Monday: Strong Island

Hello everybody and welcome to another Monday post here at HJC. Last week I discussed the picks my Islanders made at the entry draft, so this week I have several acquisitions to discuss.

- Chad Johnson (G - Boston): Tuukka Rask's former backup comes to Long Island as a solid back up option for Jaroslav Halak. I hope he has learned some of Rask's technique and can fill in for Halak in case of injury.

- Nikolai Kulemin (RW - Toronto): Was able to put up good numbers two years ago with the Leafs but slumped last season after his center from two years ago was bought out. Coincidence? I hope not, since his center was...

-Mikhail Grabovski (C - Washington): Was bought out by the Leafs then went over to Washington and watched his production dip after being split from Kulemin. Could this reunion help the two increase production behind Tavares and Okposo?

Overall the Islanders have definitely addressed two problems: goaltending and secondary scoring. Now that they are loaded with forwards, it's time to trade for a defenseman. Dion Phaneuf perhaps? I think Ryan may get upset that the Islanders are becoming Maple Leafs South, but we'll see what happens, especially since multiple teams are interested in Josh Bailey, a guy the Islanders would be happy to get rid of. How did your team do? Did they wet the bed like Washington handing out dumb contracts? Did they get the guys you want? Discuss below!

Side note: Personal achievement for me. I have officially created concepts for all 30 NHL teams. You'll be able to see them all in my first post after the HJC open.

VOTING! We have two things to vote for this week: COTW and COTY-June! You should know what to do by now, but if you don't, click on the banners on the side to view the entrants, then select the best one and email said selection to concepts@hockeyjerseyconcepts.com

COTY-June vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
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Quebec Nordiques Concept by Christian L:

Christian once again creates his own logo for a Nordiques concept yet again, and this is executed with excellence, and it looks great, definitely unique, but I have a problem with the arm striping. The white jersey is a nice combination of San Jose and Winnipeg, being two sets of striping with one thin accent stripe in each set. The same is true for the blue jersey, but with an added white stripe on the outside each set. As such, I feel that the striping is a bit too busy. The white jersey having cuffs and a colored hem bother me in that the blue jersey only has the colored hem. Calm this down and I think we have a winner.

Final Score: 82%

Anaheim Ducks Concept by Dean B:

This reminds me of the Boston Bruins Alternate jersey, which helps this set of jerseys look good without a hem stripe. The design change I'd make would be to add the inner outline to the striping and numbering of the white jersey so that it fully matches the black jersey. A good concept, EXCEPT there are some major execution errors. Get rid of the Reebok vector logo from the socks and the back of the jersey and replace it with the wordmark logo only on the back. Socks should not have a logo unless they are representing hockey concepts not in the NHL or AHL, as discussed in the weekend update. The shoulder patches are placed incorrectly. Maybe it was done with the intent to make "wings" on the shoulder, or something to that extent, but it doesn't work since ducks usually have webbed feet, so rotate the logo properly. BOTH numbers on the back of each concept are incorrectly positioned and upside down. Each number should appear on the same sleeve from this point of view, as in the 9 on the right side and 3 on the left, in order to depict jersey number 93.

Final Score: 67%

Toronto Maple Leafs Third Jersey Concept by Jacob S:

This is a tough template to work with, as I experienced, but Jacob does it well. The classic socks have been simplified to one set of stripes, and the hem mirrors that for the most part. The real kicker for this concept is the sleeves, as he puts the maple leaf pattern at the bottom of the sleeve, and it's done pretty well. I have never been a fan of this logo for the Leafs (to be fair, since 2002, I have never been a fan of anything Leafs, *cough cough Darcy Tucker and Mike Peca*), But this logo works for the sleeves. Side note: If you are using a template that includes a front view of a helmet, It should have numbers on the front.

Final Score: 86%

Barrie Colts concept by Joey F:

This concept suffers from yellow on white syndrome. And although Joey does outline it, the outline isn't thick enough, or it could use an additional blue outline, as the nameplate has. Speaking of which, the nameplate is way too high and the number is a bit too big, especially on the sleeves (which also are too high). The yellow between the logo and jersey coloring is also inconsistent. Terrific idea, but needs to be executed better.

Final Score: 68%

Winnipeg Jets Concept by Justin S:

This is a military based jersey concept for the Jets that I can live with, so long as the name and numbers are white for visibility. The logo looks a little weird, and I know exactly why. It's flattened and the bevel removed, to make it look more like the Royal Canadian Air Force Logo. The captain insignia is a great touch. If the Jets were a CHL team, this would be a great jersey for hosting the Memorial Cup, but since they aren't, it shall suffice as a third jersey. Maybe a square yoke line would be better, but that's negligible.

Final Score: 88%

Colorado Avalanche Concept by Pajo94:

Read the description then looked at the jersey. Was there any way to change the seal to remove the yellow? Because its standing out awkwardly. The shoulder patches are ok, similar to the Canadian and Albertan flags on the Calgary Flames jersey, but the yellow in that crest is very bothersome. Execution notes: The shoulder patches need to be move away from the yoke lines. The hem striping is supposed to go over the piping lines. The logo and captain's patch need to be moved higher up. Interesting idea, but i think this missed. Spice up the execution level and find some way to replace that yellow and we have a better looking city pride jersey.

Final Score: 63%

Montreal Canadiens Concept by Ricky M:

Ricky uses S2dio's template for this concept, which there isn't much anything different than what we currently see with the Bleu Blanc et Rouge. The red jersey loses the small hem stripes, a negligible change. I wish that the logo were bigger, the captain's patch were outlined and the sleeve numbers were smaller. Pants and helmet need logos, and you need a white helmet for the white jersey, as this is an NHL concept. You used the template OK, which I believe is your goal here, but it's time to fix your errors and expand.

Final Score: 70%

Team France Concept by S2dio:

NOTE: This is an IIHF concept, so having one helmet here is ok. A double blue scheme where the blues are different enough is effective, but having it enhanced by red wins it over. The only people that may not like it are Canadians, after that embarrassing loss to France at Worlds. This is executed flawlessly with the exception of lack of pant logo. I want to mock France for having a rooster logo, but at the same time, it's an excellent logo. Well done.

Final Score: 92%

Tampa Bay vs Florida Stadium Series Concept by Viktor B:

Florida vs Tampa Bay has been discussed throughout forums everywhere and Viktor takes a stab at what it may look like. The Tampa Bay jersey is clearly the better one, but that's not saying much. Arm striping is inconsistent. Though I do like the change of blue gradually in the Tampa logo. Victory stripes are a must with many Tampa concepts. I wish the Tampa socks were consistent, as well as the hem. Pant striping makes no sense for either. Sock striping is way too high for both concepts. Both concepts need TV numbers and a name on the back. Helmet logos are missing. For the Florida concept, THAT is how you use just the head. There are SLIGHT sublimation effects for this jersey and two shades of navy blue. That double blue does not work, especially if its inconsistent throughout the jersey. I wish the lighter of the blues from the logo were used in the jersey.

Final Score: 46%

Manitoba Moose Concept by Steven G:

Manitoba had one of the most awesome number fonts in the AHL. What really sells this concept is the striping that is semi-identical. If you look closely the white and bronze stripe of the green jersey are in the exact same position as the white jersey. I like the arching template here for a logo with so many curves. Execution is flawless, but the news regarding CCM has been inconsistent. I saw Texas win the Calder Cup with CCM jerseys, but Anaheim's new jersey has Reebok on the back. We'll see how that plays out. Either way, bring the Moose back! Just not at the expense of the Jets.

Final Score: 92%

The winner of my Concept of the Week Nomination is S2dio and his Team France Concept!

There were a few other COTW worthy concepts here. So nominate them below! Keep preparing your concepts for the HJC Open next week. I have to run off to work now, so talk amongst yourselves and I will see you next week. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE FOR COTW AND COTY-JUNE.
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DBro Alexander said...

I'm fairly certain AHL jerseys this past year were Reebok, I know Texas was, they came to Rockford quite a few times... Unless there was a switch towards the end of the year.... Anyone with a picture?

Unknown said...

Just search "Texas Stars win Calder Cup" on google images. there are qutie a few pics of the back where the CCM wordmark is on the tail and the yoke.

Unknown said...

COTW vote for Steven G's Moose jersey

Andrew G. said...

I'll second S2dio's France concept. And Phil B. will you be at the Blue & White Scrimmage at the Coliseum on Thursday? I'm going and was just wondering.

winnipegjets96 said...

COTW for Steven G. I agree, bring back the Moose, even in the WHL

DBro Alexander said...

@Garret - yep, I just this second saw a slideshow of images from the Stars' Twitter. I had no idea they made that switch.

Anonymous said...

Andrew unfortunately I'm working that night.

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