Monday: Almost North

I am happy. The "evil" teams of sports (in my opinion, your opinions may differ) have lost, them being of course the Miami Heat (Congratulations San Antonio Spurs on winning the title) and my biggest rivals, the New York Rangers (Congratulations on the Los Angeles Kings on winning the best trophy in sports for the second time in three years).  Up and coming with hockey is the NHL Draft on June 27th. IF you are in the New York Metropolitan area on that date, the New York Islanders are hosting their annual Draft Party (Most teams do it regardless of record, so don't mock the Isles for hosting one) at the fabled Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, and I will most likely be there if you would like to meet up. Admission to the party is FREE!

But this week, we go north of the border with our concepts (and contest entries). Well, mostly. Ryan threw me an Avs concept this week and it threw it off. Oh well. Let's review them!


Cobalt Silver Kings by Nick L:

 Montreal Canadiens by J3:

Ottawa Senators by Mario A:

Toronto Tecumsehs by Justin F:

You can continue to send entries to hjccontest@gmail.com until WEDNESDAY NIGHT at 11:59 PM. While you're at it, send in your COTW votes to concepts@hockeyjerseyconcepts.com.

Onward HJC!

Colorado Avalanche Concept by Ben A:

An interesting mountain motif to these jerseys, unlike what I've seen on other Avs concepts. There are definitely certain elements from each jersey that work, such as the logo on the mahogany triangle. Doesn't work on the blue mountain because the blue outline blends in entirely, so you need to add a white outline along side the blue. The striping and yoke of the mahogany jersey works there, because there is no blue outside the collar and logo of the white jersey. The black looks out of place on both jerseys. Interesting idea, overall the home is the strongest of the set, but this could use some tweaking.

Final Score: 62%

2015 Heritage Classic Concept (EDM vs WPG) by Kevin D:

First things first. Winnipeg hosting the Heritage Classic will likely be in 2016, not 2015, as per Jets Chairman Mark Chipman. That said, I do not believe that the Oilers would wear something like this, since they created this logo in 2001. Everything is executed well, except the spacing on the sleeve numbers of the Oilers jersey, though it's a bit bizarre that the Jets have the Heritage Classic patch on the yoke and not the main body of the jersey. Speaking of that jersey, the striping pattern is brilliant, as it combines the striping of the classic Jets and the current Jets. If it were just the Jets jersey, it would have serious consideration for COTW.

Final Score 81%

Montreal Canadiens Concept by Ricky M:

Fortunately for this one, although he sent this one to my blog as well as his Ducks concept from last week, I haven't gotten around to reviewing it yet. Definitely a classic look for a classic team. I like the sleeve numbers in the stripes like the Habs had previously. Adding the yoke definitely helps this concept with color balance. The laces are also a nice classic touch. Coloring the inside a lighter shade of the color use on the outside of the jersey at that point is an interesting tactic that I like. 

Final Score: 85%

Toronto Maple Leafs Concept by S2dio:

There are only four differences I notice between this and their current set. The font is what they used to have when the Edge system was first implemented and not what they have now. The jersey striping is more even than what they have now. The classic socks are replaced with socks that match the striping. Finally, and this is what makes the concept, the classic blue fades into navy blue. Double blue schemes work well only if the two blues are different enough, which is not the case here. I do respect you trying to only change a little bit when it comes with a team like the Leafs, but the navy doesn't stand out well against the Leaf blue, as I'll call it. 

Final Score: 79%

Vancouver Canucks Concept by S2dio:

This, on the other hand, is, as your series says, is an alternate I would buy. I have a soft spot for green jerseys, because they are so infrequent. With a jersey having a brighter green like this, combined with the simple striping sells it. The added touch of silver outside the stripes is also appropriate, since the V logo has a silver outline. The "Stick in the Rink" logo appears on the shoulders and helmet well. 

Final Score: 92%

Vancouver Canucks Concept by Scott B:

Interesting logo choice, one which I support, although the logo is small. The vintage white seems unnecessary, since this logo wasn't around at a time where vintage white would be appropriate (FYI to all readers: the logo was proposed in 2007 but left unused). BUT YOU'RE NOT DONE! Give it some identity. What would the numbers look like? Who is wearing the jersey? Put a name on it. Also the Reebok logo on the back should not be black. Shoulder patches would be a good idea here, since the Canucks have a plethora of logos available.

Final Score: 30%

Edmonton Oilers Concept by Scott B:

MUCH BETTER. I like the updated driller logo, although the navy blue seems out of place, so if you recolor it to the right shade of blue for the jersey but outline it in white, it'll be fine. The striping is very creative, but flawed, as it overlaps the template in certain areas, but doesn't in others. Two other execution errors that drag this concept down. Hem stripes need to overlap ALL stitching. The sleeve numbers on the rear view of the concept read 31, not 13 as the rest of the concept has.

Final Score: 60%

Quebec Nordiques Concept by TG:

First of all, good job crediting as needed. That said, it's definitely out there in terms of the striping, but I can definitely see a white version of the home. For some reason the fact that the arms on the away jersey not matching the body is driving me crazy, probably because it does match on the home, so I'd switch the yellow for white on the hem and arms. The sock striping for the home looks upside down in comparison to the hem and arms of its corresponding jersey. The throwback is a nice touch for when the Preds are the Nords' opponent. Wouldn't mind the shoulder patch to be smaller and on both shoulders.

Final Score: 76%

The winner of my Concept of the Week Nomination is  S2dio and his Vancouver Canucks Concept.

Well that wraps it up for this week. Congrats again to the Kings for winning the Stanley Cup over the Rangers. And thus begins a long offseason, so look out here for any major news. Until then, World Cup tonight and I believe that we will win. Go go USA!

"Stay Classy... Planet Earth" - Ron Burgundy.
Monday: Almost North Reviewed by Anonymous on June 16, 2014 Rating: 5


Mario Ardais said...

Scott B's Edmonton Oilers concept for COTW.

Alan John Herbert said...

Ricky M's Habs concept for the COTW.

Ryan said...

Big time 2nd the COTW nom for S2dio's Canuckles concept.

Unknown said...

I'll also nominate S2dio's Canucks jersey for COTW

Unknown said...

Caden, you, Caz and Ryan can SUCK MY DICK!!!

Ryan said...

...and fully banned. Congratulations!!!!

Anonymous said...

In the words of Shakespeare you are banishèd. Great to see a guy who constantly brings "high school drama" to a hockey blog. Constantly criticises concepts, yet hasn't sent one in a while. I will miss his comments though, they always entertained me.

TG said...

Kinda funny that you'd use the Ron Burgundy quote; I just watched both those movies yesterday and the day before that.

Caz said...

Glad to see that Felix won't be diverting attention away from people's creative work and to himself anymore.

Unknown said...

To keep with the Ron Burgundy theme: "Well, that escalated quickly."

I'm sure we will be hearing from his Icethetics alter ego, Fernando Asensi soon enough.

Anonymous said...

TG: Anchorman was on TBS this past weekend, so I had to use the quote.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, I am having a hard time with the Senators NHA revival... After researching the club's history, they didn't wear chest logos prior to 1921. The rules prevent logos beyond 1917 so do we go 'logo-less'? Their team logo was a Triskelion like OAAA which doesn't exist anymore.. Should we go logo-less? Create our own logo? Regardless, Mario's concept should have been DQ'd for using the O logo which wasn't added until 29-30.

Ryan said...

@Anon: its up to the artists to follow the rules. If it's voted the winner, that's when the rules are enforced.

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