Sunday: HJC's CORSI Stats...Nevermind

So I'm busy enjoying a Day Out With Thomas the Tank Engine with my son and wife.

I will finish this post later tonight.

***** Edit by Ryan 11:00pm Eastern Sunday *****

Jake88's Charlotte Checkers Patriotic Night concept will be moving into the Semi-Finals of the 2014 Concept of the Year vote (occurring in January) after he won the 2nd Quarter Vote!
Full Results
Jake88 - 5
S2dio - 4
Steven G. - 3

Jake88 also won the COTW vote for July 7-13!
Full Results
Jake88 - 7
S2dio - 4


The Top 8 in the HJC Open have been rated and determined by you, the HJC reader. Here's a look at the updated brackets.
The top 8 now have until the end of Wednesday to get their entries in. Check out the competition page for the full rules and details.


The TEMPLATES page has almost everything you could need to make any type of hockey jersey concept you wish. If you haven't spent at least 5 minutes just browsing the page, playing with some different templates, and clicking on all of the links then you're holding your concepts back. I thought I would use this opportunity to highlight some of the cool things on the TEMPLATES page.

This page shows you every official colour used by every NHL team, ever. Go poke around there to for a while and start clicking on the list of colours. This is a great way to make your concepts as authentic as possible. Use the "Color Picker" tool in almost any program to select a team's colour and apply it to your concept.

Download Blank Team Templates
This download link is near the bottom of the page in the "Other Resources" section. They're great for newcomers to the jersey concept community. As the title says, they are blank templates for every NHL team (a little outdated) using what seems to be the most popular template used on HJC. Start by re-colouring some of them. Then start mixing and matching hems, arm stripes, and collars. This is a great place to start.

Download Paint.net Effects
This is another download link that will be helpful for those of us that use Paint.net to create their concepts. This bundle includes effects such as Drop Shadow, Outline, and Aligning. If you use Paint.net, these effects are a must. Install them in the folder C:/Program Files/ Paint.net/Effects. Some of them also come with an installer that you will need to run.

I could detail everything on the TEMPLATES page, but there's simply too much to cover. Take some time and go check it out. I assure you, it will improve your concepts.


Speaking of the TEMPLATES page, you can find a new addition there.
Some people have been using this template (mainly in vector format) in recent weeks here. Concept artist TG was kind enough to do a trace of the template to make it compatible with MS Paint, Photoshop, and Paint.net. You can find this on the TEMPLATES page under the name "NHLuniforms.com V2 Template".


HJC Stats

I did a very quick and informal review of the concepts that were posted this past week and came up with some interesting stats.

- 45 concepts were posted
- 16 different concept artists had their concepts posted
- 8 different templates were used
      - 8 different artists used the "RBK Edge Template (from Sportslogos.net)
      - 3 artists used the "Shop.NHL.com template by HJC"
      - 2 artists used the "HJC Drag & Drop template"
      - 2 custom templates were used by S2dio
      - 1 artist each used the following templates; "Shop.NHL.com template by Dylan W.",
        "Reebok Premiere Jersey template", "Matt's CCM Template",
        "Nike Swift 2014 template by Colin M."

I always assumed that the "RBK Edge Template" was the most used on HJC and not I have proved it to myself.


COTW July 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
HJC Open Rd 2 entries (due Wednesday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
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Unknown said...

Big thanks to TG for the template.

winnipegjets96 said...

OMG THOMAS!!!!!!!! I mean um....yeah, that's pretty exciting.

to S2dio: Ever considered making a goalie template? If you did, why not one modelled after Hasek making his signature saves?

s2dio said...

Be patient mate ;)

Unknown said...

I'm a bit disappointed

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