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Welcome to the Friday post!

First off, thanks to everyone who came out to the HJC live chat during Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final a couple nights ago. It's always a blast to chat with the community and there were a few questions asked about how the blog runs and a really weird concept that was sent in back in early 2011. If you were at the live chat, feel free to leave the link, but if you weren't, it's something to behold

Speaking of the Live Chat. Unused jerseys cam up from Caz, who wanted to look for a certain Nashville Preds unused jersey...so let's talk about them.

Here's the jersey!
Photo: NashvillePredators.com

So this was thought to be the Preds new away jersey before their recent re-design. It's just a white recolouring of their decently received Checkered Flag alternate, but this is actually a charity jersey, auctioned off for Nashville's charity organization. It's unclear how many were made, but multiples had to have been made.

If you are looking for one, Ebay appears to be the place, though with something so rare, it's impossible to know if what you're buying is real, without proper authentication.

Your thoughts on this jersey? Should Nashville have gone this route? Would this be a good alternate or are you glad it just stayed in the realms of concept world.

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On to the concepts


Florida Panthers Concept (By: S2dio)

The concept for which this post is named after, S2dio would actually buy this jersey, as I'm sure may others would. The idea of having the Panther jumping out from the hem is something that, surprisingly, hasn't been attempted before, here at least. The jersey is vibrant and red, the way a Panthers jersey should be, and the angled arms along with the increase in yellow make the jersey different enough from today's look, but don't completely rip off the 90's jerseys. Because the front of the jersey is so busy, the yoke doesn't look necessary, though from the back it's fine. (8/10)
Edmonton Oilers Concept (By: S2dio)

S2dio would, as with the rest of his series, buy this jersey, but unlike the previous jersey, this one is likely to be used in the next few seasons.  Sure, it's just an orange coloured Oilers jersey, but that's all it needs to be. Everything screams classic Oilers, but this isn't even an Edmonton jersey it's Alberta. One thing I do miss is the ALBERTA nameplate. Maybe putting OILERS or EDMONTON on the plate would capture the same look. Also, the tv numbers need a blue outline to match. (8.25/10)

St. Louis Blues Concept (By: Trent D.)

Trent throws back to the early 70's with this concept, which while the idea looks good, does need a lot of execution work. the logo looks way to big, not only on the front of the jersey, but also on the helmet and the paths. There are two shades of blue, which is fine, but they aren't used in a logical way (IE: dark blue just on the numbers). There are no TV numbers and the Reebok logo on the back should be updated. Again, the idea is there, and is one I'd try again with a little practice. Keep making concepts, Trent, and you'll be getting 7's and 8's in no time ! (5/10)

Team Liechtenstein (By: Alan H.)

If you can find Liechtenstein on a world map, more the power to you. It's a very tiny European Microstate, and is one of the smallest countries in the world, who do not have a hockey team I'm sure, but should look pretty sweet decked out in these. The striping is an exact copy of their flag, minus the crest in the corner, and it looks solid, especially with the added white outline around the striping to preserve the flag. The logo reminds me of the Laval Voisins, Mario Lemieux's QMJHL team, who had a similarly L shaped logo with a 3D perspective, though Alan's is much cleaner and subtle. (8/10)

Tampa Bay Lightning Concept (By: Christian L.)

Oh the Lightning, they've got the colours to do something 90's like, and all it takes is one design like this, and we'll be seeing the Bolts with paint stroke numbers. The curved bolt pattern looks flashy on the arms, but on the jersey....looks like....well...something else, I won't say what, but you've already thought of it (blame Freud I guess). The easy way to fix that, don't have the white meet in the middle. Everything else is good, solid execution from Christian, as always, however, this would be a nice jersey to see the paint stroke of italicized numbers on. (7.75/10)

Richmond Golden Leafs Concepts (By: TG)

Personally, I would have told Minnesota to get their own team and keep the well named SOLAR BEARS, but because, both the Wild and Orlando involve Bears (most likely in an attempt to keep Bryzgalov away) Toronto now has to get their own ECHL team enter the Golden Leafs! The jerseys are solid, not copies of the Leafs like the Marlies, but still remind everyone that this is a Toronto farm team. The logo is nice a simple, maybe too simple for the Pros, but in the ECHL, it would be refreshingly bland. The blue jersey just needs the same white hem stripe as the white jersey has in blue and this would easily be a solid 8. (7.5/10)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Concepts (By: Steve M.)

The Bucs recently updated their jerseys, with some good (IE: modern jerseys, new logo, oversized logo on helmet) and not so good (alarm clock numbers) and Steve takes the good, and ignores the bad. The striping is simple, but it doesn't have much to do with the actual jerseys..which is for the better in this case. The numbers looks amazing without the alarm clock slashes, but the striping thickness needs to be increased. The other thing I'd add would be red cuffs on the white jersey, and the same cuffs on the hem up to the striping. (6.75/10)

Washington Redskins Concepts (By: Steve M.)

I've made my thoughts clear on the name, but the owner has said he won't change so I won't talk about it, this is a hockey blog. The jerseys are clearly based on the actual Redskins jerseys, which is good, they do have awesome jerseys, but they are a little bland. Once again, the striping thickness is an issue, but only on the red jersey, the white jersey doesn't have that problem, though the shoulder patches are A) too small and B) should be on both shoulders. (6.5/10)

That's the post folks, remember to vote for fear of mutilation by a 16 year old pre-historic cat. Remember to vote, comment and watch the Cup Final! I'm Jets96, Go Ice Caps Go! See you all next week. 

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1 comment:

Caz said...

I think the unused jersey had too much white. On the ice it would have been far too light. It really needed a dark blue yoke to balance it. I know some people who wanted to see this become the new away jersey, and the alternate become the new home jersey. I was in favor of that as well, that is, until I saw the gold jerseys. The team made the right decision. It's rarity makes it so desirable, though! I would love to have one. The Preds' CEO gave one away on Twitter a couple months ago. Maybe I can acquire one someday.

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