Monday: The Final Countdown

So yesterday I was at the USA-Turkey soccer match at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, NJ. What an experience that was. Got on TV a few times, anchored the tifo display and sang, cheered and chanted the USMNT to a 2-1 victory. And to top off the day, we had GAME 7! And not just any Game 7, Game 7 OVERTIME! Congratulations to the Blackhawks on a great series and congratulations to the Kings on advancing to face my rival, the New York Rangers. The rival of my rival is my friend, so GO KINGS GO!

Don't like my pick? Then join me, Ryan and other HJC family members in the HJC LIVE CHAT during Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final! We'll talk about the game, talk about my picks, talk about why you think my pick is wrong, and we'll bring back our head to head concept competition, where you may submit concepts that involve the Kings and the Rangers and put them up against each other, or against other artist's submissions.

With the way the raffle went, Ryan has put his jersey up on eBay, with the auction ending soon. What jersey you ask? His white Lady Liberty Rangers alternate jersey. You can find it right here:


Onward to today's concept and the competition for my weekly Concept of the Week nomination:

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept by Caden P:

Everybody seems lo like Ryan's Jackets submission that a few artists are using that as a starting point, which is ok since Ryan was credited both times including this one. The real kicker to this concept is the inside of the collar which reminds me of that one Montreal heritage jersey from a few years ago. thin stripes and a lot of them, colored bleu blanc rouge (blue white red). But the same logo criticism from the original concept applies here, especially with the striping the way it is, so I'd make the banner in the logo red. The NOB is pixelated and high, TV numbers are missing, and this concept is really bringing nothing new to the able, minus the collar.

Final Score: 53%

Carolina Hurricanes Concept by Wings98:

Wings does the anonymous requester a solid by fulfilling his idea from the LEAVE AN IDEA page, which you can check out at the top of the page. I like the idea, and the fact that they have matching home and road now, but there are major problems. After reading the request, these jerseys fit it well, but there are some major problems. This is very pixelated, TV numbers are way too high, the shades of black between the logo and the jersey don't match, and most importantly, if you look closely enough, you can tell that the logo was not recolored well because there are some traces of red in the logo and the hem stripe of the white jersey. This just seems like a poor recoloring of an image of the current Canes jersey. Good idea, lot of potential, poor execution.

Final Score: 45%

Chicago Blackhawks Concept by S2dio:

One thing you may have to clarify for me is the different shades of red. Some I can tell is a shadow effect, some I can't. If it isn't shadow, it's pretty cool, though I'd like to see more of it on the arms by raising the arm striping. If it is shadow, its ok, but I'd use black pants. Execution notes: the inconsistency of the number outlines from the back and sleeves, as well as the captain's patch is bothersome and the thick outline on the shoulder patches makes the patch feel distant and out of touch.

Final Score: 83% with no shadow effect, 79% if it is shadow.

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept by S2dio:

Double blue color schemes are usually cool, but i feel that these two shades of blue are too close to each other to work, which may be a result of the color scheme of the alternate logo, but I feel that the darker blue isn't dark enough to match the logo. Diagonal striping can be awesome, but the way it looks here, it seems like the jersey is wearing a seatbelt. Either have the hem stripe OR the diagonal stripe, not both. The yoke doesn't entirely work with the diagonal stripe either, but i don't mind it.

Final Score: 74%

Carolina Panthers Concept by Steve M:

The Panthers have one of the best if not the best uniforms in the NFL. Unfortunately it does not transition to hockey that well. I love that alternate/Stadium Series  jersey (Would it really be a Stadium Series jersey if they play in that stadium regularly? Probably not, but its the same template). The logo over the Carolinas looks spectacular. But a major execution error, because the inside of the jersey is not colored properly. Logo gets lost on the home jersey.

Final Score: 74%

Chicago Bears Concept by Steve M:

The Bears however have great jerseys that DO transition well to hockey jerseys. The road one looks a lot like an Edmonton (not Houston) Oilers jersey (sorry, I had to), which isn't a bad thing at all. I would however like to see the Bears actual orange third jersey transition to a hockey jersey with a navy yoke. The Ducks-template design just feels out of place, no less internally inconsistent.

Final Score: 77%

Dallas Cowboys Concept by Steve M:

The one thing that annoys me about the current Cowboys jerseys is the inconsistency in the shade of blue used, which may be a historical point, but nonetheless annoying. Steve smooths that out here by modelling it after the jersey the Cowboys rarely use. I would have done both out of the style of the classic whites with the navy blue, but I won't hold that against you. That aside, these are done well, but I would like to see an outline for the numbers on the white jersey to keep consistent with the logo. The striping is very clever, because the white silver white pattern is identical between jerseys, plus blue stripes surrounding it on the white.

Final Score: 80%

Edmonton Oil Kings Concept by Dylan W.

Wonka decides to remove red as a primary color from their jerseys and replace it with gold, and that is a spectacular decision. He also removes one white stripe from the top of the sleeve pattern and leaves it as thick gold and then white. I think he removed the wrong stripe with reference to the hem, but the right one in reference to the yoke, meaning that he may have been better off leaving it on. But had he done that, it would simply be a recolor. Wonka puts himself it a tough situation here. I would have altered the hem stripe to solve that problem. Interesting choice with the CCM branding, especially since Acadie-Bathurst Titan revealed new jerseys with the CCM branding, as did the Peterborough Petes, so we'll see where that goes in the CHL.

Final Score: 83%

Carolina Hurricanes concept by Christian L:

Wait Christian DIDN'T design this logo? It's ok, because he credited properly. This jersey is terrific at first glance, thanks to the striping and the logo, but there are some MAJOR execution errors: the red of the striping is inconsistent with that of the logo, the tip of the 5 is cut off and the striping is placed sloppily. You'll notice that it stops short of the collar on the back This was a great idea brought down by execution, which is a common problem here at HJC.

Final Score: 68%

The winner of my Concept of the Week nomination is PENDING.

I saw some great concepts today, but nothing that blew me away YET. If S2dio can answer my question about the shades of red on the Blackhawks concept, this may change. So keep an eye out in the comments section, or nominate your choice for COTW there. Vote for COTW this week, vote for the HJC logo (I have a cool entry, so see if you like it or not) and check out that auction. See you at the HJC LIVE CHAT Wednesday.

Kings in 6.
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Tom V. said...

Sooo.... Matt & Dylan are famous! lol... Check it out. Their Seattle Sea Lions set was featured on BarDown. Pretty cool stuff guys, congrats. http://www.tsn.ca/bardown/story.aspx?the%2Bseattle%2Bsea%2Blions%253a%2Bthe%2Bnhl%27s%2Bnext%2Bteam%253f&id=453505

s2dio said...

Definitely two reds, man! No eye tricks.
Should've made the dark one darker now that I see it posted.

Unknown said...

Phil B. - my beloved NY Rangers in
6 and don't bet against them like
Mr. Falon did and now we see a Hab
mascot wearing NY Rangers sweater.
Henrik is the King not your " Kings"
and he will place a Stanley Cup on top of his head later on this month.
Blue Jackets concept resembles NY
Rangers home sweater in a darker red and blue. Dylan Wonka's concept is lacking a complete outline in white on crest in regards to a team's name. s2dio's Blackhawks concept start looking as a good idea for NJ Devils alternate sweater - more white would benefit to Chicago home sweater.

Anonymous said...

3 things.

1) Tom, I saw that, and Tom and Dylan have seen it too, been all over twitter, so I will expect something on it tomorrow. Very cool stuff.

2) thanks for the info S2dio, so I hereby nominate S2udio's Blackhawks concept for COTW.

3) My apologies on the font difference at the beginning. Still working at nailing down the formatting here.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been much of a fan of the NFL series that has been posted over the past week or two. Many of them seem very cookie cutter esque and uninspired, and the execution is off too.

Frank said...

Am I the only one wondering about the lack of Stephen T concepts lately?

Caz said...

I've enjoyed Steve's NFL/NHL series. We've seen a few mash-ups like that in the past. Most people just do the easy ones (Green Bay, San Fran, NYG, NYJ, etc.) and stop there, so I appreciate that Steve seems to be doing even the more difficult teams to translate, such as Arizona and Carolina. There were a few missteps today, but I think the majority of the series has been pretty solid. I hope Steve completes the series.

Caz said...

Also, thanks for posting that link Tom. That's seriously cool.

Unknown said...

Caz, thanks for the kind words. The series is already finished, so you'll be able to see the rest!

And Anonymous, I don't know what you mean by uninspired. I don't think I would have done the series.

Unknown said...

Steve Maurer - anonymous is uninspired by your inspired awesome job on NFL design and I give you my two thumbs up!! Great work - keep on going and never mind a jerk.

Ryan said...

...and we don't need to call people we don't know and that we've never met, jerks.

This is why people don't get some comments published.

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