Monday: Keep Moving, Something to See Here

Wow am I in a time crunch. Sorry for the delay. Between work Saturday, World Cup Sunday and needing to buy new roller hockey wheels, among other activities, It was a very busy weekend. Oh by the way, and hi there and welcome to the Monday HJC Post! And it the hockey world, it got even busier today as #HartnellDown, Scott Hartnell was traded to Columbus for RJ Umberger and a fourth. That trade makes zero sense, outside of Umberger asking for a trade, for now. A few years down the road it will help the Flyers for expiring contracts (Umberger's ends 2 years before Hartnell's).

Remember that votes are due TUESDAY for the NHA comp in the COMMENTS SECTION. You must vote for one concept from ALL 11 teams. COTW votes are still due Friday by email as usual. Ok let's get to it!

Buffalo Sabres Alternate Concept by Andrew W:

Interesting to note: Andrew credits Will J. for the idea. If you remember a while back, I reviewed a concept by Will with this logo that is used in this concept, and the execution of this one, unlike the other, is spot on, and makes the logo look that much better. The striping is unique, almost Whalers-esque when they had the navy and grey added to the color scheme.I think it would be nice to see the Sabres primary logo on the shoulders, but more important to note, the numbers need a second outline, since the white outline gets lost in the yellow jersey. Helmet and pant logos would be nice too.

Final Score: 83%

Boston Bruins Concept by Daniel L:

For the record, Nike should NEVER take over the NHL's jersey contract from Reebok/CCM/whoever has it now. I saw some new jerseys with the CCM name back, yet when Peterborough (OHL) unveiled new jerseys, 2 had CCM one Reebok. That said, I welcome any and all Nike concepts for NHL teams.This is definitely something I can see Nike doing with these jerseys. The striping is interesting because its identical between the two jerseys, an effect I tried with my LA set a few days back, and it looks good. Good Concept, but not one I'd like to see on ice because of the whole Nike nonsense. The squaring of the striping around the number is a bit out of the ordinary for a Nike template and that's ok. Would like to see how the equipment, especially the socks, would look.

Final Score: 77%

HC Lugano (Switzerland) Concept by David P:

Obviously this is an upgrade over their current jerseys, which are basically black and white shirts with ads all over, typical for a Swiss team. These look like Bruins jerseys with a few colors swapped in the striping. The biggest complaint is the black jersey's striping, because of the yellow and white being together. Separate them with thin black stripes, or else they get lost. Would like to see what the back would look like.

Final Score: 65%

Minnesota North Stars Concept by Nate F:

 Nate brings black to the North Stars during a time they didn't have it. and it looks pretty good to an extent. I would get rid of the wordmark and change the number font (style and size). Shoulder patches need serious work. the half patch method only works when you're dealing with half the yoke. On either side, you aren't. This concept has potential but still a lot of work ahead of you to make it better. Also, the dude in the template probably doesn't appreciate his neck being green.

Final Score: 62%

Montreal Canadiens (NHA) Concept by Stephen T:

This is Stephen's second attempt at a concept for this team. This one works in the NHA, as referees didn't have stripes on their shirts. I wish the logo were bigger and outlined in red and white. I also wish the ouline of the TV numbers was easier to see. With this dark of a red and green, you can't make it visible if directly next to each other. This is an NHA appropriate concept, one which Stephen hopes to win the competition with.

Final Score: 76%

Bradford Bulls (Greater Metro Hockey League) concept by Trent D:

 I did some research of this team, and apparently they are a rugby team somewhere, and i don't necessarily think Trent was going for that. Trent tries an idea that the Barrie Colts (OHL) use, and thats striping in the middle section of the arms in a Pittsburgh/Ottawa template. Onc move I have always been a fan of. Two execution errors, one possibly intentional so I'll minimize that, and that's the name on the back omission. Let me know, Trent, in the comments section if that was intentional. The other is the shoulder patch error. This is the time and place for the "half yoke-half patch" trick I mentioned in the North Stars concept.

Final Score: 66%

Charlotte Checkers Concept by Jake88:

Thank goodness I'm in world cup mode right now for the USA. If this isn't screaming "AMERICA" at you right now, I don't know what will. Good job crediting the Checkers Instagram for this logo, as it's not a logo you can find easily like their primary. The striping on the arms is nice, though I'd like to see it on the hem too. Definitely a great one night jersey. The small, subtle stripes on the yoke are fantastic. I can't really say anything else for this except for "America! **** Yeah!"

Final Score: 1776%, errrr 91%

The Winner of my nomination for Concept of the Week is Jake88 and his Charlotte Checkers Concept.

Draft is Friday, so I'm looking forward to who, if anybody pending trades, the Islanders select 5th overall. I hope to see a few of you locals at the Coliseum for the Draft Party. Let me know in the comments if you plan on going. If not, you can discuss these concepts or the Hartsy trade. Have at it! See you next week if I don't see you at the Draft Party.
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Will J. said...

Thanks for the credit, Andrew, glad my design inspired you.

Unknown said...

No problem, Will, I loved the logo you made.

I can't believe I forgot to put a logo on the helmet and pants, that'll teach me to double check my work.

Caz said...

I'll second Jake88's Checkers concept. I don't even mind it not having hem stripes. That's a great patriotic jersey.

Unknown said...

I'll also nominate Jake88's checkers jersey for COTW, when I saw that logo on Instagram I knew it needed to go on a concept, and Jake88 did it perfectly!

winnipegjets96 said...

I will 4th Jake 88 for COTW. Can the Checkers just use that full time?

Unknown said...

Reebok owns CCM

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