Wednesday: New Threads In Puckworld

I know that I'm a few days late, but I am glad that the Anaheim Ducks are overhauling their Stanley Cup winning uniforms. The white version of their alternate is awesome, and has jumped to the top of my favorite white jerseys. As you all know by now, I am an avid supporter of the jade & eggplant Mighty Ducks. Although nothing can replace the Mighty Ducks uniforms, I am content with the set that will debut on the ice this season.
As was announced this week, the HJC Open will begin on July 12. Make sure you start preparing, because only your best concept will advance to the next round. Also, last week's COTW vote only had a handful of votes and almost ended in a tie. Get your votes in early before you forget!
COTW June 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Jamie R. - New York Islanders Alternate Concept
Design: My first impression of this jersey is that it would be much better suited as a Winter Classic Jersey over an alternate jersey. The shoulder patch is a recolored version of the shoulder patch that was featured on the fish sticks jersey. That's a genius idea! That was the only logo worth keeping from that era. I would recommend a blue or black outline on the NY logo, instead of gray. That is the only place that gray is featured on the concept, and a darker outline would make the crest pop.
Score: 7/10 - The TV numbers have the same error that Ryan discussed in the Weekend Update. Read up on that, as it could be the difference between moving on and being eliminated in the HJC Open.
Coby S. - Buffalo Sabres Concept
Design: Coby goes back to the red & black era in Buffalo, while still maintaining the classic design. I think that this concept is way too dark, and it would be difficult to see the numbers of the players. I would add some white to brighten this concept.
Score: 6/10 - I like the creativity, but the red & black can stay in the past.
Christian L. - Stonecutters Concept
Design: Given that this is a cartoon concept, I like the simplicity of the concept. I never really liked the idea of the Stonecutters in the Simpsons, but the concept is very creative.
Score: 7/10 - I don't see the need for a difference shade of red in the crest. I would choose one or the other. Could a Springfield Isotopes concept be next?
Stephen T. - Team Austria Concept
Design: It's good to see Stephen branching out with some new concepts. Austria's hockey jerseys have featured an eagle before, when the front of their crest was the nation's coat of arms. The sideways facing eagle on Stephen's concept is a lot more intimidating, and it looks great on the chest stripe. I think the shields on the back make it hard to see the numbers. I'd either lose the sheilds, or outline the numbers.
Score: 7/10 - The Blackhawks style striping is sometimes overused on HJC concepts, but it looks good here. TV numbers are also missing.
Steven T. - Team Russia Concept
Design: Russia's hockey team needs a facelift after their performance in the Olympics. The flags that are built into the piping are my favorite part of this concept. The socks are very cool too. I think that the pants could really use a stripe, or something to make the pants seem less plain.
Score: 8/10 - This is definitely my favorite concept that Stephen has made. COTW Nomination.
Scott B. - Minnesota Wild Concept
Design: The wild could use a new set of home uniforms, and I wouldn't be opposed if this was a candidate. The crest is pretty cool the way that it is recolored. The gradient would make for a very unique feature on an NHL uniforms, so I'd like to see how that looks on a player. I don't like how the shoulder patch gets lost in the dark red. I'd add some creme to make it pop.
Score: 7/5/10 - All of the numbers are a little bit small in my opinion, and I think that the hem and arm stripes are a little bit too far up the jerseys.
Scott B. - Nashville Predators Concept
Design: This isn't the first Predators jersey to use a checkered pattern. The "NP" logo looks really sharp as a crest, and the number style looks great with the checkers. I'd recommend using larger checkers, because it looks like gray from afar.
Score: 7.5/10 - I'd make the crest & numbers a little larger. I think that would bump this jersey up to an 8.
Jake88 - Geneve Servette HC Concept
Design: Geneve Servette currently has some very busy uniforms, and Jake cleans them up a bit. He uses a traditional design in his concept. The drop shadow numbers are very cool as well. It reminds me of the Rangers style numbering.
Score: 8/10 - Solid concept to end today's post.
That's all for this mid-week HJC post! Don't forget to vote for COTW. In fact, go ahead and do that now while you're thinking about it. See you next week!
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Richard Mazella said...

Alex writes "only your best concept" - so does that mean we can put in multiple entries? And are entries due by the 12th (which I'm guessing is the case)? I'm just making sure of the specs.

Anonymous said...

Steven is not missing the TV numbers on his Austria Concept. They are within the crest similar to how he has it on the back.

As such, Stephen has come a long way from what he's done earlier. He's gone from the depths of plagiarism to a COTW nomination, as well as a second of that nomination from me.

I second Stephen T's Russia concept for COTW.

Ryan said...

Comp officially starts on the 12th. Entries not due then. One entry per person.

Alan John Herbert said...

I give my COTW nom to Stephen T's Russia concept.

Alex O. said...

Phil, as I mentioned they were hard to see. Good catch though. Stephen's Russia concept was a huge step up indeed.

Unknown said...

Ricky, you can make as many jerseys as you would like, they just have to be on the same image

winnipegjets96 said...

Stephen for COTW! Good job there

Richard Mazella said...

Thanks Ryan, I figured.

Ben, it wasn't about the jerseys as that is usually the case. I just figured that multiple entries with multiple jerseys, logos, etc . . . might be eligible the way it was phrased. Ryan kindly made the clarification upon my inquest.

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