Thursday: Swami Says

Hello everyone!

Before I get to today's concepts, I just have a few important things I'd like to say.

First off, thank you guys for enjoying the post last week and giving the warm reception to it that we received. I was struggling to have the energy into doing the post in my usual way from having such a busy work week, and by the time my girlfriend and I finished the post, I wasn't sure on how well received it was going to be. It was certainly different from my usual style, and other writers' styles. But you guys seemed to like it, and I thank you all for giving us a chance to do something different and fun on this post.  My girlfriend loved the experience, and while she's still a long way to being a hockey fan in any regard, she's said she would love to help out and review concepts again, so maybe someday we'll do that again.


Bring out the crystal ball!

About a month ago I talked about the possibility of the Penguins going through a bit of an identity change, which could transpire into a new uniform as well. Click here if you want to see that post again.

Well, according to quite a few jersey, hockey, and Penguins related websites, we should be seeing a "new" 3rd jersey for the Penguins next year. And it sounds like the jersey will have the old "Penguins Gold" colour last seen on the Robo Penguin jerseys. Their full-time jerseys will likely stay the same for now, but lets not forget the fact that the Penguins eventually took their early 2000's 3rd jersey and made it their permanent uniform. Maybe history will repeat itself, we'll see.

Now I'm just waiting for a Vancouver redesign, and I'll be 2/2.

COTY-May vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW June 2-8 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
NHA entries (tentatively due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


NHA Entries:

Stuart R. (Montreal Shamrocks)


Washington Capitals vs Columbus Blue Jackets WC Concept - Andrew W.

Yay: We'll start today with some more future predictions. We already know Washington is hosting the Winter Classic, and while Columbus wouldn't be my first choice to watch, it's certainly a reasonable guess given they're division rivals and Columbus has yet to appear in an outdoor game. The Caps jersey is not much off the beaten path from their old jersey (seen on the right), and would fit the look of the game well. Columbus' jersey looks really classic and sharp, and I love how the other Ohio NHL team inspired the design.

Nay: Most probably won't agree with me, but for the sake of a little bit of originality, I wonder how the Caps jersey would look with vintage white instead of plain white. On both jerseys, the name and back number look quite smaller than they should be. Hard to tell, but it looks like there's two tiny red gaps on the socks between the stripes, and I think the stripes should be pushed together to get rid of that.

Overall: Very solid concept. The Caps jersey is really nothing new, but I'm really digging that Columbus jersey. Believable teams and believable uniforms. 8.3/10

Winnipeg Jets Concept - Antonio C.

Yay: Next is this brand new look for the Winnipeg Jets. I like the new logo, but the old logo always has a special place in my heart, and has that cool retro look, so I'm always more interested in designs with the old logo. Grey has never been a main colour for Winnipeg, but it looks slick and complements the other colours well. Going with simple, traditional stripes is the best way to go for keeping the retro look that makes this jersey unique.

Nay: The outlining on the text is a little overdone. It's not too bad on the TV numbers, but I think the Captain's patch either needs to have less outline or thicker white.  Right now the white is barely noticeable and almost blends into the jersey. The shoulders look really bare, and could use some colour, either with a yoke, shoulder patch, or both. The laces should be a different colour too, if that's possible with your template.

Overall: This design is really well done, and really polished, but I'm just not quite sold on it yet. 7.9/10

Jokerit Concept - Alan H.

Yay: Next we have this rather colourful design from Alan. Jokerit is likely the most popular team in Finland, and even more popular because of their move to the KHL next season. This set is much more flamboyant than their current set, and has a really interesting yoke/arm combination. The checkerboard style is all over, yet subtle enough to not be too distracting from the rest of the jersey. Very difficult to make a jersey as busy as this look so sharp.

Nay: I really think the blue jersey needs some more white somewhere, more than just the border of the checkerboards. I wonder how it would look with white on the top of the arms.  The yellow outline on the text for the blue jersey seems to clash and blur out the text a bit. I think going with a smaller outline, like on the white jersey, would work better.

Overall: Checkerboards and fancy arm styles are difficult to pull off, but this concept does it well. Nice work. 8.3/10

Mighty Ducks Concept - Alex O.

Yay: I'd go crazy if the Ducks ever pulled this off for a game. Alex throws some movie magic into our post, creating a SS version of the Mighty Ducks jersey. Hey, they put on Anaheim's jersey when they were playing against Iceland, so why could Anaheim throw these on for a game? Not much has changed on the jersey from the original, besides the SS-style yokes, and the addition of arm stripes.

Nay: This is contrast. This is a fire in a barrel. This is contrast in a fire in a barrel.  Any questions? So it appears like the green on this jersey is brighter than the green on their old jerseys (could be wrong, but a quick Google Images search seems to agree). That bright of green with that shade of yellow, and that bright of grey in the background makes this concept hard on the eyes. Darken up the grey, and it'll be knucklepuck time.

Overall: Not much to complain about, but most of this jersey has already been seen, and the changes are pretty minor. Great to see a Stadium Series conversion, but not really a mind-blowing concept. 7.2/10

Chicago Enforcers Concept - Mario A.

Yay: Next is an interesting concept from Mario, bringing in a team from the XFL. He's done a few of these concepts now, and the concepts have all been really wacky and out there. I know Mario is relatively new, and is rough around the edges still, but I really like the effort put in and the strive to be different.  I don't think I'd want to wear this as is, but I see lots of potential here.

Nay: The purple stripes on the arms need to be thicker, and need to end on the jersey. Having stripes that leak off the jersey is a concept killer. The arm style stays the same except for the back of the purple jersey, which should look the same as the other jersey. On the white jersey, if the white area came all the way to the black, and didn't leave a weird grey gap, it would look perfect.  Now, it just looks blocky. The TV numbers need more contrast and should be bigger, and I think you need a better font. The font now is cool, but doesn't necessarily work well on a hockey jersey.

Overall: This concept right now will go as far as the XFL did, but I like the effort in making something different, and with practice your concepts will be more refined, and maybe even COTW worthy. But for now, its a 6/10

University of North Carolina Concept - Trent D.

Yay: Trent takes us to school with this UNC Tarheels concept. Double blue is my biggest weakness on a jersey, so you're already in my good books. UNC, like most schools, deserves a solid, classic look, and we get that here. The striping looks good, the arm, cuff and hem style looks good, and this would be a good visualization of North Carolina hockey.

Nay: First things first: You definitely need a name or some ID on your concepts. The logo on the front of the jersey looks way too big, there is too much outline on the captain's patch, and the shoulder patches and TV numbers look a little big as well. The stripes might look better if they were stacked together, and maybe thicker. And I'm not sure why the top of the pants is coloured white.

Overall: Good looking uniform for a college team, but the degree of difficulty here is low, and there are quite a few execution mistakes. Not bad, but not great. 6.9/10

Philadelphia Flyers Concept - s2dio

Yay: I said this a few months ago with a similar concept from Dallas K, and I'll say it again now: "Why in the world isn't this an actual jersey?". The Flyers are really missing out on a beautiful vintage alternate that would look similar to this or the aforementioned concept. This has the perfect amount of stripes to make sure you know its an old Quakers jersey, but not enough to look busy and distracting. The word mark on the front works perfect for this jersey, and in general this is a beautiful concept.

Nay: Other than the new word mark and the current Flyers logos as shoulder patches, this concept doesn't carry a lot of weight as anything original. But that is being totally nitpicky. The only complaint I have is that the white on the gloves is a little distracting. My personal rule of thumb is that there shouldn't be more of a colour on the gloves or equipment than anywhere on the jersey itself.

Overall: I've seen this concept before, with minor detail changes, so it loses a little bit there. But this is still a very beautiful, very well executed concept. I'd definitely buy. 8.6/10

Phoenix (Arizona) Coyotes Concept - s2dio

Yay: Where s2dio lost points for originality before, he more than makes up for it now. This is probably the craziest Coyotes concept I've seen, and yet it looks remarkable. The inclusion of old and new colours from the Coyotes palette makes for an extremely unique striping pattern, but it looks solid, especially on the yoke. I never thought a jersey with that colour scheme could look anything better than hideous, but I've been strongly proven wrong here.

Nay: The only problem with this whole concept is the logo. Yes, the logo has all of the colours needed to make the jersey colours relevant, and it does look decent in a dark red background. But the jersey, as crazy as this sounds, has a sort of sharp, classic look to it. And as great as the jersey looks, the logo is just way too cartoony, and it just looks out of place. Their current logo would work, but then you wouldn't have the purple and orange, which makes this concept special.

Overall: I want to give this concept a perfect score, but the logo is really tormenting me. I don't have an immediate fix or substitution for it, but if the logo looked more traditional and/or intimidating, I'd buy this jersey, twice. 9/10

Iqaluit Inuksuit Concept - TG

Yay: Up to this point, TG's North Hockey Association concepts have all been good, but not one has caught my eye as much as this one has. The colour scheme and curvy, modern style is extremely well done. The chest stripe and appropriate logo outline changes are perfect. Most people have difficulties making a chest stripe concept look good without distracting from the logos and numbers or just looking tacky, but this is as good of execution for a chest stripe design as I've ever seen.

Nay: As much as I like the alternating colours on the name and number, I don't think light blue works as well for text on a white jersey. It's not too bad for contrast, but it is still pretty bright. I really have nothing else to say.

Overall: Iqaluit may be really cold, but this concept is burning hot. Simply brilliant! 9.3/10


I could have easily nominated 3 or 4 concepts today, but I say TG and his Iqaluit Inuksuit concept earned my COTW nomination today. But I'd love to see more concepts from today make it into the vote.

Fun fact, Thursday-reviewed concepts occupy half of the COTW May vote, so these concepts might have a bit of luck on their side. Keep Thursday the best day to get your concept reviewed, and make your votes and nominations count.

That's it for me today. I'm writing this post early, so if the Kings happen to be Stanley Cup champs by the time you read this, and you're wondering why I haven't mentioned it until now, that's why.

Thanks for reading, and have a good weekend. (And happy playoffs if they aren't finished by now).
Thursday: Swami Says Reviewed by Unknown on June 12, 2014 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I will nominate s2dios Arizona coyotes concept for cotw. Only thing I would change is loosing the little bit of green in the logo.

Mario Ardais said...

thanks for the feedback. i'll try to fix those flaws in my future XFL Series jerseys.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd TG for COTW! I love he may or may not have taken inspiration from my comment, but that would be my perfect idea for a team in Nunavut's capital! A lot of solid concepts today though, i'm really liking Antonio's Jets concept and S2dio's two concepts (always great from those two) and my partner in connecting, Alex O.'s eye popping, nostalgia flexing concept.

Unknown said...

I will 2nd S2dios Coyotes concept for COTW. A sweet design!

TG said...

@jets96, I had the idea of making a team called the Iqaluit Inuksuit before your comment, but I wasn't actually going to make the team until I saw your comment saying you wanted a team from Iqaluit. I'm glad you said it.

Unknown said...

I did made a second version of the Capitals with vintage white, I thought it looked good, but I liked the better.

And I'll third S2dio's Coyotes concept for COTW.

Unknown said...

Definitely 2nd S2dio's Coyotes concept.

DBro Alexander said...

Really strong day of concepts. I love it.

I'll third the Iqaluit Inuksuit concept for COTW. I love that color scheme, reminds me of the Flint Tropics from Semi-Pro.

s2dio's Coyotes concept is also really good. I feel like the green would look on the jersey as well used as trim like the purple. I don't like the mismatch between the logos on the helmet and jersey. use the old school 'yote on the helmet.

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