Monday: Post Draft, Pre Free Agency

The Draft Party at the Coliseum was fantastic. Got some good pictures of some non-Islanders jerseys for some Islanders players, including a Memorial Cup jersey for Casey Cizikas from the Mississauga St. Michael's Majors, a throwback Oshawa Generals jersey and Team Orr CHL Prospects jersey for John Tavares and a Sochi 2014 Austria jersey for Michael Grabner. I toured the locker room and saw the Isles Hall of Fame. I purchased a small Billy Smith banner, for my favorite retired Islander. Also, apparently I look like Anders Lee. I look awful, mind you.

Afterwards I played ICE hockey (I normally play roller) for the first time in a year and scored a goal. Overall a good Friday, including our picks of Dal Colle and Ho-Sang. Plus my brother graduating high school Saturday and the US reaching the round of 16 to face Belgium tomorrow. Things are looking good except me in that pic. So you know what would make it better? Voting for Concept of the Week! We have no competitions this week, so concentrate your efforts on voting, due Friday at 11:59 pm. Email your votes to concepts@hockeyjerseyconcepts.com.

COMING SOON: The HJC Open! The annual concept tournament here at HJC. This year, EVERYONE IS ELIGIBLE! And who knows, you may advance to Round 2, then 3, then the FINALS! So prepare some NEW concepts, and save the four best concepts for this tournament. If you submit a concept that has appeared here before, it will not be eligible, so get going! ON TO THE CONCEPTS WITHOUT INTERRU...

 Boston Bruins Concept by Andy R:

DISCLAIMER: Andy DID ID his concept, however sublimated it may be.

There's a few execution things I want to get out of the way first. There's no NHL logo in the collar inset, no tags on the inside of the jersey and the TV numbers are not displayed correctly, as they should have half of the number on one sleeve and the other half on the other. That stuff out of the way, an interesting throwback idea that needs refining as well as more items in the concept. Where's the back, and who's name is there? What do the socks look like? What do the pants and helmet look like? I need more information.

Final Score 45%

San Jose Sharks Concept by Coby S:

I have two major complaints of this jersey, the less obvious one is the lack of orange in the numbers on the black jersey. I only mention that because there's a double outline on the stripes of both jerseys and the numbers on the white jersey. The other thing is the shoulder patches which need to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Not only that, but I'm surprised that these patches are used as opposed to the current diamond fin patch. It makes the silver look out of place, especially since after the logo redesign the orange essentially replaced the silver.

Final Score 58%

Edmonton Oilers Concept by Coby S:

Same problem with the shoulder patches. I like the idea of a jersey with little white like this. It looks good, but the striping seems heavy on the white in comparison to the numbers and logo. Speaking of that striping, where have I seen it before? Also, we could ask which came first, the chicken or the egg? And the answer is the shark. As such, I'll give points for the idea only. The execution needs help and the striping is copied from another concept of yours.

Final Score: 35%

Nashville Predators Concept by Daniel L:

I am liking Daniel's "Get Niked" series so far. The grey looks good here, but I wish the stripes on the numbers on the dark jersey were a different color, as the white gets lost in the grey. This navy blue also looks unusually dar for Nashville. It actually looks pretty good. The color of the collar and yoke are identical on the dark as opposed to differing on the white jersey. Wouldn't mind a blue collar there, as well as a name outline on the white jersey, since the blue has that.

Final Score: 82%

Renfrew Creamery Kings Concept by Christian L:

Christian is well know here for making his own logos and this is no exception. This is a modern looking take on a classic style, curving the striping to measures that we haven't seen before, one that may look good if you brighten the red and slap a Devils logo on it. Execution is spot on. I'm surprised that this didn't win the team vote compared to what did win. Would like it if the name and number font was similar to the logo.

Final Score 93%

(Original) Winnipeg Jets Concept by Mike S:

A lot of red and white stripes on a blue jersey from a team from Canada. OK then...Anyway, I think the partial stripes ride way too far up on the sleeve considering the limits on the hem stripe you set. Maybe 5 stripes on each portion (sleeves, hem and sock) would be ideal. Helmet and pant logos would be preferred. TV numbers are rather high for this one. I like it but I don't think it would work.

Final Score: 73%

Bosnia & Herzegovina Concept by Stephen T:

I like the effect on the pants, carrying the cape effect from the jersey to the pant. This template works for Bosnia & Herzegovina because of the ampersand in the name. Two regions, one country. Two colors, one jersey. Socks are out there, but if you want to carry the effect on from top to bottom with the cape, you need to give me the side view of the sock and not the front. Numbers could use a white outline between the exterior blue outline and the main blue numbers, because otherwise the numbers look blurry. The star effects look neat because of the country flag. That logo looks sweet too. This may be the only case where this template looks good. One small note is the outdated Reebok logo on the tag. One larger note is that the numbers and name are WAY too high on the back, causing it to completely eliminate the Reebok wordmark on the back.

Final Score: 80%

Los Angeles Kings Alternate Concept by TG:

The fading effect from black to white is a great idea, but I wish it could be done slightly better. Possibly one more even lighter shade of grey. Otherwise this is a great third jersey option for Los Angeles. The logo choice is an interesting one, since it uses multiple shades of grey here. I have always had an affinity for this logo, since it portrays a medieval theme of the coat of arms. I would like to see how this looks with the current font the Kings use for the name and numbers. Good call on the crown logo on the shoulders.

Final Score: 83%

The winner of my Concept of the Week nomination is Christian L's Renfrew Creamery Kings Concept.

We started with Draft discussion, we end with free agency as it starts TOMORROW! Let's hope the Isles actually use that cap room and spend money for a change. So many rumors, so many free agents, so little time. Good luck keeping up with it all! If you have any rumors for free agents or trades, or if you want to complain and/or laugh about Garth Snow's interview from the draft or any picks your team made, then comment below. I'll be more than happy to join in with you. Don't forget to vote for Concept of the Week THIS week. When you send in concepts, send in your votes in the same email. DO IT! I DARE YOU!
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Unknown said...

I'm liking 2 concepts today. Stephen's Bosnia concept. And TG's kings concept. Tough to choose but I'll nominate TG's kings. Although I wished you would have used the crown logo instead.

Unknown said...

Stephen's Bosnia Jersey for COTW!!! They should've done better at the world cup.

winnipegjets96 said...

COTW for Daniel L.'s Preds concept, perfect combination of eras!

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