Hey everyone! Hope you're having a good week! I sure am, as the other day news broke that the upcoming Winter Classic will be between my Blackhawks and the Capitals in DC. Needless to say I'm already planning a New Years road trip to DC. I'm a bit disappointed in the matchup. It's not really a "rivalry" but it is going to bring in some mega ratings for NBC which is what it's all about anyway...

Personally I was hoping the Hawks' next outdoor appearance would be in either St. Louis or Minnesota as they were rumored to be future hosts in the coming years, as those games would be a helluva lot closer than DC from Rockford, IL. 

I'm curious to see what direction the teams go for their uniforms. The Capitals will probably wear red versions of their last Winter Classic jerseys/current alternates. I'm really hoping the Blackhawks resurrect these beauties!!!

Those, ladies and gentlemen, are the Blackhawks alternate jerseys from 1991-92 that were based on the club's jerseys from 1937-55. They are my absolute favorite jerseys (Modeled by my absolute favorite goalie, and new Hall of Fame inductee Dominik Hasek) and I would absolutely love an excuse to buy a new Blackhawks jersey.

Before we get into the concepts for today, I have received information suggesting that if you don't vote this week the NHL will cancel the upcoming season and we won't get to see anything cool... so get on it....

NHA team votes (end Tuesday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW June 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

And now concepts!

2015 NHL All Star Game Logo Concept - Avi S.
We don't get enough logo concepts on the site here. Avi created a logo for the upcoming All Star Game. The actual logo has been floating around for a few years since it was cancelled in 2013 and postponed in 2014 due to the Olympics. I really like the actual logo but with some tweaks this one could be better than the actual. For one, the NHL would probably wouldn't want their logo skewed like in this concept. I feel like the silver outline could be a bit thicker as well. I like the script font but I feel like there's more that could be done to it, also, I'd want the "t" to be behind the "S" in "Star".  Perhaps move the "Columbus 2015" to under the "All Star". The word "GAME" should be in there somewhere as well.

Rating: 7/10

Cobalt Silver Kings (NHA) Concept - Coby S.
Very simple, straight forward jerseys for the Silver Kings. I prefer the "Cobalt" logo to the crown. The crown looks too simple to be a hockey team logo in my opinion, at least a chest logo. It would probably look good on the shoulders. I think the yoke on the white jersey could use an outline. The name on the back looks really low and the numbers seem small.

Rating: 6/10

Calgary Flames "Blackout" Jersey Concept - Daniel L.
The Flames haven't had a black jersey for 8 years. This black jersey is lacking yellow, something no Flames jersey has done, EVER. It doesn't look bad, but I prefer seeing some yellow. I wonder what this jersey would look like with the white swapped out with yellow. I feel that since this is a Nike jersey, there isn't supposed to be any striping on the back like there is on the front but it looks too bare without it. The maple leaves on the arms are really unnecessary. There's a lot of negative space at the bottom of the image. None of that needs to be there, the image should end under your ID.

Rating: 6.5/10

Atlanta Thrashers Concept - Dr. Design
I would love to see this logo be revived somehow, and apparently so does Dr. Design. The Doc wants to see the baby blue come back in a big way. I feel like that's a good move since their light blue jersey took over as primary and stayed there through the Reebok days. I think there's too much light blue/not enough dark blue on the white jersey. One thing that's difficult with the Thrashers, and I've ran into trying to make concepts for theme, is they have a lot of different colors to use and in order for a Thrashers jersey to look good one of them has to be left out or very very lightly used. The first Thrashers jerseys left out the light blue. I feel like there's too much red in the jerseys. I feel like these are headed in the right direction, but the colors are throwing things off.

Rating: 6/10

California Golden Seals Concept - Nate F.
Nate's Seals' jersey uses a darker teal than the team actually used and it looks good. Pretty simple jersey too. I like wordmarks inside of chest stripes so that's a plus. I feel like the pointy Atlanta font is out of place. The shoulder logo is too close to the collar. The shadows on the jersey cut off abruptly at the yoke and it looks weird. There shouldn't be a 7 showing on the man's right arm as it wouldn't be visible in this pose.

Rating: 7/10

Team Netherlands Concept - Stephen T.
The Netherlands aren't known for their hockey team, which is a shame, this would make a sharp set of jerseys. You wouldn't think that orange would look good paired with Red/White/Blue but it doesn't look bad. I think the logo on the orange jersey could either use a white outline or be white. Orange helmet would look bad as well, way too orange, it should be blue.

Rating: 8/10

Muskegon Lumberjacks (USHL) Concept - Trent D.
The chest logo on these jerseys is way too big. It should be scaled down quite a bit. All of the numbers have been skewed as well. They all look way too tall. The inside of the jerseys that can be seen through the collar shouldn't be white. The Reebok logo on the back of the jersey should be the wordmark as well, not the vector logo. The Lumberjacks are a USHL so there is no need for the NHL logos on the jerseys tags and collars. These aren't far off from being a good set of jerseys.

Rating: 4/10

And there you have it, another day done. Anything about the 7 concepts catch your eye?
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Anonymous said...

Interesting to note for Stephen's Netherlands Concept. It's a soccer concept. That logo is the logo of the KNVB, Holland's governing body for soccer, also reflected with Robin Van Persie on the back.

Richard Mazella said...

The vanPersie type-o is kind of fun . . . Van Perse becomes the third generation Van Purse to mean any player quickly leaving a team for money reasons.

Good thing we don't see it in hockey too much, fortunately. But absolutely right about the Dutch needing to have a good national team. I'd imagine their brand of hockey would be fun to watch.

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