Tuesday: The Finals Are Amongst Us

Why hello and happy Tuesday everyone. I'm still a tiny bit salty about the game on Sunday but I'll do my best to carry on and give you a good post.... Speaking of good post I'd like to thank former writer and friend of the site Dylan "Other Dylan" Wonka for covering for me last minute last week. Hopefully I never have to use him as an emergency backup again, but hey, we got a good post out of it.

Some housekeeping real quick, don't forget to check the HJC eBay and put a bid on the items there. The Rangers jersey might be done by the time the post goes up, but there's also a Canadian team Olympic jersey for around 32 or 33 bucks and a Tampa Bay Lightning championship ring replica for around 15 bucks including shipping... Click the link I posted or the eBay logo at the top of the site.

More housekeeping.... Tomorrow night is the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals (sob sob sob) and also the first HJC Live Chat we've had in awhile. The game and chat start at 9 PM Est. so hopefully we get a good turn out!

MORE Housekeeping, vote vote vote, for real, vote!

COTW May 26 - June 1 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
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Finally, it's been mentioned a few times the last few days and been sent to me on Twitter a few times. But yes, The Seattle Sea Lions concept we made for the pairs competition here on HJC was posted to each of our Behance profiles and almost immediately found and posted on TSN's "BarDown". We were both super excited to receive recognition for our work, especially on such a large stage like that... Of course it did get some criticism. A lot of the anger and hatred toward our work seemed to stem from the anger that Canadians have that more teams are being added to the NHL but there isn't a huge amount of talk coming from Canada about adding teams like there is coming out of Seattle. Another thing a lot of people complained about was the colors being too close to the Seattle SeaHawks or the Vancouver Canucks...
This was something we dealt with while working on the concept, but we decided the colors we went with fit the city and looked well with the Seahawks and Sounders... Basically, if Pittsburgh can share color schemes between all their teams why can't Seattle? The Vancouver problem though is one we didn't see as a huge deal. It's just a good color scheme for the area. But we did have others in the works so I thought today I'd share with you some behind the scenes shots from when we decided our color scheme.

So tell us what you think about some of those other schemes, but before you do... let's take a look at today's concepts...

Minnesota Vikings Hockey Concept - Steve M.
Bears fan here, so I'm going to try and be nice... Minnesota just got sleek new uniforms with custom numbers and they look good here. Steve tries to apply their new "swoopy stripes" on their shoulders. I like the idea but it looks funny. I think if you add some stitching down the arms to stop the stripes from going all the way around, like the Stadium Series jerseys, you could get those arm stripes to swoop like the Vikings shoulders on their football unis.

Rating: 7/10

Team Italy Concept - Caden P.
Pretty straightforward design for the Italians here. Nothing mind blowing but it looks good. I wonder what the dark jersey would look like with the red and white swapped on the stripes. That way the red stays put between the two jerseys... Also, the one thing I don't care for is the blue shoulders on the dark jersey. I feel like the two colors are too close and blend together, I'd keep the shoulders green.

Rating: 7/10

Minnesota Wild Concept - Justin S.
Justin takes the Wild's current home jersey and makes a primary set based around it. I don't personally care for the design of the jersey but that's not on Justin. I like that he didn't use a yoke outline and that he added a hem stripe though. So he made improvements to the jersey. I'm iffy on the white jersey's hem. I think green would look better even though it wouldn't be consistent with the other jersey. I think the name on the back of the white jersey should be green with no outline, it would be easier to read. Seeing some equipment would be nice.

Rating: 7/10

Hartford Whalers Concept - Mike S.
Mike raises the Whalers from the dead with a jersey that looks like a combination of the Penguins' original jerseys with the Whalers original sweaters. White name and numbers would look better as long as no pants stripes. But I think that a bigger, bolder striping pattern would go with the logo better. I still think this particular jersey could work somewhere, just maybe not with the Whale.

Rating: 7/10

Detroit Lions Hockey Concept - Steve M.
The Lions have a set of jerseys that translate well to hockey. I don't think the blue jersey needs a yoke, but I like the white jersey's. I think the numbers should have the same strokes/outlines as the striping since that's what they use on their actual jerseys. I think it'd be nice to see the rest of the equipment so you could use their wordmark on their helmets/pants. I'd add a better form of ID to the concept as well.

Rating: 7.5/10

Green Bay Packers Hockey Concept - Steve M.
Now, I am a Chicago Bears fan so I'm going to try and be nice here. The Packers also have jerseys that translate over to hockey very well. The striping looks good and the Rangers' style yoke is a good call. I think the hem could use something more. Maybe add an extra two stripes, or make the striping bigger all over so the hem doesn't look so bare.

Rating: 8/10

Ottawa Senators Alternate Jersey Concept - Christian L.
Christian explains his design on the image so I'll allow you to read that. He mentions the current alternate and Heritage Classic becoming primaries as well, I think I'd rather those stay as alternates and a new primary set be built around this jersey. I think it's time the laurel pattern comes back for sure. And I like this primary logo a lot. I'd add the laurels onto the socks too. I don't think it'd be too much. Also, a little nit pick, I'd flip the helmet logo so the logo is facing the front of the helmet.

Rating: 8/10

Colorado Avalanche Alternate Jersey Concept - s2dio
s2dio seems to have almost perfectly fixed the Avs' alternate jersey. Getting rid of black is the best thing that could happen to that jersey. I'd ditch the black outline to the wordmark and give it a burgundy one like the back number, and apply it to the TV numbers too. I like this striping pattern a lot better as well. I'd add that burgundy cuff to the bottom of the socks too. I don't think the pants stripe is necessary but I don't mind it. I also feel that a blue helmet could work here too.

Rating: 8.5/10

Jokerit Concept - Emin Z.
These new colors look great. I really like the double stripe pattern. It's one of my favorites and it looks good as a chest stripe. I like everything here except the Coat of Arms on only one shoulder. I don't care for the asymmetrical look. I'd put it on both. I think the pants striping could use some of the lighter blue as well. I'd also put a better form of ID on the concept.

Rating: 8.5/10 and a COTW Nom!

Well there you have it folks. Another day in the HJC Books! Get to commenting!... and Voting..... and eBay bidding... and come participate in the HJC Live Chat tomorrow!
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Unknown said...

Steve Maurer, if you read this- on your Green Bay concept I would make a home sweater the same way as my beloved NY " Rangers " minus yoke then make sleeves and hem with white borders around gold stripe in the middle and then make a lower white trim on a hem all the way down. Now I really like your personal ID logo in a left bottom corner and my only suggestion is to make two vertical line going down from the end of hockey stick just under a center point of " S " and that will make it an initial " M " and you'll have an awesome completed personal ID logo in my humble opinion. Hope that it was helpful. s2dio " Avalanche for COTW from me. Jokerit concept's white sweater is perfect for team Finland away sweater.

Unknown said...

Christian L's concept has an issue with a name on the back: " L " is below the rest of the letters and the name by itself is not centered properly against " Reebok " and numbers.Now I want to suggest something to DeBro Alexander concept on " Sea Lions" - why not use a head of a sea lion taking from your round logo, then turn that 180 degrees, add a bit twisted body from a full figured design and make into a shape of a letter " S " for Seattle. I think that way it would benefit a primary crest and make it more to the point of your concept. Shoulder patch that features letter " S " welded into a circle with a tower would look better if you would place a tower stem behind a letter " S " , as the way it is now it makes it harder to see an " S ". I hope that I explained good enough...

Unknown said...

The colors on the seas lions things suck. If a team is going to join the league it should be in quebec. Plus like come on who do they think they are the Seahawks. Looks to much like the sharks and Nucks to me what ever. Sucks lol gg fags

Unknown said...

Matt, you wrote Quebec with a lower case - that would offend their citizens. Why do you say that a new team in NHL should be in Quebec - there is a team in Quebec - that is Montreal " Canadiens ". Canada is a second largest country in a World behind Russia and I'm sure that there are other provinces who wants an NHL team. As far as your harsh critique on sea lions concept - go back on a drawing board and fix it, if you don't like it. Put your energy into your art rather than waste on a comment.

DBro Alexander said...

Felix, Matt was being sarcastic. That's what all the critique we got on BarDown and social media was like. He's being a silly goof.

Unknown said...

Well now that I have riled everyone up let me clarify.

I was making a joke pertaining to the comments that were left on the BarDown post for Dylan and I's work. Many of the comments said things along the lines of what I said above. However the major complaint was that the team they were writing about was for Seattle and not a return of the Nordiques who I believe played in Quebec City, hence the name Quebec Nordiques. Could be wrong I am just waisting my time commenting.

Any who if I did happen to offend any wonderful residents of Quebec with my miss use of proper capitalization feel free to tweet me @number9concepts or email me at number9concepts@gmail.com where I will write you a full apology.

As for saying I think our worked sucked also just a joke; Dylan and I would never put something out there that we weren't proud of or willing to sell to a client. Obviously it was good or a website like TSN wouldn't have posted it just furthering my confidence in our ability.

Unknown said...

Felix, thats a great idea, thanks man!

Unknown said...

Matt McElroy, I read a good chunk of the comments and your right. Everyone's all about criticism but they can't bother to point out the beauty of the logos.

DBro Alexander said...

Gee dang it McElroy you're gonna make me cry :')

Unknown said...

Thank you, Steven - not a problem for to help someone. I blended Green Bay colors into your personal logo on your concept and it looks fantastic. And of course I make that " M ". Steven, what would suggest is that if can come back to all of your concepts on NFL and changed your new ID logo into team's colors,please. Also, if you look at a base of your ID logo when bottoms of the hockey sticks coming down from bottom of the " S " - there is another shape
with a wider " M ". Just how I see it. And in a future if you need any opinion or advice from me - don't hesitate to ask. I'm not allowed to post any of my art ideas on this blog, as I violated rules and being rude to many people in the past, but I can post my comments. Hope to join you later tonight on live chat. Take care and make more art.

T.G. Blankenship said...

The Seattle Sea Lions would look good in the Super Sonic colors! I think I actually would prefer that as a northwesterner (and I wouldn't have predicted that to be honest).

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