Tuesday: Third Jersey Madness

Hello and happy Tuesday HJCers!

Times are slow concerning logo and jersey news, but that's expected this time of year. 

Also, the Kings are one win away from ending a very one sided series. The Rangers at least made games 1 & 2 interesting but after getting shutout at home and losing 3-0 despite outshooting the Kings, they're as good as dead. I'm not sure if anyone saw this series ending in a sweep but it's pretty likely.

You know what will get you over a pretty disappointing Finals? Voting and entering a contest... Our MAY COTY vote is this week as well as last weeks COTW. And if you want to get in on our NHA contest you have until at least Friday at 11:59 pm to do so...

COTY-May vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW June 2-8 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
NHA entries (tentatively due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Speaking of the NHA entries, we've got one to show off today...

Cobalt Silver Kings - Ben S.

And now our regularly scheduled concepts! 5 of the 9 being third jerseys!

Birmingham Thunderbolts (XFL) Hockey Jersey Concept - Mario A.
The design here is overwhelming. There's way too much going on. This is another concept that has been struck by the paint bucket feature. Just because there's a line form the stitching doesn't mean each panel of jersey needs to be a different color. The TV numbers are tiny, even the back numbers are kind of small... they're wide enough but the font doesn't allow for them to take up the space they should. Even the logo looks small. The socks are bad... I'd at least try to make them look like the arms on the jerseys. The bolts on the helmet is interesting though. I'd try to work on more traditional designs first Mario, get accustomed to the basics of jersey design before venturing out into "way out there" designs like this.

Rating: 3/10

New York Yankees Hockey Jersey Concept - Ben A.
First and foremost, I don't think pinstripes when used like this work on a hockey jersey. As we've seen from some artists on the site, it can work when used more subtly. I also think using the logo chosen for the main crest is a mistake. The Yankees don't actually use it on anything more than merchandise or branding. It's not seen on the uniforms. It's also placed very low on the jersey. The shoulder patch is hard to see with the pinstriping going through it sideways. The lack of equipment, TV numbers, and even the back of the jersey hurts the concept for me.

Rating: 4/10

Phoenix Coyotes Retro Third Jersey Concept - Steve M.
Steve has the Coyotes going retro despite the team moving towards the future with an "Arizona" rebrand. Nothing more here than a remake of an old jersey. The striping could be thicker like it was on the old jerseys. Same with the yoke and yoke outline. The jerseys need to be sized more appropriately for the image. The tips of the cuffs are cut off by the end of the image.

Rating: 6/10

Toronto Maple Leafs Concept - Joey F.
Joey suggests the Maple Leafs move away from the jersey design they've used since 1992, and have had for most of their existence before that in favor of a modernized version of their 1970-92 jerseys. With the extended yoke curving and coloring the whole cuff these look like recolored Flyers jerseys. I'm not sure I agree with the logo choice here, but that's personal. I prefer either their current logo or the logo used on their alternates...which I love... These aren't bad jerseys but I don't prefer them over their current sweaters. Some execution notes... The collar inserts are black when they should be blue or white... and the TV numbers look tiny and squished together... Right now it just looks like a 4. They can bleed off of the yoke like the Flyers do and it would be fine.

Rating: 7/10

Minnesota North Stars Concept - Mike S.
For their last 10 years or so, the North Stars had black on their jerseys, but never had a black jersey featuring this logo. I don't think it looks bad color wise, but I'm not a fan of the striping. At least the hem stripe. It looks more suited for the Avalanche. The pants design is interesting too. I think this jersey is still a few tweaks away from being a "North Stars" jersey.

Rating: 7/10

Washington Capitals Third Jersey Concept - Steve M.
Oh man... I'm not a basketball fan but If I was to follow a team based on looks it would be the Wizards. I think they have the best look. I think the chest stripe could be bigger to fit the Weagle inside, but I think it's still pretty good where it's at. I don't think the Wizards' look should be transferred over exactly the way it is like this... I think that chest stripe should have some red trim on it. The DC Flag striping is nice too but maybe a tad unnecessary. The pants striping should have some red in it too to match the whole jersey, or just be left blank.

Rating: 7/10

New York Islanders Third Jersey Concept - S2dio
This is nothing more than a current Isles' jersey with the orange and white swapped and black replacing blue..... I like it... Obviously as a third jersey corresponding with their move to Brooklyn and only that. I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to a black jersey like this with some blue trim or something if the move to BKLN wasn't happening. Here's to hoping the Islanders go this route with a new third jersey and not like their last black atrocity.

Rating: 8/10

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept - Steven G.
The dark jersey here is pretty straightforward. Very basic jersey that fits the Blue Jackets. I feel like the curvy stripes are just some modern stitching on the jersey that wouldn't really be noticeable when being worn. But... it also fits in with the yoke on the white jersey. Which is very interesting. If there's on good thing that may have come from the Sabres' terrible turdburger of a jersey it's the yoke coming under the collar. This isn't my favorite concept from Steven, but it's one of my favorite Blue Jackets' ones.

Rating: 8/10

University of Pittsburgh Retro Third Jersey Concept - Derek K.
Very clean execution here, looks like something you'd see in a catalog. It fits the "retro" look that Derek was aiming for. Especially the yellow pants and helmet. I'm a fan of the striping pattern used as well. The helmet/pants logo would look good on the shoulder but this doesn't look bad as is. I think it would be neat if there was a home and away set similar to this using the current navy/gold scheme and updated logos and this was used as their third. Unrealistic goal though as a club that only supports a D1 & D2 ACHA team wouldn't have the budget for fancy thirds and such.

Rating: 8.5/10

Well there you have it everyone. I think today's batch of concepts was pretty good overall. Are there any that stick out to you? Any help you want to offer the artists? Or, just... like... hey.... you wanna talk about it? I'm here if you need to talk... It's not your fault....
Tuesday: Third Jersey Madness Reviewed by DBro Alexander on June 10, 2014 Rating: 5


Alex O. said...

Steven G's Blue Jackets Concept for COTW. I really like that he tried something different with curved striping and with the yoke.

Unknown said...

I'll second Steven G.'s Blue Jackets concept.

Unknown said...

I'll second Stevens concept. I like the yoke and striping on the away jersey!

Alan John Herbert said...

Steven G's Blue Jackets Concept gets a COTW nom from me!

Mario Ardais said...

thanks for the feedback Dbro. yeah i didn't know WTF i was doing with that jersey. i saw the jersey the Bolts wore back in the day, and tried making the jersey based off of them. the score was better than i had initially expected, so thanks. i will do more traditional designs in the future, as some of my upcoming concepts are more or less horrendous than that one. let's just say wait til my Calgary Flames concept appears on the site.

Caz said...

I'll nominate S2udio's Islanders concept. That's a black alternate that I wouldn't mind owning at all; simple, but very striking.

Angry guy said...

Steven M's retro coyotes jersey looks an awful lot like Brandon Holmes concept from icethetics.co. I'm not saying he took it directly but there is just a lot of similarities.

You can find the jersey here

DBro Alexander said...

@Mario - no problem man. Keep it up!

@Angry Guy - thing is Brandon's concept is a whole set based on the old coyotes jerseys. Stevens is basically an old Coyotes jersey transferee onto a reebok jersey.

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