Saturday: Capital City

Hello everyone! Today we have some great concepts for all of you, including a few alternates, three concepts featuring the Washington Capitals, a Texas Stars jersey inspired by the Astros, and a goalie template from S2udio!

I don't have a list or anything like that this week, but I do have a few things and various thoughts that I would like to share and discuss with all of you.

First, is it ok to wear the jersey of a play that is younger than you? I'm at the age where this has just started to become a potential problem. I am currently older than 10 players on the Predators roster, and I'm only 25. For example, is it ok for a 40-year-old to buy a Nathan MacKinnon jersey, or should they just stick with their Joe Sakic? To some of our older readers, do you find that awkward?

Also, I went ice skating for the first time this week.Yes, the first time ever. I grew up in a rural area of West Tennessee, so I never had an opportunity as a kid. I was in Springfield, MO at a convention for Missouri teachers, and decided to try ice skating with my wife at Mediacom Ice Park, which was next to the expo center I was at, and where the former Springfield Spirit/future Springfield Express of the WSHL play. It is so much harder than I thought it would be! It really gave me a new-found respect for hockey players. I have no idea how they speed down the ice, carrying the puck, or hitting people and staying on their skates. I couldn't hardly go three strides without having to grab the wall like my life depended on it. My wife, on the other hand, was surprisingly decent. She at least didn't fall. Me on the other hand, my knees have seen better days. Looks like I'll be sticking to hockey video games.

Let's move on to today's artwork!

Nashville Predators Third Jersey Concept - Justin F.

Positives: The Predators' checkerboard third from 2009-2011 was very popular with the fan base in Nashville. In fact, I'm currently wearing one of those jerseys right now (total coincidence - I'm in a "if I wear winter clothes, winter/hockey will be here sooner" mood). Would this be as popular, though? Justin does a pretty good job with the details here. Execution is fine.

Negatives: This reminds me of the Florida Panthers third from a few years ago. It includes a second shade of blue, while throwing out the team's primary color. Also, if the Predators did this, they would risk associating themselves with the train wreck that is the post-Jeff Fisher Tennessee Titans (who have a two-tone blue color scheme). The old Preds number font was something better suited for NASCAR, so I wish it wasn't used here. A block font would complement the striping.

Overall: You can debate if alternates, like a good original movie, should have a sequel, but the color scheme is problematic for me. Execution is good, though. (7/10)

Dallas Stars Concept - Ben A.

Positives: The Dallas Stars' 1999-2006 set was well-liked by fans and jersey enthusiasts. This set differs with the arm striping.

Negatives: The white jersey still has the star effect the old jerseys had, but that's not the case with the dark jersey. The star effect with that jersey is interrupted by the large white arm stripe and white yoke, ruining the aesthetic. The inside of the jersey near the collar should be white on the dark jersey and green on the white jersey. The pants use a different shade of black that what is used on the jerseys and the rest of the equipment. These jerseys use laced collars, but the laces are were colored over when the jersey template was filled in (and in this case, the design more modern than traditional, making laces look out of place).

Overall: I really don't think there is a way to improve upon the old Dallas designs without doing a straight recolor & logo swap. Cleaner execution is needed to pull it off. (6/10)

Washington Capitals Concept - Gerard M.

Positives: The Capitals still wear the Reebok template that gives almost no recognition to their brand history. Gerard offers this up as a good alternative, without coming off as too much of a re-hash. The striping pattern/yoke is far from revolutionary, but looks good. Gerard executes his sleeve numbers and helmet logo/number perfectly. Newer artists should take note of this, because those details make a huge difference.

Negatives: I like the sublimated stars on the pants, but not the arms. The effect makes the arms of the jersey crowded, as it competes for your attention with the striping and sleeve numbers. I think it would be better used on the side panels of the jersey. It wouldn't be as easily seen, and would be an interesting detail, encouraging you to take a closer look at the jersey.

Overall: Gerard's execution is something to emulate. It's not a perfect set, but it would be an improvement for the Capitals in my opinion. (8.3/10)

Washington Capitals Alternate Concept - Gerard M.

Positives: That primary logo looks fantastic in red, white, and blue. It makes me wonder why in the world Washington decided to change their colors in the mid-nineties. (Oh wait, because it was the mid-nineties. That's why.) The piping and color co-dominance is interesting. Logo choice is perfect here. The "Weagle" on the shoulders would have been eagle overkill, so Gerard decided to place it on the helmet, and thus no logo is used more than once. Again, newer artists need to take note of Gerard's execution. I like that Gerard includes where his inspiration came from on his concept. 

Negatives: I'd like to see something a little more unconventional with the arm and hem striping. I assume it would go with the set above. The striping just isn't different enough from the (assumed) home/away.

Overall: There are some great elements here (that logo!) but I'm left wanting something more wild. (8/10)

2015 Winter Classic Concept - Jamie R.

Positives: Jamie executes his sleeve numbers well here, especially on the Chicago jersey. Care has been taken to try to duplicate both Chicago and Washington's debut jerseys with a Reebok template.

Negatives: (*Opinion-based rant ahead*) I have an issue with throwback concepts for the 2015 Winter Classic. The main issue is this: with this concept for example, you have the 1920s playing the 1970s. There are 50 years between these two jerseys. It's just hard to suspend that knowledge in my mind, which is why I believe that the 2015 Winter Classic needs to get off the throwback train and give us all something more interesting and fresh. (*end rant*) With the Chicago jersey, the yoke striping isn't uniform. Some stripes are longer than others. There is a lot of pixelation on the Washington jersey. Saving your concepts as png files instead of jpeg files could help keep your concepts sharper.

Overall: It's hard for me to reconcile 1920s vs. 1970s in my mind. Let's see something new. (6.5/10)

Texas Stars "Baseball Night" Concept - Kevin D.

Positives: Inspired by the Houston Astros' "Rainbow Jersey," this could be a huge hit with fans of the Texas Stars. That jersey has a cult following and hits that "so terrible it's awesome" sweet spot (think LA's "Burger King" jersey, or the "Wild Wing"). Kevin has done a good job translating the look to a hockey jersey.

Negatives: Is it ugly? Yes, but it's supposed to be. That's the point. 

Overall: This is a perfect minor league event jersey. (8/10)

Team Quebec 2018 PyeongChang Olympics Concept - S2udio

Positives: I think I can speak for everyone on the site when I say that I have thoroughly enjoyed S2dio's concepts as of late. These new templates he has been designing for these concepts are phenomenal. S2udio is on the cutting edge of concept presentation right now. It's been fun to witness. With this concept, the long-debated topic of the Quebecois Separatist Movement is brought to a conclusion in time for Quebec to have it's own hockey team in 2018. That alone makes this concept very intriguing. It would have a huge impact in the hockey tournament. The jersey here looks great. S2udio does a great job translating the flag of Quebec to a hockey jersey. I even like the goalie equipment, especially that helmet.

Negatives: As has been said with some of S2udio's other concepts, it's hard to to discern some of the details of the set with a game-action template. In this case, it's unclear what the socks would look like, and if they would have a stripe on them like the arms do, or if they would be plain due to the pants having a similar stripe on them.

Overall: I love this concept and S2udio's technical expertise is on full display here. With presentation, he really is the man to top right now. (9.5/10) COTW nomination from me! (highest rating I've ever given)

So, did you like some of today's designs? Let us know your thoughts on their work! There's still time to vote for concepts in the second round of the HJC Open! Votes are due today at 11:59 pm. You can go to the voting page by clicking the banner at the top of the page, or this convenient link. If you sent in your votes for Concept of the Week, here's your reward gif. For you losers who didn't...just take this. Hope you all enjoyed today's post! Be sure to catch Ryan's Sunday post tomorrow, and I'll see you all back here next week!
Saturday: Capital City Reviewed by Caz on July 26, 2014 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I'll second s2dio, and your gifs, great choices haha I loved whose line is it anyways.

Unknown said...

I'll second S2dio's Quebec jersey for COTW, and I'd also like to nominate S2dio for "template master" lol!

Mario Ardais said...

s2dio's Quebec jersey for COTW

-Mario A.

Tristan M said...

S2dio's Quebec concept for COTW!

I'll also second his nomination for "Template Master"

Unknown said...

I'll second s2dio for template master

Unknown said...

Also that's awesome Caz. I was never the best skater, but I have a pond In front of my house and after many years of trying I've gotten better, it's definitely something that takes practice.

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