HJC Sunday: Winners Everywhere

Hello HJC readers!

Perhaps you noticed that I moved away from the usual Weekend Update title. I'm going to try this way for a while and we'll see if anything sticks.


The winner of the COTY-May vote was S2dio's grey Hurricanes concept!
Full Results
S2dio - 4
Dylan W. (ATL) - 3
Dylan W. (PIT) - 2
TG - 1

We'll see S2dio's concept in just over a month for the 2nd Quarter Vote. However, that vote may be delayed because the HJC Open will be ongoing. Depends where we are in the tournament as I don't want anything to take attention away from the Open.


The winner of the COTW vote for June 2-8 was Steven G and his Habs concept!
Full Results
Steven G. - 5
Dylan W. - 3
Steve M. - 2

The nominees for the June 9-15 COTW vote have been listed on the side of the page. This should be a great vote as all 5 concepts had their COTW nominations thirded or fourthed! You can click the banner on the side of the page to see those nominated concepts, or you can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Voting ends on Friday, so get your vote in now!


The Kings are Cup Champions and that means we have a champion in our Playoff Pool.

The winner was my wife.

Yes, my wife beat all of us. No, I did not help her make any of her picks. Actually, she knows quite a bit about hockey and earned the win. She picked the teams based on who she thought was going to win and not by colour of the jerseys or something like that.


Speaking of those champion Kings, one of the things I look forward to when the Cup is presented is getting to see the championship hats and shirts. Here is this year's edition.
I was pleasantly surprised with this one. New Era and Reebok alternate years as the manufacturer of the Stanley Cup championship hats. This was New Era's year and in the past I have been less than impressed with their stuff. The winds of change may be blowing though as last season I was really disappointed that Reebok used a snapback hat. I hate snapbacks! I was sure New Era would do the same this year, but worse. Turns out they went with a great looking fullback. I really like the design on the front of the hat too. Very interesting to note that just the crown logo was used for LA and not the entire shield.

If the Leafs ever win the Cup I really hope that the hat, shirt, and other merch doesn't suck. Regardless, I'll be the guy buying the $200 package of useless stuff, as long as it has CHAMPIONS on it.

What are your thoughts on the Stanley Cup championship hat this season? Do you prefer Reebok or New Era? Were you aware that the two companies alternated every season? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


The daily posting of NHA entries will resume tomorrow with Phil, but I wanted to take this time to point out the mass number of people who are emailing their entries into the regular email address (concepts@HockeyJerseyConcepts.com). For about the last 2 years, this has never been the place to send competition entries. Competition entries have always gone to the competition email (HJCcontest@gmail.com). That email address has been listed on the bottom of every competition page for the last 2 years. There's always one or two people that forget or send it to the wrong email address by accident, but for this competition it has been at least 10 people. Read the competition page. Fully!

Also be aware that the deadline for entries is Wednesday at 11:59 Eastern, in the morning!


If you joined us a while back for the Game 1 Live Chat, you would already know that the HJC Open will begin July 12. I'll have more details in the near future, but this year ANYONE can enter into Round 1! Again, more details to come later, but I thought I would share a little teaser with you.

Oh, one more thing! Based on Phil's winning HJC Open logo design, the prize for the winner of the tournament will be a mini championship banner with their name on it!


COTW vote June 9-15 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
NHA ReDesign entries due (Wednesday @ 11:59am Eastern)

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Unknown said...

I send it so both email addresses because I want to submit as a contest entry and a concept. :)

Ryan said...

Yup and that's totally acceptable. There are still other people who don't read the competition page and continue to only email the regular address.

Caz said...

Congratulations to Ryan's wife! Sounds like you found a great one, Ryan.

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