Sunday: A Popular and Successful Template

The winner of the COTW vote for June 9-15 was TG with his Iqaluit Inuksuit concept!

Full Results
TG - 4
Steven G. - 3
S2dio (PHX) - 2
Brian B. - 0
S2dio (PIT) - 0

The new Concept of the Week nominees have been determined. You can click the banner on the right side of the page to see the concepts or you can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Anyone can email their votes in and voting ends on Friday. But you might as well just do it right now.

This group of COTW nominees is the perfect example for why you want to put your name or some sort of ID on your image. We have two green Canucks concepts in the COTW vote. Luckily both artists have placed some sort of identifier ON their concept. It's easy to determine which concept belongs to who. That's something to keep in mind when making your concepts.


Many people emailed requests to me for S2dio's full body template. It's a custom template made by S2dio. He is now willing to share it with everyone. It's compatible with Photoshop and Paint.net. You can find it at its new permanent home on the TEMPLATES page.
If you haven't explored everything the TEMPLATES page has to offer, then you're putting yourself a couple of steps behind. I've been building that page for at least three years, so there's a mass amount of tools available there. All for free! Also, don't be afraid to try a new template or to learn how to install a font. Take a chance and put some effort in to learn about some new and great tools.


One thing that I see on some concepts and I personally think it really takes a concept down, is hem trim used in conjunction with hem stripes. Here's what I am talking about;
As far as I can remember this has NEVER happened in real life during the Reebok Edge era. There's a reason for that...it doesn't look good. It worked pre-Edge because almost all hems were straight. Any hem trim just ended up looking like another hem stripe. In fact, "hem trim" wasn't really too much of a design element on a jersey before the Edge era.

Typically you either have traditional hem stripes or 1-3 rows of coloured hem trim. Never both. So, to anyone who likes to do this I suggest that you stop doing it if you would like to see your concepts improve.


On Friday night the first round of the NHL Entry Draft will take place in Philadelphia. As has been the case for at least the last 25 years the draftees will receive a sweater from the team that drafted them, as well as that year's draft hat. Lets take a look at some for this year.
screen capture from shop.NHL.com
These had potential, but ultimately I give them a fail. The most annoying thing to me is the return of the snapback. Now I understand that being a 30 year old I am no longer in the age group that dictates what is trendy. Now I'm just a guy who likes things the way they were and doesn't want to see anything change. So give me my fullbacks!

My other issue with the hats is specifically with the Leafs' hat. It appears as though the template is a white hat with the primary logo on it. The team's secondary logo (when available) is then screened behind that. Looks to me like Reebok is using an old Leafs logo as their secondary logo. What happened to the secondary leaf that adorns the shoulders of the home and road sweaters? Or what about the logo used on the '67 throwbacks?

If these were fullback hats, or at least had the option to buy them with a fullback, and the Leafs' hat used an actual secondary logo and not a former logo then I would be willing to purchase one.


The NHA team voting continues until the end of Tuesday. Sometime late Wednesday night the final 11 concepts (hopefully) will be up in the Final vote to determine the concept that moves into the next COTW vote.

Once the NHA vote ends a week from yesterday, the HJC competitions will take a hiatus while preparations are made for the HJC Open, which begins July 12. Who's excited? We'll still have a simple and fun little vote, like when we voted on the best Winter Classic jersey to date.


NHA team votes (end Tuesday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW June 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Sunday: A Popular and Successful Template Reviewed by Ryan on June 22, 2014 Rating: 5


Justin said...

I think my biggest problem with the draft has is how inconsistent they are. Like with the Leafs using an old secondary logo and then the Avs have their foot logo which could have easily been used, but instead they are using the primary twice. Then there's the inconsistency in the opacity of the backgrounds. Most are that nice, subtle transparency and then there's the Habs and Bruins overwhelming backgrounds. I also don't like the SnapBack either.

Tyler Gross said...

Yeah I hate when the hem stripes are used with the hem trim. Looks so awkward.

DBro Alexander said...

For the most part, I really like the draft hats. It'll be hard to ever beat the 2008 or 2009 hats. The 2012 hats we're really awesome too. Some of the inconsistencies are annoying, yes, but luckily they're on the hats that I wouldn't buy anyway.

Looking to get a Hawks and a Stars one, and when I stop being bitter, a Kings one.

Jlnhlfan said...

I see a vintage logo in the Leafs hat.

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