Saturday: Summer Sucks, Drop the Puck

Hello everyone! We've got a great post today with some bold designs you're sure to love or love to hate. Either way, you won't be forgetting them anytime soon, and that's what is important, right?

As surely all of you must know by now, the Los Angeles Kings are Stanley Cup champions for the second time in three years! I've got to say, Daryl Sutter's Kings can really get down to business in the playoffs. Down three games to the Sharks in the first round, the Kings pulled off an incredible four-game win streak to move on, defeat the defending champs, and claim the cup again.

Lundqvist played out of his mind all game to keep the Rangers in it, but the Kings were just too much for them at the end. Honestly, the entire Rangers team owes Lundqvist a steak dinner, 25-year-old scotch, and a sincere apology. The Kings spent a lot of time in the Rangers end, and not even Lundqvist can save everything, especially when players miss key assignments (looking at you, Girardi and Zuccarello).

This series was way more intense than the record indicates. The final game tally may have been 4-1, but there was so much overtime action, incredible saves, physical play, and so much more. It was an awesome series, and gave us all an entertaining finale. 

Yesterday Ryan asked us on Twitter if we were ready for a potential last game of the season. My answer, having just realized as Martinez picked up the rebound that won the game, was no. Absolutely not ready. Summer sucks! Drop the puck!

Here are some entries into the NHA Redesign Competition:

Montreal Shamrocks - J3

Toronto 228th Battalion - Alan J.H.

Montreal Canadiens - Alan J.H.

Cobalt Silver Kings - Alan J.H.

Montreal Shamrocks - Alan J.H.

Let's move on with today's concepts!

Ottawa Senators Concept - Scott B.

Positives: Since first seeing this concept in my email on Sunday, the yoke striping has really grown on me. I like it. The chest striping isn't bad, but...

Negatives: ...I wish it it matched the yoke striping better. The primary logo is not my favorite. Something about it just plays with my eyes in an unpleasant way. There should be sleeve numbers, and a name/number on the back. Those are crucial details to a concept. There are some loose pixels around the collar, and areas where the striping is not flush with the template. The ID overlaps the concept.

Overall: There are some good elements to work with, but it needs further polish. Right now it looks incomplete. (4/10)

Oakland Athletics Concept - Ben A.

Positives: The Athletics have a great color scheme; it's easy to work with. The shoulder patch is a very interesting old elephant logo.

Negatives: There aren't any sleeve numbers on the jersey. The shoulder patch is an old elephant logo. The inside of the jersey should be green.

Overall: The striping and colors work well, but there are still some important details left out. (5.5/10)

Detroit Red Wings Alternate Concept - Ricky M.

Positives: This is an interesting concept for Detroit. It's definitely a departure from what is expected.

Negatives: Confession: I don't like diagonal wordmarks in any context; not even on Rangers jerseys. I'm not crazy about the black. If you're going to use it, I think it should be used more than just the logo and the number on the back. Ricky's been doing this long enough to know to put sleeve numbers on, so I'm confused as to why that has been omitted. The jersey has a very traditional appearance, so the phantom yoke is  a little out of place. Also, Datsyuk is #13, not #3, and he is an alternate captain, so you need to place an 'A' on the concept. 

Overall: It seems very "Colorado Avalanche," and mistakes and omissions don't help. (6/10)

1992 Unified Team Olympic Concept - Stephen T.

Positives: This concept is very interesting. I wasn't aware of this until I did some research, but following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the former Soviet Republics competed together under the moniker of the "Unified Team" during the 1992 Summer and Winter Olympic games. They also won gold in hockey that year. The concept has a Russian feel to it, without being obviously or overwhelmingly Russian.

Negatives: The outline on the Olympic rings outline are really pixelated. The striping is well executed, but not particularly interesting.

Overall: Not a bad concept from Stephen. Glad to see his work improving. (7.5/10)

St. Louis Blues Alternate Concept - S2udio

Positives: I like the yoke, and the striping on the hem/arms/socks. I think this is a better way to do two-tone blue than what St. Louis is using right now. I always like how S2udio presents the helmet.

Negatives: The name/sleeve numbers/alternate captain patch should match the number in my opinion. I'm not a fan of the darker gold color. 

Overall: St. Louis's conservative fanbase would likely buy this as well. (8.5/10)

Tampa Bay Lightning Alternate Concept - S2udio

Positives: This is a really daring concept. That lightning bolt across the front is such a bold statement. The arm/sock striping match the lightning bolt well, too.

Negatives: The roundel logo on the right side isn't necessary, and I don't like the use of the "BOLTS" wordmark as a shoulder patch. I think using the roundel on one shoulder would be sufficient. 

Overall: An alternate you aren't soon to forget. (8.5/10) COTW nomination from me

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept - Dallas K.

Positives: I haven't always felt this way, but I prefer the Penguins in "Vegas gold." I think it further distances themselves from the Bruins and makes them more unique.  Execution and presentation is pretty good.

Negatives: I don't like the use of blue. There seems to be a few eras of Penguins designs here that are more at odds than working in harmony. 

Overall: There are a few design choices that I'm not a fan of here, but it's still an improvement over what they are wearing now. (7.8/10)

St. Louis Blues Concept - Justin S.

Positives: I like Justin's creativity here. 

Negatives: I'm not a fan of the wordmark/number treatment, but I understand that you can't use the Blue Note as a logo and striping, so I'm giving it a pass here. Some of the lines int he wing striping are not very clean, and there's some odd black lines in there as well. With an Oshie concept, you need to put the alternate captain 'A' on the front.

Overall: One of these would make an interesting alternate, but I don't think I'd want to see this as a full-time set. (7/10)

Winnipeg Jets Alternate Concept - Garrett F.

Positives: The Winnipeg Jets are one of the few teams in the league that could really pull off a gray alternate. I like the primary logo choice.  The sleeve numbers are done very well. Execution is pretty solid here. The striping looks good, and the colors are balanced well.

Negatives: I'm not a fan of the nameplate treatment. The way it's presented almost looks as if the nameplate is sublimated instead of being stitched on the jersey. 

Overall: This could make a good alternate for the Jets. (8.5/10)

Did you see a concept today you liked, disliked, or disagree with me on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section! Don't forget to send in your NHA Redesign concepts. The deadline has been extended to Wednesday the 18th, so you have extra time to get them in and make them look the best you can make them. It's should be a really good competition, so get in on the action and send them in! Also, don't forget to in your votes for next weeks Concept of the Week! I hoep you all enjoyed today's post. See you all back here tomorrow to find out the winner of this week's COTW and May COTY votes!

Saturday: Summer Sucks, Drop the Puck Reviewed by Caz on June 14, 2014 Rating: 5


Coby S. said...

Um, Caz, I hate to break this to you, but the 18th is a Wednesday.

Will S said...

Not sure if you posted photos or linked to a site for when the whole NHA redesign contest started to show what the sweaters from the NHA originally looked like.

If not, here's one place:

Ottawa can be found under NHL Heritage. Montreal Canadiens under NHL Original Six.

Unknown said...

Caz, honestly you're not NY Rangers fan - so, do me a great favor and don't say some silly stuff about what Lundqvist teammates owed him or not and don't point finger at Girardi or Zuccarello. You've never played a real NHL game in your life and don't be one of these arm chair fans chewing on a popcorn and criticizing on every play that you see on a screen. I will not let you accused any player of my beloved NY Rangers team that I'm a fan since 1979. All I can say that both teams played their guts out and more and it was a great series. Yes, Kings won and congratulations to them. Lundqvist is the best goalie in NHL right now with or without the Cup. And whoever was that silly guy that said during a live chat that there is not enough scoring in soccer - he should eat up his bold statement and watch some games from Brazil right now : Netherlands vs Spain 5:1, Costa Rica vs Uruguay 3:1, Colombia vs Greece 3:0, Brazil vs Croatia 3:1. Four games - 17 goals scored.

Caz said...

Felix, if you don't like what I write, you can just skip to the concepts. Calm down. If that upset you, I recommend you avoid Twitter and hockey blogs. I actually cheered for the Rangers in this series, because I really wanted to see Kevin Klein win the cup.

Unknown said...

This is a free hockey blog and I have a right equals to your right to
write my opinion. If you don't like my opinion - I recommend to skip this blog and go some place else. Caz, you're not in a position to tell me what to do. Your comments about Henrik Lundqvist's teammates owed him a steak dinner or some boos - are childish, so, grow up. Also, I remember what comments did you make during a live chat about soccer in general. Don't thrash the best game on earth. By saying that - you will offend a lot of people and many of them will not as nice as I'm.

Ryan said...

This kind of over reaction and aggressive threats is why I recommend for everyone not to feed the trolls.

Anonymous said...

If RH doesnt approve this thats fine, but...

Felix! Caz can write whatever the FUCK he wants! HAnk played great, the rest of the rangers played awful. just CTFD and go play golf with NYR.

Ryan said...

The swearing isn't necessary but I do agree with Anonymous' thoughts.

Richard Mazella said...

This jersey of mine and the Rangers jersey coming up here soon are not supposed to have TV numbers . . . sorry I forgot to include that in my "additional info" area of my concepts.

Richard Mazella said...

My last comment was before I read the post . . . This is a different for different's sake concept. I don't hate Datsyuk or anything, just that I was putting a concept together for a never to be seen) alternate. The big purpose was to not assign any captaincy (C or A) and to add black with the Red Wings just as an experiment. I'm not saying black is the answer to anything, but I am quite honestly tired of the Red Wings brand. I just want something new (probably wishful thinking) The other Original Six teams have made minor revisions here and there that seemed to work out fairly well (imho). The only one that would come even close to Detroit is Toronto, but even then at least they have some sort of striping pattern to keep me entertained.
As for not liking black or diagonal, perfectly fine. I admit, it wasn't my best idea to have this be a concept, however I was not expecting for this to be taken very seriously in the first place. I'm just trying to have fun doing this and until I am able to bring this venture as a revenue source, I can live with these types of concepts (regardless of what errors may or not be visible).

For the record, that Rangers one I speak of was tweaked from a previous concept, including the removed TV numbers.

Caz said...

Ryan, yeah I shouldn't have acknowledged it.

Ricky, hat's an interesting angle to take on it. I do respect messing with the "Original Six." I like the drop shadow on the diagonal wordmark. I think that maybe if you matched the number to the wordmark and included a little black on the arm striping, this concept could work well. Looking forward to seeing the Rangers concept.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Felix, This isn't your blog. Caz can write what he wants cause its his "JOB" to write on the blog! You are a spectator and a fan. My opinion is soccer is bring to watch compared to hockey, but I don't HATE it par-say. So you can't write whatever the "fuck" you want. Ryan has to approve your comments, and the only reason he does is to make you look stupid, which you do. From what I know you haven't played any NHL games either, so don't be a pot and call the kettle black. Caz has every right to say whatever he wants about the Rangers 'cause Lundqvist deserved a cup, but the rest of the rangers didn't.

Richard Mazella said...

Glad you understand my position. But for a normal Detroit concept which would normally get much more TLC, you're absolutely right Caz!

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