Monday: Copy Cats

I have some jersey news, broken via the Manchester Monarchs. They have unveiled new jerseys that "reflect the design of their parent club, the 2014 Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings". In other words, they are Kings jerseys (plus a hem stripe on the black jersey) with the Monarch's logo on the front and the LA Kings primary logo on the shoulder, not the crown. And it DOES have CCM branding, confirming that the AHL is shifting to CCM branding from Reebok. Since last week I presented that the new Anaheim Ducks jersey still had the Reebok branding. So we will have to see what happens with the rumored Flyers third jersey, the promotion of the Islanders Stadium Series jersey and the rumored new St. Louis set.

That being said, That brings me back to a rant topic. AHL jerseys that look EXACTLY like the jerseys of the parent club. Specifically Manchester now, Bridgeport (NYI), Albany (NJ), Charlotte (CAR), Oklahoma City (EDM), Abbotsford and potentially Adirondack (CGY), Providence to an extent (BOS), Rockford (CHI), Springfield (CBJ), St. John's (WPG), Toronto (TOR), Utica (VAN) and Worchester (SJ). Yes, It may be important to market to fans nearby, as is the case with Providence, Bridgeport, Charlotte and Rockford, but have your own identity. Minor league baseball teams are shifting that way nowadays, such as the SWB Yankees rebranding to the name RailRiders. The Bridgeport Sound Tigers even had their own jersey set, while owned by the Isles, with double blue and a trace of gold, and it was beautiful. BRING IT BACK! BE YOUR OWN TEAM!!

Ok, rant over, begin concept judging. Well not yet. Have to remind you to do this!

COTW July 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
HJC Open Rd 2 entries (due Wednesday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Although my HJC Open entry fell flat (I'll submit it to here to get an explanation), eight artists moved on! Submit your Round 2 entries! Also send in your votes! I'll be voting this week. I have an awesome Leafs concept in there, so vote for it. Or not. There are four additional concepts, so we need a lot of votes to avoid a tie.

Now it's time.

Anaheim Ducks concept by Gerard M (and alternate):

I'm going to review these two concepts together, since its the same team and the same artist. Gerard lightens up the gold in the logo and removes the white trim of the webbed D. BAD MOVE. It flattens the logo and makes it look boring. It also makes the striping blend in when between the orange and white of the orange jersey. The OC logo on the pants is a nice touch. With the primary set, the stitching is supposed to end at the striping if it's there. Looks good without the yoke, actually. The alternate is the recoloring of the original jersey we all want to see, but also the recoloring of the original jersey we all HAVE seen, at least here. Also, please put Reebok back on the jersey instead of CCM, since this is an NHL concept that does not involve "de-EDGE-ing".

Final Score: 67%

Minnesota Wild Concept by Zach W:

An interesting attempt to bring back green as the primary color. At the same time, this looks like a paint bucket fill in of a more complicated template, one better suited for Photoshop rather than MS Paint or Paint.net. Main logo, name and number are too big. I do like what you did to the logo in terms of color, but I would make the shooting stars in the roundel cream and the main logo within the roundel green. This is a great idea for a concept that with some refining, either by design program change or template change, could be COTW worthy.

Final Score: 49%

University of Arizona (NCAA) Concept by Patrick E:

The U of A has had a beautiful simple logo that Patrick lends to a simple classic design. And there's little wrong with the design idea. Execution drags this down. Hem striping ending the vertical stitching is one, and proper coloring of the inside of the jersey is another. The inside by the tag should be red, the inside by the hem should be blue, both to properly reflect the outside of the jersey. That logo also looks a tad too big. A terrific idea that with a little more care for detail, could definitely be seen on ice.

Final Score: 67%

Carolina Hurricanes Concept by S2dio:

S2dio takes a stab at the often attempted LEAVE AN IDEA suggestion to give the Hurricanes the colors of UNC. And it looks very good. I have to give you a lot of credit for the template, but at the same time, it takes away from how the concept is presented. The striping as I can see it is uniform throughout the hem, arms and socks, as well as the yoke, the latter of which is a very nice touch. Seeing the Hurricanes in blue is a good look for maybe an alternate. We could use TV numbers though.

Final Score: 80%

Edmonton Oilers Concept by Scott B.

I see that Scott is moving away from the ABCDEF name plates or the wiseguy NOPQRST name plates. The striping is very interesting, and a style I would not mind seeing on an alternate jersey. I just wish you could remove that silver piping and phantom yoke and somehow re-purpose that silver into the logo. The silver in the numbers is a good idea, but it needs to be executed better. The good we can take from this is that Scott is getting much better, which is something we've all experienced and all like to see.

Final Score: 65%

Detroit Red Wings Concept by Tristan M:

This concept is specifically a CCM alternate, as per the description, which is entirely acceptable. Tristan takes the logo and font of the most recent Winter Classic jerseys and applies them here in a spectacular way. The full sleeve striping pattern is a common style, but applying that to the Red Wings is like taking a classic style to a classic team. It usually works. Having the other half of the sleeve solid red on the lower arm compliments the hem perfectly. The socks look strange but I don't see another way to connect the hem and lower arm to the sleeve striping. Well done.

Final Score: 91%

My Concept of the Week nomination goes to  Tristan M and his Detroit Red Wings Concept.

That's it for me, hopefully with more jersey news I won't have to rant, but rather complain that I don't have hockey. Although with the English soccer season starting up and MLS ongoing, it will soften the blow a little bit. Phil B. Over and Out.
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Unknown said...

I'll second Tristan M.'s Red Wings concept for COTW.
Go Blues!

Anonymous said...

EDIT: the Sound Tigers wore blue and black with gold trim. Not double blue. Either way it's still beautiful.

Richard Mazella said...

Thanks to Phil and Nate for the kind scores for the Open. Congrats to the advancees. I don't suppose it was because the voters wanted to know more about where my concept comes from was it/ (all may chime in)

DBro Alexander said...

I actually like the changes Gerard made to the ducks logo. To me it makes it look bolder.

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