Wednesday: Time For A Re-Design

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If you're awake late tonight, be sure to come by HJC for a GRAND competition announcement. Trust me, this will be a good one!


My mind is stuck in baseball mode, so I don't have a whole lot of hockey news to blurb about. Today's concepts feature a whole lot of complete redesigns of uniforms, as well as a very anticipated concept. Before I dive in, remember to send in your votes for COTW this week. Just to make sure you can't miss the COTW concepts, click the banner to the right.
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Let's jump into the concepts!

TG - Arizona Coyotes De-Edge Concept
Design: I don't think there is anyone who doesn't think that the Coyotes should redesign their uniforms when they change their name this off-season. TG introduces purple as a primary color. It could previously be found on team's original shoulder patches, and then as a detail on their alternate. However, that color hasn't been seen on a Coyotes jersey since 2003. I like that brown and sand are used, as it really compliments the purple well.
Score: 7.5/10 - I really like the new crest. The striping is very simple, something that the Coyotes have never really had. It's an interesting choice, however, to go with text as the shoulder patch.
TG - HK Nitra Concept
Design: Like many European teams, HK Nitra wears a very busy, sponsor filled jersey. TG cleans up their look, and creates a very cool concept. Sponsors are left solely to the shoulder patches, and a new striping pattern takes over for the paneling. The colors really do TG a favor, and they look great!
Score: 8/10 - This is a very good looking concept. This is how every overseas team should look!

Stephen T. - Team Slovakia Concept
Design: Slovakia's Olympic jersey was part of the Nike cookie cutter template, but Stephen revives hope for a good looking uniforms with this concept. He looks to have executed something similar to what Russia had done. Rather than have a crest, the image is sublimated on the jersey where a crest should be. I don't think it works so well here, and the fact that the pattern continues onto the pants is a bit funny looking in my opinion.
Score: 5.5/10 - The best part of this concept is the chevrons that are made from the stripes on the Slovakia flag. A jersey based around that design would be very cool.

Gerard M. - Ottawa Redblacks Concept
Design: The Ottawa Redblacks recently redesigned their football uniforms. Now, Gerard has redesigned them into a hockey team. My first observation is that the plaid striping is genius! It fits perfectly into the team's identity. It's a bit hard to see, but notice that the white stripes match the "saw" pattern in the crest. There are a lot of really cool design elements in this concept.
Score: 7/10 - My biggest problem with this concept is that the color scheme is disrupted by the green sponsor patches. I think that this concept could do without. Also, the collar on the black jersey and the numbers is a different red than the rest of the concept.

Gerard M. - Dallas Stars Concept
Design: Gerard's second concept redesigns the Stars uniforms. I was disappointed when the Stars ripped off the Blackhawks striping, but Gerard has fixed that problem by giving the Stars an original striping pattern to go with their original green. The crest has also changed a bit, as the "D" is overlaid on the star.
Score: 8/10 - All of the design elements in this jersey are spot on. This is really what the team should be wearing.

Christian L. - Winnipeg Jets Alternate Concept
Design: The Winnipeg Jets will be playing in the 2016 Heritage Classic, and will most likely be looking for a new jersey to wear in that event. Given that the line of history of the new Jets is different than the original Jets, I believe that a fauxback is the way to go. This concept screams old fashioned with its over sized stripes. The crest is great as it still breathes a bit of fresh air in reference to the team's new identity.
Score: 7.5/10 - My only complaint is that the silver is very hard to see. Otherwise, this is a really cool concept.

Nark24 - Arizona Coyotes Concept
Design: Nark24 brings back that crazy desert pattern that they used back in the 90's. Sand and dark red is here to stay, but the crest is upgraded to the crest that appeared on the team's black alternate. Overall, this concept has all of the design elements that the fans loved. That is why I think this would be a great uniforms set for the Coyotes.
Score: 7/10 - I think that the red jersey could use a tough more white, and the numbers definitely need an outline. I know that Arizona doesn't currently use an outline, but that has always bothered me with those uniforms.

S2dio - Seattle Stormers
Design: It's the moment that you have all been waiting for... S2dio has ended his "What If?" Series with a much anticipated Goalie template. My biggest beef with this series was that some of the templates didn't allow for many details to be seen clearly. This template is a good middle ground in my opinion, and S2dio has killed it with this jersey! It looks to me like this jersey belongs in the 90's along with the Wildwing, Fish Sticks, and Robo-Penguin jerseys. It looks really cool, and would make for a good alternate for a Seattle team. I really like the off-colored helmet. I think it is especially cool when goalies deviate away from team colors in favor of their own personal design.
Score: 9/10 - Great job with this series! It was a lot of fun looking at all of the cool templates. Why don't I cap it off with a COTW nomination!
That's all for me in July! I'll see you all in August!
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Unknown said...

TG's Coyotes for COTW. Amazing job with the color scheme and stripes. Great concepts today

Unknown said...

The Ottawa REDBLACKS have never redesigned anything. They've played 4 games. Or 3. Whatever. They are a brand new team.

I really wish you would research your posts, and have a bit more attention to detail.


Unknown said...

The argument could be made that they redesigned their jerseys from the renegades... So technically he is right.

Unknown said...

Contest for an actual team maybe? With a prize? Let's hope so.

Alex O. said...

@Caden & Christian: I guess an argument could be made for both. Since the Redblacks are a revival of the Renegades franchise, I called it a redesign. I suppose that I could have used the word "rebrand" instead, but I generally use the two interchangeably.

Caz said...

Really good quality stuff today. I love the striping on Gerard's RedBlacks concept, so I'm going to nominate it for COTW. Nark24's Coyotes concept is outstanding as well.

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