Friday: Don't Forget the Navy Whale

Welcome to the Friday post!

Obviously, hockey hats are the topic to talk about here at HJC, but I don't own many hockey hats....In fact, I only own two. One thing that I will say though, as someone with a big head, is that flat brim hats are a must. No! I'm not 13 and have/want swag, it's a must.

On to what I really wanted to talk about.

I went through my jersey collection this week and found this jersey

Photo from Canucks.NHL.com

No, Marcus Naslund wasn't with it, but still, it got me thinking, was this look good or bad for the Canucks? We rarely see concepts for this look on HJC, but plenty for the other two previous logos. This look introduced the current Canucks logo, but in more, whale colours. The colour scheme in unique to NHL history, and had 5 separate colours. Unique doesn't mean good however, and there sure are some flaws, like the navy jersey looks all black/dark grey and too dark, and it did have worst looking version of the Canucks Stick in Rink logo. This phase in Canucks history, though not a particularly successful one, is one people often look past for some reason. I've never seen a New Era throwback hat or a CCM NHL Vintage series jersey or any rumours of such, so are the Canucks trying to purposefully forget about this era? Too soon?

I'd say give it to the Canucks 50th Anniversary to throwback to this, and every other look in their history, but other than that, this look belongs to the days of Cloutier, Naslund, Ohlund, Younger Sedins, Carter and others. 

Why am I saying this, the look was retired less than 10 years ago...because on a trip to the HHOF to get a Marty Broduer Jersey card giveaway. I noticed this in the Spirit of Hockey store. 

photo from kijiji.com

No, that's not a fake, the ever popular Orange Oilers jersey from the WHA is now an officially licensed CCM product. This doesn't exactly mean that it'll be worn (probably not) but it got me thinking about jerseys teams could throwback to for a new series of CCM vintage series like the NHL has had in the past.

What eras would you want to see teams throwback to in the next few seasons. Maybe you want to see the Kings go back to the late 90's, or the Avs do a Rockies throwback? Who knows, there's so many possibilities and so many concepts that will be made. 

Voting ends TONIGHT for COTW! Get that vote in ASAP!!!!!
Also, HJC Open Final vote ends tomorrow, GO COMMENT!

And finally, your daily reminder for the Grand Rapids Griffins Contest. There have been a few entries in and the competition is going to be stiff. Remember, to try to use the Reebok Edge template Ryan mentioned in the weekend update. 

On to the concepts....but first

HJC artist Mario A. is showing off his jersey collection! 

If you want to send in your jersey collection, sent it in to the regular HJC email and you can have it posted!

Now for the concepts!


Columbus Blue Jackets Crossover Concept (By: Phil B.)

We start in Ohio where Phil continues to put the NHL on pitch, and we see a combination of eras, which isn't too uncommon to see on HJC, but on a soccer/football jersey, I can see inspiration from a certain country's World Cup team. Obviously the red and white triple stripe that looks like the American flag looks good on any jersey, and the cannon roundel works as a crest. The only problem I see with this jersey is with the socks, not because they're bad, but because the striping would work better with the arms than the flag striping. (7.5/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts (By: Jamie R.)

Jamie gives his take on the American flag striping, but with a golden twist. The striping, again, looks good, is nothing new but still looks solid. The alternate numbers look pretty good with the original logo, and the cannon logo makes a decent shoulder patch, though, the current primary has always been a better shoulder patch. The addition of gold, wait, that isn't gold, it's the pee coloured yellow the horrible hornet Stinger was, but when used as an accent colour....it looks decent, but gold or silver would look better. (7.25/10)

Nashville Predators Concept (By: Joe D.)

Is Nashvilles interlocking NP logo strong enough to be a primary logo, or at least to be used outside the pants? Joe makes a case for this with this simple jersey, which, considering the Preds current jerseys, isn't a bad thing. The striping I really like, though having the thin yellow on one side of the striping and not on the other doesn't work. The double yoke looks solid but having the Cat on one side and not the other seems odd, considering the other amazing shoulder patch the Preds currently use. The problem with this concept is the NP logo is used 3 times, when once would be enough. The Predator is already on the helmet and changing it to the NP wouldn't make sense, and the redundancy continues to the pants, even though the Preds use the NP on their pants, changing the logo would be a must. Also, putting ABCDE 12 on the back of the jersey is lazy and a huge pet peeve. Pick a player name or your name. (5.5/10)

Phoenix Coyotes Concept (By: Justin S.)

I've always loved this idea, with any team that's logo has a character wearing a jersey. The Coyotes original desert theme is coming back but this would be a totally new idea, with purple and green dominating the set. The hem is SICK! and using an updated version of the moon logo would make a cool shoulder patch on any jersey but it makes the jersey match the original even more. Brown skates? Nah, but a solid concept and worth of a high rating. (9/10) COTW Nom. from me! 

Moose Jaw Warriors Concepts (By: TG)

The Warriors have a very simple but also very bland logo set right now, coupled with a decent use of the Buffaslug template, makes for more to be desired. The switch from black to red as the main colour is a solid move, and finally giving the interlocked MJ logo its proper usage makes the set already petter than the current sent. The sublimated pattern is incredible, I love that idea, some details as to what it actually is would be good to hear, TG but it still looks good. The only propel I have with the set is the hem striping being so close to the bottom of the jersey. Either raise it up or put it all the way down to there's no tiny coloured patch at the bottom. (9/10)

Colorado Avalanche Crossover Concept (By: Phil B.)

Colorado has an MLS team as is, with one of the most unique kits in the MLS, including a sublimated version of the C from the Colorado flag. The reasons why I say this is because, while the set does capture some of the Avs elements (Pepsi sponsorship, good mix of burgundy and blue, numbers), taking inspiration from that set would put this concept well ahead of this current one. I get that this is a completely separate idea from the MLS, but striping wise, I don't see anything here Avs, more Ducks. The base is here, but even going with something angular like the original Avs jersey would be much more exciting. (6/10)

Shootmania Storm Concepts (By: Mario A.)

I don't play a lot of FPSs, mostly vintage Sega games and the latest NHL instalment, but Shootmania is a newish game which I had never heard up until I looked it up, looks decent, lots of snow. The striping reminds me of what Buffalo's Goathead scheme on a Kings jersey. The problem with the concept, if this is supposed to be a set is the colour balancing The home is black and bold while the white jersey makes red to be the secondary colour, while black is shoved to 3rd place. Switch black and red on the white jersey and maybe give the numbers and outline and you've got a pretty decent set here. (6.75/10)

Montreal Canadiens NHA Concepts (By: Alan H.)

If there's one artist I'd love to see an NHA revival series from, it's Alan. His modern designs contrasting the vintage logos, like in this concept, create a mix that conventional thinking wouldn't think would work, but does. The updated green leaf logo with the CA in it looks fantastic, and the jerseys are a good opposite to the simple logo. The home jersey is a mix between the Habs current set and the best of their 100th anniversary jerseys. The away jersey is an entirely new creation, mixing several templates, mostly the Flames/Bolts template. The road jersey, with the oversized red arms looks too plain, and some sort of pattern or use of white and green would make the jersey looks much more colourful. Other wise, a solid set. (8.75/10)

That's the post for today's post!

Since Caz has been giving GIFS for those who vote/don't, I thought I'd try something, but with something a little different. 

Facial Hair! So come the playoffs, and you want to grow out your Lanny Macdonald, what will you're stash look like? Well....I have the answer.....

Yeah, so keep that in mind when deciding what to do with your evening......

Remember to vote!!!!!!!! Have a great evening! 
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s2dio said...

That oilers jersey!! It says alberta on the back?

Mario Ardais said...

Alan's Montreal concept for COTW.

winnipegjets96 said...

The one I saw didn't, though this photo had Hamilton on the back. But it's one of the best releases I've seen in a while

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