entered the QMJHL, and had the best jerseys in the league (even their black alternates), TG rights the wrong and goes back to that, with a few changes. The simplified hem stripe and non-angled arms match better than the original, and the pattern is big and bold, but not over the top or copying the Mighty Ducks/Blues. No execution flaws, another solid concept! (9/10) COTW Nom. from me!

Stadium Series 2015 Concept (By: Mario A.)

Ah, part deus of the California outdoor classic! It's unknown whether the Kings will keep their solid grey jersey from last time, but the Sharks will for sure get new threads, and this is Mario's take. This concept suffers from unnecessary yokes and would look much better without some of the extra features. The L.A. jersey is the better of the two, but the jersey would look much better without the black mesh or yoke. The San Jose jersey has the foundation for a great concept but the black yoke, orange upper arm and weirdly shaded mesh jumble random colours and it looks like a mess. The logos need to be bigger and the numbers on the back are too low/name is too high. In this case, basic is better.  (5/10)

Philadelphia Flyers Concept (By: Patrick E.)

Rumours of the Flyers unveiling an alternate this season hasn't sparked much speculation (since it's most likely going to be the 2012 Winter Classic jersey), this is Patrick's take on an original design. The chest stripe is a nice touch, and I like how thick it is, but it looks awkward the way it cuts off at the sides, continue it all the way around. The numbers on the arms are going into the yoke, but the arm stripes are so thick that either making the stripes thinner or moving the numbers into the stripes. On the back, the name is way too low on the back, and the numbers are sightly too small. The design has potential, but the execution brings it down. (5.25/10)

Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Phil B.)

And now we come back to Monday writer Phil B., who always has original ideas, and this is no exception. Phil goes full on with the Laurel theme, and it really works all across the jerseys, though the helmets may be much for the NHL (AHL would totally work). Solid choice using the side profile senators over the 3D one, and even the old font looks good, maybe not over the current font but still good. The only problem I have is the lack of red on the white jersey. Keeping the main colour of the striping gold is perfectly fine, but making the cuffs red would fix that, though that's a more nitpicky problem, and it doesn't detract from this concept. (8.5/10)

That's the post, folks. Remember to vote in all the available voting opportunities, and the end of August is fast approaching. Cannot stress this enough, get those entries in! Don't want to be up until the wee hours of the morning working on a concept you should have had done 3 weeks ago (like a report, except fun!)

Enjoy your long weekend! 
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Alan John Herbert said...

TG's Mooseheads concept gets a COTW nom from me.

Mario Ardais said...

wait. the Cutthroats are gone?


Anonymous said...

I'll continue the Simpsons reference. "Can I go home now?"

TG's Mooseheads for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

I've heard rumours they plan on coming back in 2015/16, but the Chill's domain went up in flames a month ago. When it comes to minor teams and suspending operations, sometimes they come back, sometimes...not...unfortunately, it's not a sure thing. The Cutthroats and Sundogs have a solid, recognizable brand, so the ECHL may just want them, but look at the Columbia Inferno.....

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