Wednesday: Quicker Than the Season Went By

I'm headed out of town for work today, so I'll be keeping this post short. Don't worry, I won't slack on the concepts. Anyway, here's the post!
Last week, the NHA ReDesign contest deadline was extended. Today was the day that entries were finally due. Also, the COTW vote ends on Friday at the usual time.

COTW vote June 9-15 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Here are the last of the NHA ReDesign entries. If your entry did not get posted within the last week and a half you either sent it to the wrong email address or you did not follow one of the rules.

Alan H. (x6)

Ryan H. (HJC)

Wings98 (x2)

Ben A.

Ben A.
J3 Hockey
J3 Hockey
Michael G.
     Thierry D.
Thierry D.

And now, the regular Wednesday concepts...
Phil B. - Los Angeles Kings Concept
I'll start with a concept of the newly crowned Stanley Cup Champions! First I want to mention how Phil has done a great job as the new Monday writer!  I have really enjoyed reading his first few posts, and I look forward to plenty more. It's tough being the new writer, and he has still found a way to send in quality concepts on top of that. I especially like this concept because Phil mixes the 1998 crest with the team's current one. I think the result is a very good looking crest that has a lot more character than the crest that just hoisted the cup. The minor differences in striping is an improvement, and I really like the emphasis on gray in the white jersey. Overall, this is a very good upgrade over the reigning champions' uniforms.
Score: 8/10
Scott B. - Winnipeg Jets Alternate Concept
Should the Jets have an alternate jersey? Definitely, if you ask me. Scott's design clearly uses red much more prominently than the Jets' current uniforms do. I think that a red alternate would be perfect for the Jets because it would bring the fans back the the days of the original Jets, when red was a primary color. I was skeptical to see the wordmark used as a primary crest, but I think it work really well if enlarged a little bit. The stripes on the shoulder yoke is also very interesting. I just wish that the thickness of the white stripes were consistent across the entire concept.
Score: 6.5/10
Mario A. - Calgary Flames Concept
Mario goes berserk with his Calgary Flames redesign. Colors are everywhere! Mario took my advice from last week, and elected go use solid colored helmets. I would still like to see more solid colored pants, however. The use of a dark, gold over yellow is an interesting idea, but then I would commit and recolor the crest. Overall, I think this jersey uses way too many polygons and colors. It honestly just looks cluttered.
Score: 5/10
Mario A. - Stillmetal Slayers Concept
Mario's second concept of the day is a lot more relaxed than his first. I think that the red jersey is a lot better than some that we have seen from him in the past. If the red & gray on the top of the sleeve were switched, without any other major changes Mario would have a very solid 7.5/10 concept. However, the white jersey is a little to checkered for my liking. The stripes on both concepts are a little messy and inconsistent as far as spacing and size. Mario's concepts have improved a lot over the last few weeks, and I complement him for reading our comments and adapting. It's really cool to see an artist grow. That number font is also very cool on the back of a jersey. I can think of a few teams that would look great with something like that.
Score: 6.5/10
S2dio - Team Czech Concept
When Nike unveiled the Olympic hockey uniforms this past year, the Czech Republic caught a lot of attention for their "is it red or is it white" jersey that was essentially the nation's flag draped over the player's shoulders. S2dio's concept fixes any doubt in color this concept. The diagonal hem striping proudly represents the nation's flag without being too literal. I also like that he moved the nameplate to below the yoke. I think it looked funny up there. Awesome concept!
Score: 8.5/10
S2dio - Team Sweden Concept
Sweden's uniforms always seem to be a fan favorite, even though they often use very few to no stripes. S2dio's concept doesn't lack stripes, however, it lacks the very prominent bright blue that we are used to seeing on a Sweden jersey. I like that S2dio tried to mix up the colors a bit, but I can't say that I agree with the move. At first glance, I though that the blue was black. It took a second look to even see that the concept was in fact blue & yellow. This is one of few S2dio concepts that I can't get behind.
Score: 7/10
Ben S. - Arizona Coyotes Concept
When the Phoenix Coyotes become the Arizona Coyotes next season, they should get some new threads in my opinion. Why do a name change without a full identity change? That just seems pointless to me... Ben lets me dream that the Coyotes will rebrand, and his concept is a great start. The mix of sand & white actually looks very good on this concept. Sometimes that is hard to do, similar to mixing vintage white & white. I think that the only change I will recommend is a number outline. The Stars tried going without a number outline this season, and the backs of their jerseys still look funny to me. I hope the Coyotes will ditch their Reebok Edge redesign uniforms for something like this soon.
Score: 7.5/10
Kevin D. - Lehigh Valley Phantoms Concept
I'll start by saying that Kevin's concept gets my COTW nomination for this post. Ever since watching the Phantoms defeat my hometown Chicago Wolves in the finals of the greatest season of minor league hockey, I have thought that the Phantoms uniforms were some of the coolest in hockey. Kevin's Alternate 1 catches my eye, as it is a purple version of their white uniforms from their 2004-05 Calder Cup winning season. The Alternate 2 is probably my favorite of the group as it perfectly introduces purple into the Flyers' classic jersey design. The home & road jerseys are also very good looking. I commend Kevin for going with a black everyday road uniform and reserving purple & orange for alternates. The is an overall great set.
Score: 9/10
That's all I have time for today! Check back next week where my usual format will return. See you next time, and enjoy baseball season... I guess... When does hockey come back...?
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Joe said...

Wait they're not due tonight..? All these different times are confusing, I understand it was pushed back but come on! The contest page should have been updated. Now I did 9 concepts for nothing. Whatever.

Alan John Herbert said...

Phil B's LA Kings Concept for COTW.

Unknown said...

I'll second Kevin D.'s Phantoms concept. I love the use of purple.

Ryan said...

I should have updated the competition page. I am sorry. However, the deadline was talkrd about and featured on every post in the coloured voting reminder bars.

Mario Ardais said...

Thanks for the feedback. i warned a lot of people that my Flames concept would be horrendous. to be honest, i regret doing that one.

Anonymous said...

S2dio, please stop being so good so the rest of us have a chance.

Tederifico said...

The Czechs need to adopt those jerseys forthwith! COTW!

Coby S. said...

S2dio Sweden for COTW

Unknown said...

@joe, same boat as you man, thought it said 11:59 PM
Atleast u can send them in as regular concepts but it's just takes the fun away from the comp.

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